Personal Care/Laundry/Dishwashing/Cleaning: Nature Clean 🍁

Name: Nature Clean

Products: Dishwasher gel, dishwasher pacs, dishwasher powder, dishwasher rinse agent, dishwasher liquid, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, cleaning paste, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, fabric softener, laundry pacs, laundry liquid, laundry powder

Manufactured In: Markham, Ontario (maybe Mississauga? Very hard to tell)

Where to Buy:Β Retailers everywhere


Canadian Owned: Yes

Nature Clean is a brand manufactured by Frank T Ross & Sons Ltd. Launched in 1963, it didn’t really take off until Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” brought mainstream attention to the issues facing the planet.

Nature Clean contains no harsh chemicals, is eco-friendly and their slogan isΒ  Β “Made by really nice Canadians”.

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