Furniture: Buhler Furniture 🍁

Name: Buhler Furniture Ltd.

Products: Home and hotel furniture

Manufactured In: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Where to Buy: Canadian dealer network


Canadian Owned: Yes

Formerly part of publicly-traded Buhler Industries, it is now owned by Doug Buhler, and traces its heritage back to 1933. Once one of the leading curio manufacturers, they realized that nobody buys curios any more – so they moved into different types of furniture as well as into commercial markets (having outfitted the Winnipeg Delta, among others).

5 Replies to “Furniture: Buhler Furniture 🍁”

  1. We bought a curio cabinet made by your company in 2009. It is a good today as it was when we took it out of the box. Buy Made in Canada.

  2. Just bought a beautiful mirror made by your company
    6350-2 June 28 1999
    55-87 are the numbers on the back ! am curious what it’s value might be! Thanks for any help you can give me!

  3. Bought 2 bookcases and a curio cabinet years ago, still look brand new, love them! Wondering whether it is possible to purchase extra shelves for any of them, I find there is wasted space with smaller objects.

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