Food: Baxters Canada 🍁

Name: Baxters Canada

Products: Aylmer, Primo and Baxters soups

Manufactured In: St. Hyacinthe, Quebec

Where to Buy: Most grocery stores and chains across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Contributor Ed writes: “Primo and Aylmer soups ingredients locally, wherever we can and in the USA when seasons may not co-operate. We make 100% of our soups in Canada, with our chefs carefully adding the ingredients to achieve the right texture and flavour every time. Variety of garden vegetables. Ingredients like carrots, green lentils, red beans and green peas are all sourced locally here in Canada. The vegetables that are chosen add nutritional value contributing to a healthy diet.Β Roma tomatoes sourced in Ontario.”

Baxters Canada is now Canadian owned, as it was purchased by a variety of Quebec institutional and private investors in June 2018.

2 Replies to “Food: Baxters Canada 🍁”

  1. I’m impressed a company actually got off their plump asses and made it obvious they are a Canadian alternative to Campbell’s.
    Perhaps a billboard campaign like… “Truly Canadian flavour” would be interesting.

  2. I now spend the time looking at the label to check where it’s manufactured, it would be interesting if Canadian products start using a β€œCanadian made” logo to make it easier to distinguish from foreign products,

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