Food: Heartbeat Hot Sauce 🍁

Name: Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co.

Products: Hot Sauce

Manufactured In: Thunder Bay, Ontario

Where to Buy: Sobeys, various independent shops, online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Heartbeat Hot Sauce was founded in 2015 by restaurant industry veterans who decided to stop buying hot sauce, and start making it. After buying the remainder of the harvest of a local pepper farmer, they settled on the red habanero pepper as their pepper of choice. Since then, they’ve gained distribution across Canada. Their products are made without added water, preservatives or thickening agents, making their sauce as natural as possible.

5 Replies to “Food: Heartbeat Hot Sauce 🍁”

  1. Fantastic website…exactly what I’ve been browsing for!
    I’m from Thunder Bay and love my hot sauces. Have tried countless across the globe…Heartbeat hot sauce by far the best! And no, I’m not a friend or family member…do not know the owners so totally unbiased review.

  2. You are a smart young man!! Thank you for this site!

    As one of millions trying to buy Canadian more than US, this is a YUGE help!! LOL I love my friends in the US and love going there, but this man is off the rails and until such time as his train is stuck in some other station (say Mars??), I’m staying “home” and buying Canadian! So thank you for helping me do that!

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