Food: Sprague Foods Limited 🍁

Name: Sprague Foods Limited

Products: Soups, Beans, Specialty Beans, Baked Beans

Manufactured in: Belleville, Ontario

Where to buy: Costco, Select Metro, Farmboy, Sobey’s, No Frills, Local retailers


Canadian owned: Yes

Sprague Foods is a medium-sized Canadian cannery, preserving quality foods since 1925. They are regulated by the CFIA and FDA and are also BRC, Organic, and Kosher certified.

Sprague is one of the dozens of canneries that started up in Prince Edward County, Ontario, between 1882, when the first cannery opened, until the mid-1900s, when the local canning industry took a sharp downturn. Of the approximately 75 small independent canneries that once operated in the County, Sprague is the only cannery that survived. Sprague moved to their current location in Belleville in 1996.

2 Replies to “Food: Sprague Foods Limited 🍁”

    1. Where can we buy your beans in Kingston, ON?

      My mom won’t stop talking about how good they are and asking me to check our stores.

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