Art: Cornerstone Canadian Art & Craft LTD. 🍁

Name: Cornerstone Canadian Art & Craft Ltd.

Products: Canadian art & crafts from all over Canada

Manufactured In: All over Canada


Where to Buy: No longer available

Canadian Owned: Yes

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, Cornerstone Canadian Art & Craft is no longer in operation (Last Updated March 8, 2024)

Founded in 1981, Cornerstone Canadian Art & Craft carries made-in-Canada art from artists & craftspeople from across the country. They also represent First Nations & Inuit people in the artists they feature. Pieces range from $2.50 – several thousand dollars.

Cornerstone Canadian Art & Craft carries work in many mediums including wood, textiles, pottery, metal, sculpture, wall art, jewellery, paper, and more. Additionally, they seem to also carry personal care products. Their staff will help you choose the perfect gift for yourself or someone special and package it to take with you or to ship. They also do corporate gifting.