Womenswear: Amanda Moss 🍁

Name: Amanda Moss

Products: Women’s shirts, dresses, pants, turtlenecks, and blazers

Manufactured In: Montreal, QC

Where to buy: Online

Website: amandamoss.ca

Canadian Owned: Yes

Amanda Moss, a fashion designer from Newfoundland, now based in Montreal, launched her eponymous collection of womenswear in 2013. Each piece is hand cut and crafted in small workshops in Montreal.

One Reply to “Womenswear: Amanda Moss 🍁”

  1. I am looking for women’s dresses made in Canada
    Nice nonwrinkel materials but not polyester
    size 12/14 proffer long sleeves Raglan shoulder. comfortable semi elegant for work adjust look nice
    . I love cotton and materials that breath

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