Women’s/Men’s Clothing: lululemon athletica 📈

Name: lululemon athletica

Products: Women and men’s yoga-inspired athletic apparel

Manufactured In: Mostly/all overseas

Where to buy: Stores across Canada

Website: lululemon.ca

Canadian Owned: No, publicly traded on NASDAQ

Started by Chip Wilson in Vancouver only 20 years ago (1998), lululemon is now an international giant with stores across the globe. Long ago their products were made in Canada, but now are frequently made in Vietnam and other lower-cost countries.

They employ many Canadians in their retail outlets and at their head office in Vancouver, BC.


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    1. Hi Jainey, while it’s difficult to tell who owns the company, given that it’s publicly-traded, it’s probably fair to say that it’s likely owned by American institutional investors. The largest individual investor is probably Canadian Chip Wilson. The company was never “sold” to an American company.

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