Snacks: Yum Yum Chips 🍁

Name: Yum Yum Chips

Products: Potato chips, veggie chips, veggie sticks, onion rings, cheese sticks

Manufactured In: Warwick, Quebec

Where to Buy: Quebec and certain parts of Ontario and the Maritimes


Canadian Owned: Yes

Yum Yum Chips is a 100% homegrown, third generation family business from Quebec, specialized in the production and distribution of potato chips and snack foods since 1959. It transforms and distributes more than 200 products under the following brand names: Yum Yum, Viva, State Line and Champion.

It appears that they created the uniquely Canadian “All Dressed” flavour and introduced my favourite, Salt & Vinegar, to the Canadian market. Thank you for that.

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  1. Where would I be able to buy a case of viva veggies, sun-dried tomatoe & basil too?
    Can’t buy these in my town, I truly love these.

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