Clothing/Outdoors: Ecologyst 🍁

Name: Ecologyst

Products: Camp materials and apparel for men and women

Manufactured In: Victoria, BC, or elsewhere in Canada

Where to Buy: Online, stores in Victoria and Whistler


Canadian Owned: Yes

Ecologyst started off life as Sitka, following the path of many other Canadian businesses, making their goods offshore. They came to realize, however, that they weren’t living up their environmental values, and subsequently brought their production to Victoria, BC. Some products (such as knives, made in France) are not made in Victoria, but the origin on each seems to be marked clearly.

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  1. Hello – I am a small store in Tofino. I have a client who is looking for women’s button down wool shirts made in Canada and it looks like your product fits the need. She wants more than one – a small landscape company. She does not believe in online shopping and would like to purchase them from us. Is this something you might do? I suspect you do not wholesale but perhaps something could be worked out. I know in years past someone in Tofino did carry Sitka. I would appreciate any help…thanks so much – be safe

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