Jackets: HiSO 🍁

Name: HiSO

Products: Men’s and Women’s Outerwear

Manufactured In: Toronto, Ontario and Poland

Where to Buy: Online and various retailers

Website: hiso.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Founded in 1975, HiSO is a second generation family company with over 40 years of experience in every garment. HiSO is a Canadian heritage company specializing in sophisticated, premium outerwear. HiSO uses shearling, cashmere, leather, and fur to create timeless garments.

All wool and cloth coats are manufactured in Toronto, while their shearling coats are manufactured at their facility in Poland.

3 Replies to “Jackets: HiSO 🍁”

  1. This is made in Poland, not Canada.
    “All wool and cloth coats are manufactured in Toronto, ” should read are cut in toronto, the cloth is not Canadian

  2. I saw a beautiful plaid coat of citiline of Fashion Friday. It was beautiful’. Where can someone buy your coats? I have been googling and cannot find that plaid coat or the orange one that was also on the show.

    1. Hi there, we aren’t associated with HiSO. For help with their products, I’d give their corporate number a call: 1-416-596-7070.

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