Paper Towels & Toilet Paper: True Earth Paper Company 🍁

Name: True Earth Paper Company

Products: Bathroom tissue, towels, meat and produce trays

Manufactured In: China

Where to Buy: Sobey’s, Safeway, IGA, Thrifty Foods, Western Foods, Quality Foods, Nutraways, Nutters, (see website for more)


Canadian Owned: Yes

You may remember these guys from Dragon’s Den. While the product is not made in Canada, considering these are bamboo-based paper products I’m not sure that they could be. However, the products themselves are so interesting, they are worthy of inclusion.

The premise of True Earth Paper Company is that bamboo-based paper products cause far less environment damage than cutting down a tree. The carbon footprint is much smaller, and bamboo is plentiful (no, they don’t use the bamboo that pandas eat).

2 Replies to “Paper Towels & Toilet Paper: True Earth Paper Company 🍁”

  1. Manufacturing in China?….we as Canadian’s need to bring manufacturing here and do it greenly/sustainably!
    I came looking for made in Canada and this company should not be on your site.

    1. Hi Janet,
      Thanks for the feedback. While we typically have a preference for including only companies with manufacturing in Canada, we felt that this company was worth including due to the environmental impact of using bamboo. There are plenty of other products you can find that are made exclusively in Canada, try sorting by province/territory!

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