Clothing: Ideal North 🍁

Name: Ideal North

Products: Knitwear, scarves, toques, shawls, sweaters, bags

Manufactured In: Quebec

Where to buy: Tourist destinations, Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Ideal North produces a large variety of knitted products. Their goal is to represent the majesty of Canada through the quality of their clothing. As they say themselves, “we knit the Canadian experience”.

Personal Care: ReclaimClean 🍁

Name: ReclaimClean

Products: Hand sanitizer

Manufactured In: Hamilton, ON

Where to buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

ReclaimClean is hand sanitizer brand manufacturing out of Hamilton, using redistilled beverages that would otherwise be thrown out. Their packaging is also 100% recycled. This brand appears to be a part of the Emterra Group, a company known for their green practices.

Confectionery: King of Tarts 🍁

Name: King of Tarts

Products: Pastries

Manufactured In: Edmonton, AB

Where to buy: Online delivery to Edmonton, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park, or at Roasti Coffee Company in Sherwood Park and Polar Park Brewing Company in Edmonton


Canadian Owned: Yes

While we usually don’t feature stuff that has really limited distribution, my love of pastries compelled me to share this one. King of Tarts was founded by a self taught baker in 2019 after discovering the joy of baking the Christmas prior. They are limited to the areas mentioned above, but hopefully with some help they can expand!

Jackets: Arctic Bay 🍁

Name: Arctic Bay

Products: Winter outerwear (parkas, coats, jackets)

Manufactured In: Winnipeg, MB

Where to buy: Online, various dealers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Arctic Bay is a manufacturer of winter clothing. Their parkas, coats, and jackets are all made in Winnipeg, as detailed on this page. They also carry accessories, though it’s unclear where those are made. It is worth noting here that they use coyote, beaver, and fox fur as well as duck down.

Mattresses: Sleepwell Bedding 🍁

Name: Sleepwell Bedding

Products: Mattresses

Manufactured In: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Where to buy: Online, showrooms, factory outlet


Canadian Owned: Yes

Founded in Winnipeg in 1992, Sleepwell Bedding produces a large collection of mattresses, budget to luxury, with a focus on customer satisfaction. They have a large collection of mattresses and related products.

Coffee: Rampage Coffee Co. 🍁

Name: Rampage Coffee Co.

Products: Coffee (dark roast, medium roast, espresso, regular roast)

Manufactured In: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Where to buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Rampage Coffee is a small batch husband & wife coffee operation headed in Saskatoon. They roast to order, and sell various whole bean and ground coffee roasts. They also offer a coffee subscription.

Women’s Clothing: ARIANNE🍁


Products: Skirts, dresses, tops, loungewear, lingerie, robes

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to buy: Online, various retailers and department stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Operating out of Montreal since 1947, ARIANNE is a women’s clothing line that produces a wide array of high quality designs. They can be ordered online, or found at various retailers around North America (according to their website).

Condiments: Pepper North Artisan Foods 🍁

Name: Pepper North Artisan Foods

Products: Hot sauce

Manufactured In: Oshawa, Ontario

Where to buy: Online, various major retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Founded in Oshawa in 2013, Pepper North is a family run hot sauce manufacturer. Born from a love of growing hot peppers in a home garden for personal use, Pepper North has since made a name for themselves, earning awards and accolades, as well as their Stargazer sauce being featured on Hot Ones Season Eleven!

Outdoors: Nickers Saddlery 🍁

Name: Nickers Saddlery

Products: Saddles, saddle accessories

Manufactured In: Penticton, BC

Where to buy: Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Operating since 1993, Nickers Saddlery makes saddles with a focus on comfort for both the rider and the horse. They also offer hoof consultation and various repairs, as well as custom saddle builds. I’m no horse expert, but Nickers Saddlery certainly is!

Personal Care: O’Canada Soapworks 🍁

Name: O’Canada Soapworks

Products: Soap, skincare, bath products

Manufactured In: Canmore, AB

Where to buy: Online, (possibly) some retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

O’Canada Soapworks makes handmade body care, soap, and bath products in Canmore, inspired by Canmore. Their products all use natural and ethically sourced ingredients rather than the more unnatural  chemicals found in some soaps.