Womenswear: Anu Raina 🍁

Name: Anu Raina

Products: Primarily scarves, but apparently a variety of womenswear

Manufactured In: Some in Canada (possible Oakville) and some unknown, possibly international

Where to buy: Online, stores in select locations

Website: anuraina.squarespace.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

Another womens fashion line (far too high fashion for my feeble male brain), Anu Raina is named for its designer. Their online store seems to feature exclusively scarves (some of which appear to be full body scarves?), but their collections page shows off a variety of other clothing. According to the u/SuperSoggyCereal list, they manufacture in Oakville, though their website simply says “designed and crafted in Canada with imported materials” on certain products, and nothing on others, thus the confusion in the manufacturing location.

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