Instruments: Taylor Lethbridge Violins 🍁

Name: Taylor Lethbridge Violins

Products: Violins and other violin-family instruments

Manufactured In: North Dumfries, ON

Where to buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Another instrument manufacturer out of the Cambridge area, Taylor Lethbridge makes handmade violins (and violin-family stuff). Beautiful portfolio, and we always love a good local entrepreneurship story. Give these violins a look (or listen).

2 Replies to “Instruments: Taylor Lethbridge Violins 🍁”

  1. Bernie Demmery would like you to call him at 1 226 378-3398 He wants to buy the Les Paul Jr you have for sale but can’t buy it online. Trouble with processing his credit card He went to 2 banks and sat down the managers and couldn’t get it to go through To make meatters worse he’s having trouble accessint the internet on his phone. He’s willing to drive down an\ to pick it up THX
    Fred Smith I’ll use my name email and can let him iknow what your reply is

    1. Hey Fred, MiC is not associated with Lethbridge Violins, please use the contact form on their website to reach out to them!

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