Liquor: Prince Igor Vodka πŸ“ˆ

Name:Β Prince Igor Vodka

Products:Β Spirits

Manufactured in: Grimsby, Ontario

Where to buy:Β LCBO, SAQ, Independent Liquor Stores Across Canada

Canadian owned:Β No, owned by Campari Group (Italy)

A smooth, flavourful vodka that is as at home on the rocks as it is in your favourite cocktail. Prince Igor Vodka offers triple distilled and quadruple distilled varieties depending on your taste.

3 Replies to “Liquor: Prince Igor Vodka πŸ“ˆ”

  1. I love your vodka. My wife and always drank Smirnoff, but by chance we picked up a bottle to share during our isolation of the covid19.thank you do much for a wonderful drink. My wife and I shall make this our true first and favorite beverage ever. Please stay safe and healthy in this very scary times.

  2. I have always been curious about Prince Igor. I recently bought it when my regular Smirnoff bottle was out of stock at my local New Brunswick Liquor store. I’m now hooked on Prince Igor. It is smooth and rich and perfect for a vodka martini. I looked at your website and discovered that this excellent vodka is made in Grimsby ON, where I lived many years ago. You have a new customer.

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