Breakfast Foods: Quaker Oats 📈

Name: Quaker Oats Company of Canada

Products: Quaker Oats, Quaker granola bars, Life Cereal, Harvest Crunch Oat Squares, Captain Crunch cereal, Corn Bran cereal, Quaker muffin mixes, Aunt Jemima pancake mix

Manufactured In: Peterborough, Ontario

Where to Buy: All major grocery stores


Canadian Owned: No

The Quaker Oats Company has been established in Peterborough since 1902. Now owned by American behemoth Pepsico, they employ hundreds of Canadians making a variety of products.

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  1. Just am FYI that Muffets are no longer made….

    Quaker Oats Consumer Relations writes on July 6/20:

    “Thanks for your message. We’re sorry to inform you that Muffets Cereal has been discontinued and is no longer being made.
    There are many reasons why a product may be discontinued, but it is usually because sales expectations have not been met. Store chains sometimes stop carrying slower-selling items to make room for new flavors or other products. When too many stores discontinue a product, it becomes difficult to continue making and selling the product.
    We are so thankful to know that you enjoyed this cereal, and we’re very sorry to bring you this disappointing news. We hope you will be able to find another cereal you enjoy just as much.”

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