Breakfast Food: Coyote Pancake & Waffle Mix 🍁

Name:Β Coyote Pancake & Waffle Mix

Products:Β Three different types of pancake mix

Manufactured In:Β Magrath, Alberta

Where to Buy:Β Co-op, Safeway, Sobeys, Superstore, Amazon


Canadian Owned:Β Yes

Coyote Pancake and Waffle Mixes are made by the Rockport Hutterite colony of Magrath, Alberta. The grains used in the mixes are grown by the colony. They’ve been making pancake and waffle mixes since 1928.

The mixes are product of Canada (meaning everything or almost everything involved was done in Canada).

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  1. Is there a store in Prince Edward Island that sells your Coyote Pancake and Waffle mix? I just had some and it’s the best pancake mix I’ve tasted!

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