Footwear: Auclair & Martineau 🍁

Name: Auclair & Martineau Inc.

Products: Martino, Mael and Amimoc brands

Manufactured In: Quebec City, Quebec

Where to Buy: Retailers across the country, some online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Auclair & Martineau has been designing and making footwear in the harsh winter of St-Emile, Québec, Canada since 1956. It has always been a family owned and operated business that employs approximately 100 shoemakers in Québec City.

All their boots are waterproof and over 95% of the energy they use at their Québec City factory comes from renewable energy sources.

Auclair & Martineau launched the AMIMOC brand of mukluks and moccasins in 1993 and have also added two other brands over the years Martino waterproof footwear and Mael boots and accessories.

2 Replies to “Footwear: Auclair & Martineau 🍁”

  1. a few years ago you made the best bootie I’ve ever had. it was a Martino leopard print. It is still in great shape and the warmest I’ve ever had. I got it through Sahalie. Please revive them. I want more. It wasn’t snow leopard, but brown and tan leopard which continues to be very “hot” in America. The only change you should make is to trim it in black instead of brown. GREAT BOOTS! I also have the flowered Mael winter boots, which are also great. Dont’ give up on unique fashions. This is what makes your company to special. Anyone can make a black leather bootie or boot. They are “a dime a dozen.” But your leopard and flowered boots are the best!!! Also, I’ve been having difficulty accessing your Mael division to see your current fashions.

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