Home Products: Solignum Paint 🍁

Name:Β Solignum

Products:Β Full line of residential and commercial paints

Manufactured in:Β Toronto, ON

Where to buy:Β Canadian Tire, Rona, other paint retailers

Website:Β solignum.ca

Canadian owned:Β Yes

Solignum is produced by UCP Paint, a privately-owned Quebec company. Though the Solignum brand dates back to 1907, UCP Paint started in 1960. UCP also manufactures the Premier line of paint for Canadian Tire.

7 Replies to “Home Products: Solignum Paint 🍁”

  1. To whom it may concern; I’ve recently purchased your solignum marine paint from Canadian Tire and applied it to some 2″Γ—4″ spruce for use as out door railings. After at least 5 days of curing in the basement it is still tacky in several spots, coming off on my hands. The spruce was previously kiln dried and otherwise clean. To say the least I’m not impressed by your product. Please advise. Jim Noakes jnoakes@rogers.com

    1. Hey, sorry Jim, we aren’t associated with Solignum. For help with their products, I’d give their corporate number a call: 416 749 5542.

  2. My god. This is the worst experience we have had. You need to send a representative to our house to see how bad this !

    1. And don’t tell me you are not attached to this product, your name is on the product labeled

      1. Sorry, but Made in Canada simply lists products and services. We are not connected with this brand in any way, it saying Made in Canada on the label is likely due to the fact that the product is Made in Canada, not due to any affiliation to us. If you need help with their product, I recommend you send them an email or phone call to get some assistance.

  3. Have used for over 30 years on furniture and on my siding and deck it has been terrific and as it is oil based no need to take home in winter to stop freezing etc i have used solid colour alkyd oil soligium

  4. Very pleased with the durability of this products, I finished my deck last year held up extremely well after harsh winter weather of rain/snow and lots of shovelling.

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