Instruments: Godin Guitars 🍁

Name: Godin

Products: Electric guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, accessories

Manufactured in: Quebec & New Hampshire, Italy (amps)

Where to buy: Authorized dealers – music stores throughout the world


Canadian owned: Yes

Godin manufactures a variety of guitar lines, from entry-level to high-end products.… Read more

Activewear: Yoga Culture 🍁

Name: Yoga Culture

Products: Yoga leggings and yoga tanks

Manufactured in: Ontario

Where to buy: Online and at a select few stores in Canada


Canadian owned: Yes

Rooted in traditional Indian Yogic culture, Yoga Culture is an urban Yoga clothing company that promotes a balanced lifestyle based on sustainability,  the empowerment of women, and inner peace, featuring products made right here in Canada.… Read more

Instruments: Sabian Cymbals 🍁

Name: Sabian Cymbals

Products: Cat food (no… Cymbals)

Manufactured in: Meductic, New Brunswick

Where to buy: Music stores around the world


Canadian owned: Yes

Known as one of the “big four” of cymbal manufacturing, Sabian was born in 1981 after a dispute between the Zildjian brothers led to Robert forming Sabian in New Brunswick.… Read more