Beverages: Lassonde Industries πŸ“ˆ

Name:Β Lassonde Industries

Products:Β Juices under a variety of brands, wine, cider, specialty food products

Manufactured In:Β Calgary, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Rougemont, Quebec

Where to buy:Β Grocery stores and other retailers across Canada (juice), other products in Quebec


Canadian Owned:Β Publicly traded on the TSX

Lassonde Industries was founded in 1918, and has since grown into an employer of 1,500 people at their Canadian production facilities, and a buyer of 40,000 – 50,000 tonnes of apples each year from growers in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. You have surely heard of their juice brands:

  • Rougemont
  • Everfresh
  • Fairlee
  • Graves
  • Allen’s
  • Oasis

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