Confectionery: OMG’s 🍁

Name:Β OMG’s

Products:Β Chocolate clusters

Manufactured In:Β Winnipeg, Manitoba

Where to buy:Β Retailers around the country


Canadian Owned:Β Yes

OMG’s, as seen on Season 6 of Dragon’s Den, is a very popular brand of chocolate clusters. They have several different flavours, dark, milk, and peanut among them. I can personally verify that these are some delicious pieces of candy. They are manufactured in a factory in the St. James District of Winnipeg.

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  1. I purchased your OMG! Milk Chocalaty Pretzel Clusters at Walmart today and love them. I don’t see them on your website. I live in Kansas. I think I got the package at cashier’s area and think it was the last. Where else can I find this item?


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