Pet Products: Petcurean 🍁

Name: Petcurean

Products: Food and treats under the Gather, Go!, Now Fresh, Summit and Spike brands

Manufactured In: Kibble is made in Elmira, ON.  Canned products are produced primarily in Canada and secondarily in the U.S. Tetra Pak products are products are produced in Beloit, WI. Spike Jerky Treats are made in Gainesville, Georgia

Where to Buy: Various Canadian online retailers and various pet supply retailers across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Founded in 1999, Petcurean has expanded to an international concern, but remains owned by its two founders. It is difficult to tell where their production facilities are located – we found reference to a facility in Texas, so it’s possible some of their products are not made in Canada. Check the labeling!

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