Electronics: Paradigm

Name: Paradigm

Products: Speakers

Manufactured In: Mississauga, Ontario (majority)

Where to buy: Authorized dealers

Website: paradigm.com

Canadian Owned: No (owned by a US private equity firm)

Here we have yet another Canadian manufacturer of high-quality, audiophile-respected speakers. They manufacture home theatre, wireless, outdoor/marine, in-wall/in-ceiling and pretty much every other type of speaker that you can think of. The majority of their product portfolio is made in Mississauga, but some is made overseas.

Sister company of Anthem.

3 Replies to “Electronics: Paradigm”

  1. Check out Bryston, one of the best electronics manufacturers, All Canadian.

    And Tenor, Best Amps in the World made in Canada

  2. For musicians, the Yorkville brand (found at the GREAT CANADIAN music store Long & McQuade) is wholly Canadian.

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