Electronics: PSB Speakers 🍁

Name: PSB Speakers

Products: Speakers and headphones

Manufactured in: China

Where to buy: Online and in audio stores across the country

Website: psbspeakers.com

Canadian owned: Yes

Paul Barton started PSB Speakers in 1972, and the line has earned the respect of audiophiles around the world. It is now owned by Pickering, Ontario-based Lenbrook Industries. As there are few Canadian consumer audio brands out there, we felt PSB was well worth a listing.

2 Replies to “Electronics: PSB Speakers 🍁”

  1. They’re known for their low prices compared to competing products of similar quality. The last time I bought PSB speakers, I did a listening test with some competing speakers which cost around the same as the PSBs I was interested in. The sound quality of the PSBs were much better.

    I currently have a pair of their M4U2 headphones. They’re fantastic. They have a balanced and natural sound.

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