Meat: Lou’s BBQ 🍁

Name: Lou’s BBQ

Products: Prepared meats

Manufactured In: Stoney Creek, Ontario

Where to Buy: Various grocers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Lou’s makes ready to heat roast beef, pulled pork, back bacon, ribs and more. Having tried their products, we at MiC can confirm that they are pretty darn good given how convenient they are.

14 Replies to “Meat: Lou’s BBQ 🍁”

  1. I recently purchased 7 packages of your entrees at Walmart.
    The Shaved Beef Au Jus, Roast Beef Au Jus, Philly Shaved Au Jus were all delicious and a good value. The Turkey Roast however left a lot to be desired. Excessive fat, bits of gristle, and a small sliver of bone made me throw it out……..and take a frozen pizza out for supper. Not impressed !!

  2. Lou’s BBQ Pulled Pork is one of my all time favourites! I have it plain with toast,put it on Pizza and make Nachos with it.
    Absolutely marvelous!

  3. I’ve loved all the products but now that the price in Walmart has jumped from $4.97 to $7.97 (more than 50% increase in a week!) I can no longer afford it. why the sudden hike in price? Also why does your name in Google bring up a rather tacky pharmacy ad instead of food products/

    1. Agree Betty…price up 50 %….why…sent a message Lou’s
      never an answer back…if the price fluctuations, it’s because
      the price goes up to the store…then the increase is passed
      on to you & I the consumer…total rip-off somewhere

  4. We have bought your product many times and always enjoyed,however during Easter and having family it was a disaster as all but one was ok. We cooked as always BUT. Still cool and more grizzle than meat…This was most embarrassing while family were here. So we ended up taking them to a restaurant which was costly and not like our home Easter dinner,,,,,I will buy them again but not sure when,told them at the supermarket but little or no response,other than “contact”the appropriate people….So here I am…..Hoping for a positive answer……

    1. Madeline, this is not a company-run website and I do not know if they visit our site to look at the comments. Interestingly, it looks like they’ve lost control of their domain name, so I’m not sure how you can reach them.

  5. Interesting–your website says contact ” ” but nothing comes up, thus this email to you. I have been purchasing your Peameal Bacon for some time noow and very good. But this last batch, not so good. All slices seem to be tapered, very difficult to separate.
    Best before date July 26, 2019
    Purchased from WalMart Huntsville, Ont.

  6. I have always enjoyed the Lou’s BBQ ribs.
    Recently the ribs inside the box have NOT been even
    close to the size of the plastic bag and/or box.
    I did take a picture, but don’t see where I can send it to you.

  7. Camping in Ontario from the US and purchased the Pot Roast and Dark Meat Turkey for a quick meal for two in our RV. Both were excellent. Would definitely purchase again!

    1. Hi there, we are not associated with this company, for further info, please contact them directly. If you are concerned about the ingredients, make sure to check the label, but if that isn’t clear enough you should call or email them.

  8. it I have been purchasing your pot roast for years. I had purchased two of them over the holidays as I was having family over. I had purchased them on the night the family was arriving so they were not stored for any length of time. I was extremely disappointed with the amount of fat on the meat. What a waste. I was not going to complain but in rethinking it ruined the whole meal. As a consistent customer I feel the need to contact you.

    1. Please note that this is not a listing maintained by Lou’s BBQ. We are an independent site listing Canadian-made products.

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