Condiments: Primo Ketchup 🍁

Name:Β Primo

Product:Β Ketchup

Manufactured in:Β Canada, from Canadian tomatoes

Where to buy:Β List of stores here


Canadian owned:Β Yes

Primo Foods’ ketchup is the winner of the great Canadian ketchup derby that erupted in 2016. Unlike French’s, Primo is a Canadian company, and also uses Canadian tomatoes from southwestern Ontario and manufactures the product at their plant in North York, Ontario (or possibly in Ruthven, Ontario, at their parent company, Sun-Brite Food’s plant). It’s a little bit harder to find than French’s or Heinz – put some heat on your local grocery store to stock it.

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    1. French’s is an American company using 100 percent Canadian tomatoes in their ketchup. We are working on how to add them into our website. Thanks for the feedback.

  1. The flavor is amazing and at Freshco it’s $1.99 per liter cheaper than all the others Tastes nearly exact to Heinz .. I LOVE it

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