Restaurants: SIR Corp 🍁

Name: SIR Corp

Products: Restaurants

Headquartered In: Burlington, ON


Canadian Owned: Yes

SIR Corp runs 60 restaurants across Canada and the USA (there’s one location in Buffalo) under the following brands:

  • Jack Astor’s
  • Canyon Creek
  • SCADDABUSH Italian Kitchen & Bar
  • Reds Wine Tavern
  • Reds Midtown Tavern
  • The Loose Moose
  • The Antler Bar
  • Duke’s Refresher + Bar
  • Abbey’s Bakehouse

2 Replies to “Restaurants: SIR Corp 🍁”

  1. Recipe or formerly Cara is also Canadian owned – Harvey’s, Swiss Chalet, Fionn MacCool’s, kelsey’s, Milestones, East Side Mario’s, montana’s, St Hubert, ny fries, the keg and it’s subsidiaries Prime Restaurants.

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