Food: Clark Beans 🍁

Name: Clark

Products: Canned beans

Manufactured In: Anjou, Quebec

Where to Buy: Grocery stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

The Clark brand has been around since 1907, but is a more recent addition to Aliments Ouiment-Cordon Bleu’s stable of products.

25 Replies to “Food: Clark Beans 🍁”

  1. I have eaten Heinz. Baked beans for ever and then they discontinued my fav.
    I was at Walmart and found CLARKS BEANS IN TOMATO SAUCE….I am in love.

    Could do with a bit more sauce maybe slightly thicker.

    1. Dear madam
      My wife &I tried your beans at costco display found them very tasty and proced to purchase 8 more of the plastic containers.As I discussed with you on freezing one with plastic seal removed ,one with top punctured and the rest as is. All methods worked really well. Hope that costco will Cary your product . If not where can they be purchased in the Fredericton N.B. area.Thanks for your time to speak with me and my wife.

    2. Beans are still mage, may be in other stores, may be under kraft, stores may only carry their brands an some choice brand names, but not all, same with Clark, and others,

    3. I tried Clarkbeans, and fell in love with the taste they tasted the way that beans in tomatoe sauce should taste. Bravo keep up the great work.

  2. I am now 78yrs old .so I have been eating them for a very long time .I would like to know what have you changed in the recipe. years ago the saying was where is the beef. now I say to you WHERE IS THE PORK>the can is marked molasses and pork.Conclusion is more pork please. Thank you

    1. I have happily eaten Clark’s beans for a good 67 years and I am totally discouraged. They have changed the recipe. It’s full of some black spice, somewhat similar to the dreadful Bush beans.
      I want my old beans back!

  3. I was checking to see if their beans were actually made in Canada since they have a tinny taste. I have always bought Heinz but was unable to get them so I bought Clarks to try. I have’t noticed a tinney taste when I use them in chili but on their own they have one. I woud assume that if cans are prepped properly the contents shouldn’t be getting exposed to tin.

  4. I opened a can of old fashioned beans with pork and they were gone bad. The sauce was foamy and a funny color. The taste was awful. Clark beans are our favorite so naturally we were very disappointed.

    1. i buy old fashionned beans with pork, there good,
      but i would like to know what are the ( very small
      little black like dots among the beans )
      it sorts of worry me, )


  5. I CAN NO LONGER find Clark beans at Walmart in Winnipeg MB. BEST BEANS EVER!
    Can you let me know where we can buy them here PLLLEEEEAAASSE? Thank you

  6. I purchased a can of Clarks can of Maple Style Of Beans will not use it looks like the label was hand glued bought them at Giant Tiger we love your beans only type we use .The #on the can 6430022759 did not open it just thought I would inform you still have it if you would like it back .Thank -you

  7. i absolutely love clark beans in tomato sauce now walmart no longer sells them in toronto .big disappointment

  8. I live in Mount Forest Ontario with only a Foodland and a No Frills store outlets. Both of these stores don’t stock your brand of Clarke Beans and say it is no longer available. Is this the case ? If not where can i obtain your “Clarke Beans”? Thanks in advance

    Robert Dinneen

  9. Love Clark Pork and Beans and recently can’t find any in either Walmart, Freshco or No Frills. Are they still available and if they are when will they be restocking the shelves after enjoying these for over 50 years.

  10. I read all the comments good and bad on this site. I just bought Clark beans with tomato sauce at the DOLLAR TREE STORE on Millstream Road in Langford, BC. The cans are clearly stamped with date stamp on lid “2022 MR 10” (for your information)

  11. When I saw Clark’s Beans varieties with Pork or In Tomato Sauce in my local Dollar Tree I was suspicious of their origin which is how I arrived at this site. I opened the Beans in Tomato Sauce and really liked them. Much better than more expensive varieties and the sauce sauce was perfect, not thin at all as some suggested. I am going back to buy more!

  12. I have to say, Clark brand beans are absolutely awful.

    The sauce is far too thin, taste is bland, there was no Pork fat to speak of in my tin and the beans … well … they simply sucked … I’ve purchased no-name or house brand beans and had a far better end result.

    Sorry Clark beans, you suck!

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