Auto Accessories: Mallory

Name: Mallory

Products: Snow brushes, winter car care products, squeegees

Manufactured In: Blenheim, Ontario

Where to Buy: Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, Home Depot,  Lowe’s,  Rona, Home Hardware, Loblaws


Canadian Owned: No

Mallory was founded in 1891 by George Mallory. George was working on his farm in Blenheim, Ontario, and grew frustrated with the flies that kept coming inside the farmhouse. He used a spring and parts of an old umbrella to design a latch that kept the door tightly closed and the flies outside. George got his invention patented and soon was selling his product throughout Canada.

Today Mallory is the number one brand for winter tools and and automotive squeegees in Canada. The company was family-owned until 2013 when the company was sold to Hopkins Manufacturing. Despite the acquisition, Mallory brand products are still made in Blenheim with the production and distribution facility renamed Hopkins Canada.