Accessories: Loch Effects 🍁

Name: Loch Effects

Products: Glasses/Sunglasses

Manufactured In: Campbellford, ON

Where to Buy:Β Online

Website: Β

Canadian Owned:Β Yes

Not unlike one of our favourite listings, Riverwood Acoustics, Loch Effects uses ancient wood (recovered from the bottom of the Great Lakes) and crafts sunglasses and eyeglasses. The lenses are sourced from Japan.

You can try three pairs at no cost for three days in your home, with free shipping both ways. Loch also offers a Lifetime Care guarantee, meaning you can ship your glasses back for cleaning and buffing to keep them looking top-notch.

Given that 75% of the world’s glasses are made by one company, outside of Canada, Loch EffectsΒ looks like a fantastic alternative.

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