Hats/Clothing: Tilley Endurables

Name: Tilley Endurables

Products: The famous Tilley hat, travel clothing

Manufactured in: Don Mills, Ontario and international

Where to buy: Company website, stores in Toronto and Vancouver, other retailers

Website: tilley.com

Canadian owned: No, recently purchased by a UK company

Tilley, which started in 1980, is most known for their iconic Tilley hat, which allegedly has once been eaten by an elephant and then defecated out fully whole some time later. Their hats are warranted for life, buoyant, and will even fit a giant head like mine.

Recently they have started producing some of their hats overseas, so look carefully at their listings. They don’t seem to have dropped their prices any so it’s unfortunate that they’ve gone this direction.

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  1. Be carefull when buying their hats, some are made in China and they don’t pass on the savings, they sell the cheap ones at the same price as the ones made in Canada.

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