Outdoors: Wood Stove Pools Inc. 🍁

Name: Wood Stove Pools Inc.

Products: Wood burning pool heaters, wood burning pizza ovens and wood burning hot tubs

Manufactured In: Bolton, Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website

Website: woodstovepools.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Wood Stove Pools, also known as WSP, manufactures 5 sizes of wood burning pool heaters tailored to your pool size: Silver Barrel (Mini), Silverdome (Lg), Pizza Silverdome (Lg+), Megadome (XL), & Pizza Megadome (XL+).  WSP has taken its already proven heat exchanger design & combined it with a patent- pending wood burning pool heater combined with a wood burning pizza oven.  They claim it is the most cost-effective way to heat your pool on the market today!  If you have a property that produces yard waste (wood) this is the best way to dispose of it while also heating your pool.

If you burn wood to heat your home, order an extra bush cord per year to economically heat your pool. Depending on your climate, 1-2 bush cords is more than enough wood to heat your pool from May to October (typical Canadian climate). You can pay for your investment in two pool seasons with savings on propane or gas. By owning one of WSP’s wood burning pool heaters you will have paid for your investment in two pool seasons just from the money you would have spent on propane or gas.

11 Replies to “Outdoors: Wood Stove Pools Inc. 🍁”

  1. Hello looking at your wood burning pool heaters, we have a 16×32 I ground pool 3.5 shallow end and 8 feet deep end. Just wondering g what size would be suitable

  2. How about you first check with your neighbours BEFORE you do this.
    The smoke from our neighbours pool heater is nauseating.

    They dont seem to care because its “cheaper” than clean burning propane. Which they had before but removed the propane tank opting for wood ONLY!

    1. You could ask them to burn dried season hard wood. That would help. But really they are having fires 1-3 days in the spring and fall and less then that in June. July they probably don’t use it all.

    1. With proper burning procedures there is very little if no smoke after a good fire is going. You will still get the smell of course. Maybe suggest making the chimney higher.

  3. We have a 12×24′ above ground pool that’s 5’deep. Would love an idea on price for heater without pizza oven, just basic. We heat our house with an outdoor wood furnace so we already have a the wood. Thanks

  4. Hi, we have a 24 ft diameter above ground pool. 48 inches deep. What size of stove/heater would you recommend. We do not want the pizza oven. Basic only please.

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