Outdoors: DCN Plastic 🍁

Name:Β DCN Plastic

Products:Β Garden watering cans, planters, edging

Manufactured In:Β Warwick, Quebec

Where to Buy:Β Wide variety of retailers and online (Amazon, Wayfair)

Website:Β dcnplastic.com

Canadian Owned:Β Yes

Founded in 1903, DCN produces a variety of plastic products for outdoor uses. They do not have a list on their website of where you can buy their products, but a Google search turns up a large variety of retailers.

3 Replies to “Outdoors: DCN Plastic 🍁”

  1. purchased your # 3512 harmony 12″ self-watering reservoir
    how much earth do we fill it up with. do we need to put rocks at the bottom , first time using this product. thanks

  2. I have just purchased the 60ft.x5in. edging in a tight role. It is very stiff and the temp. outside is only 60 f. how best to warm it up so as to stay in position ?

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