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TVs and video monitors seem to be getting bigger every year. People are buying larger screens in an attempt to replicate a true cinematic experience at home. But is it possible? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Today’s smart TVs come with superior display panels and are loaded with technology that can enhance picture quality and output superb audio. The best 65-inch TVs Canada has to offer can completely change your idea of the best movie night experience, especially when uploading from a smaller or older model.

We looked far and wide to identify some of the best 65-inch TVs. Canada imports some of the top brands, so the search was long but worth it. By being more informed before deciding on a new 65-inch TV, you lower the risk of not being satisfied and having to deal with returns and refunds. We put each 65-inch TV available to Canadians through a thorough gauntlet to suss out their strongest points and perks. Through a mix of in-depth comparisons and data collection, we came up with the following list.

Best 65 Inch TVs for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These 65-Inch TVs in Canada?

Each 65-inch TV available in Canada on this list earned its spot. The different recommendations highlight specific benefits that may be appealing to Canadians shopping for a new 65-inch TV. To better understand how we compiled the list, here are a few considerations we kept in mind when making each selection.

The TCL65S446-CA 65 Inch TV is one of the easiest no-brainer buys. It’s our best overall pick for 65-inch TVs available in Canada It has one of the best price-to-performance ratios on the market.

We selected the Hisense 65AG60GV 65 Inch TV because of its impressive audio quality. Considering its price, it doesn’t sacrifice audio for video and can stand on its own without an expensive home entertainment speaker configuration or sound bar.

Dolby Atmos technology has legions of fans all over the world. That’s why the Sony X80K 65 Inch TV earned our recommendation. It has the best Dolby Atmos integration and can fit into any compatible existing surround system.

The TCL 65R646-CA is a beast for avid Canadian console gamers needing a new 65-inch TV. Its superior refresh rate and superb image quality can create satisfying and immersive gaming experiences.

The Samsung Q80B QLED Smart TV is the best high-end option on our list. With multiple picture fidelity technologies to help boost your favourite content, it’s like watching it for the first time.

Lastly, the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series is one of the best 65-inch TV choices in Canada for loyal Prime Video and Alexa users, due to its Fire OS and seamless integration with many streaming platforms. Our final pick might be niche, but it caters to a specific audience.

Best Overall

TCL 65S446-CA Class 4-Series 4K UHD HDR Smart Google TV

TCL 65

It's Great For:

The TCL 65S556-CA hits many of the sweet spots we want to see in the best 65-inch TVs in Canada. It supports 4K resolution, meaning it can run any content you want in the highest image quality. And although it doesn’t handle more than 60 Hz, its price-to-performance ratio is more than satisfying.

This TV can support gaming and classic TV streaming applications from many platforms and devices. It has built-in Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, Google TV, and YouTube integrations. Naturally, this isn’t a surprise, given that the TV runs on an Android operating system.

Canadian 65-inch TV users may appreciate some of the included components. Along with a guide, stand, and standard power cable, the TV comes with two remote controls and two batteries.

The HDR function helps it display very bright and accurate colours and can make your image appear more lifelike. But what sets this TV apart is the built-in Google technology. The TCL 65S466-CA comes with Google Assistant, which makes navigating and configuring the TV much easier. You can ask for assistance or issue voice commands with ease.

Thanks to its Android system, it is compatible with almost all streaming apps and various third-party services. That means you can configure your TV however you want.

The Highlights

The TCL 65S466-CA Google TV has a lot going for it, besides the Google integration. It has a smooth OS, supports many apps and streaming platforms, and offers great specs for the price.

  • Built-in Google Assistant
  • HDR technology for enhanced image quality
  • Two included remotes
  • Slim and lightweight design

Our Expert’s Take

“The OS on this TV is easy to operate. It’s fast and smooth, so you can easily access your favourite streaming services quickly.”

Best for Audio Quality

Hisense 65A60GV

Hisense 65A60GV - 65 inch 4K Ultra HD Dolby Vision HDR10 VIDAA Smart TV with Bluetooth, DTS TruSurround, 3HDMI(Canada Model) 2022

It's Great For:

Saying that the Hisense 65A70GV puts out a colourful picture is an understatement. With 8.3 million pixels and an LED backlight, this is one of the best 65-inch TVs in Canada. The device comes with Dolby Vision HDR, meaning it can enhance the range between dark and bright sections of the screen.

The enhanced image quality is amplified by the superb audio. This is one of the best 65-inch TVs in Canada for Canadians without high-end audio systems. The Hisense 65A70GV outputs amazing audio thanks to its DTS Virtual:X post-processing technology.

Furthermore, the Hisense 65A70GV is an Android TV. It has a stable Android operating system and comes with Google Assistant preinstalled. It makes first-time setups much easier and navigating the menus even better.

One of the TV’s best features is the Game Mode setting. It truly helps get the most out of your console gaming experience and configures the TV to reduce the input lag as much as possible. The best-case scenario can lower the response time to 16 milliseconds. That’s not too shabby for a non-gaming-exclusive TV. Note that the TV also supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connections and comes with HDMI 2.0 ports.

The Highlights

The Hisense 65A60GV 4K UHD TV for Canadians is a gorgeous LED TV enhanced with Dolby Vision HDR technology. It offers an immersive auditory experience and colourful pictures, while also including a well-configured Game Mode setting for console gamers.

  • Dolby Vision HDR
  • DTS Virtual:X
  • Game Mode screen mode
  • Integrated Google Assistant

Our Expert’s Take

“Even if you don’t have a high-end audio system, the sound quality on this TV will blow you away. The gaming modes and high-quality visuals made this a must-have.”

Best for Dolby Atmos Entertainment Systems

Sony X80K (KD65X80K)

Sony 65 inch X80K 4K Ultra HD HDR LED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision & Atmos (KD65X80K) - 2022 Model

It's Great For:

Going with a reputable brand is a good idea if you want to feel more comfortable. Sony makes some of the best consumer electronics and TVs in the world. Thus, you can expect the Sony X80X to last a long time and deliver excellent video quality.

The X1 processor embedded in this smart 65-inch TV for Canadians produces a clear, rich picture, with sharp details and plenty of contrast. The Triluminos Pro technology further enhances the effect that brings the colour quality closer to real life.

The Sony X80K 65-inch TV for Canadians comes with multiple app integrations. Preinstalled streaming services include Apple TV, Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, Peacock, Crave, etc. Canadian users can stream directly from their Apple devices through the AirPlay 2 feature.

Users can connect this TV to any entertainment system and other devices thanks to its Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, HDMI, and Bluetooth connectivity. It’s a great all-rounder capable of creating engaging cinematic experiences.

The Highlights

The Sony X80K 65-inch TV supports Atmos and Dolby Vision and can offer one of the best viewing experiences to Canadian users. Its refresh rate is sufficient for any type of content, and its sleek design makes it the perfect centrepiece for any home.

  • Dolby Vision and Atmos compatibility
  • AirPlay 2 support
  • Triluminos Pro technology
  • HDR X1 processor

Our Expert’s Take

“This TV is a perfect compliment to your existing Dolby Atmos system, enhancing the sound on all your favourite media.”

Best for Console Gamers

TCL Class 6-Series 65R646-CA

TCL 65

It's Great For:

One of the best 65-inch TVs in Canada, the TCL 65R646-CA, comes with QLED display technology. It’s a step up from standard 4K TVs for Canadians and offers superior picture clarity. The premium contrast and detail from Dolby Vision HDR create some of the most realistic and lifelike images in any type of video content.

The TCL 65R646-CA distinguishes itself with impressive depth and dimension thanks to the accurate control of bright and dark areas. In addition, it produces over a billion colours brilliantly for a wider colour volume. This makes it an excellent choice for home entertainment and streaming Hollywood blockbusters.

Although the price is slightly higher, the TCL 65R646-CA has more to offer. It offers hands-free voice control for simple and comfortable navigation and playback adjustments. Users creating smart home setups are likely to prefer this 65-inch TV for Canadians over others. Between the picture quality and clarity, detail, and Google Assistant integration, the TV can handle any content.

In addition, it can render a refresh rate of 120 Hz. That means it’s compatible with modern gaming consoles capable of pushing past the standard 120 FPS.

The Highlights

This smart TV can integrate with many other smart home appliances and act as a central control hub. Its superior contrast and quality deliver some of the most vivid pictures and make it a solid choice for streaming fast-paced video content with stunning graphics.

  • Dolby Vision HDR
  • QLED display technology
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • Seamless Google Assistant integration

Our Expert’s Take

“The high refresh rate of this TV makes it perfect for gaming. You’ll get an immersive, high-end experience with this TV.” 

Best High-End

Samsung Q60B QLED Smart TV

Samsung – 65 Inch Q80B QLED 4K UHD HDR 12X Full Array Dolby Atmos Gaming Smart TV [QN65Q80BAFXZC] [Canada Version] (2022)

It's Great For:

The Samsung Q80B QLED Smart TV isn’t the most expensive TV on the Canadian market, but it uses some of the best features to deliver a high-end experience. With multiple colour and clarity systems to help you get the most out of your favourite shows and movies, you’ll be seeing everything like it’s the first time. This slim, lightweight TV features a 4K resolution and a QLED display, which means that the darker areas of the screen are darker, while the highlights stand out. 

Quantum HDR offers a better depth of colour, but Quantum Dot technology helps represent a wider range of shades. These technologies together add more detail and fidelity to your content. You’ll get brighter colours and more volume, which helps take all of your favourite shows and movies to the next level. 

Behind the screen, there are dual LED backlights, which help create a more accurate contrast. Instead of the always-on model that TVs have used in the past, this backlight optimizes tone to produce more accurate shadow and light patterns. If you often watch high-speed or action-packed content, you’ll notice Samsung’s Motion Xcelerator at work. This feature helps minimize blur during high-intensity moments, so you’ll never miss the details of your favourite sports games or action movies.

With advanced audio technologies, a slim profile, and an OS hub for the content you watch most, this TV delivers some of the best features on the Canadian market.

The Highlights

The Samsung Q80B QLED Smart TV features a SolarCell remote that doesn’t use a battery. Instead, it recharges with solar power to help reduce battery waste. Multiple technologies help improve picture quality, including Quantum HDR for depth of colour, Dual LED backlight to adjust shadows and saturation in real time, and Quantum Dot technology. Quantum Dot allows for finer detail, especially when used on 100% colour volume. You’ll see deeper shades and better resolution overall.

  • SolarCell remote recharges with solar power rather than a battery
  • Quantum HDR offers a better depth of colour
  • Dual LED backlights adjust to your content in real-time
  • Quantum Dot technology offers better detail throughout the content you’re watching

Our Expert’s Take

“The shading, colour depth, and all-around picture quality on this TV takes your media to the next level. No matter what you favourite show or genre is, you’ll get to experience it in a new way with this high-end TV.”

Best for Amazon Prime Video Members

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series

Amazon Fire TV 65

It's Great For:

Amazon members and Alexa users can often get the best deal with an Amazon Fire TV. The Omni Series Fire TV is one of the best 65-inch TVs in Canada from a control and convenience perspective. It runs on Amazon’s Fire OS, which means it has seamless Alexa integration.

In addition, it enables more Alexa features for extended smart home functions and control and more accurate voice recognition. If you want to connect multiple devices to the TV, the 3 HDMI ports make it easy to add consoles, TV boxes, external storage drives, etc.

The Omni Series 65-inch Fire TV for Canadians also comes with HDMI eARC. This will enable you to create a superior auditory experience and make any content feel more immersive.

The TV does a bit of everything from music and video streaming to console gaming. It comes with Dolby Vision HDR technology to get the best possible lifelike picture quality from an LED display panel. Furthermore, it has HLG and Dolby Digital Plus technologies to further optimize image clarity and colour contrast.

Although it’s an Amazon TV, this 65-inch TV available to Canadians supports Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming platforms outside Amazon Prime. You can easily access any type of TV and cinematic content by merely lifting a finger.

The Highlights

One of the best features of the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series 65-inch TV available in Canada is superior privacy. Many smart TVs leave home Wi-Fi networks vulnerable because they lack built-in protection. The Fire OS comes with built-in privacy protections and advanced controls to prevent recording, tracking, and other actions.

  • Advanced protection
  • Alexa-enabled Fire TV
  • Dolby Vision and Dolby Digital Plus
  • HDR 10 and HLG

Our Expert’s Take

“The integration with Amazon and multiple streaming services makes this TV simple and easy to use.”

Why Trust Us?

Whenever we recommend appliances and devices, we do it by sticking to a simple rule. We aim to stay apprised of current trends, focus on devices that improve the quality of life and add value to Canadian homes. We identify trends and appliances that save time and money and can offer superior entertainment without having to leave home.

Our recommendations are given based on deep evaluations and ample data collection. We compare and analyze appliances and devices, taking into consideration multiple factors like performance, screen size, display technologies, and extra features that round out any TV.

When creating the list of the best 65-inch TVs in Canada we looked at several factors.

  • Display Technology. Not all Canadians are looking for the same thing when it comes to TVs. For instance, movie aficionados may seek out the highest picture quality. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t the right display and price-to-performance ratio for every budget and taste.
  • Refresh Rate. To some, the refresh rate matters more than to others. Identifying the right value for each type of 65-inch TV Canadian buyer is important to make the correct recommendation.
  • Extra Perks and Functionality. Today’s smart TVs are capable of a lot in terms of interactions with other devices. We look at everything from the OS to built-in apps to navigational controls and connectivity ports to assess how big a part a 65-inch TV available in Canada can play in a home entertainment or smart home environment.
  • Connections. With so many different devices, you’ll need a lot of connection ports to get everything connected to your TV. Since there are a few different types of ports, we looked at what connectors were available for each TV on our list.

Why Use 65 Inch TVs in Canada?

Having the best 65-inch TV in Canada can bring a lot of value, especially when choosing a higher resolution. Modern 4K smart TVs pair amazingly well with a 65-inch diagonal for any type of content.

Some may believe that a 65-inch TV for Canadians can be too big. Naturally, it can be challenging to fit in some smaller homes. But at 4K, even a 65-inch TV available to Canadians offers a comfortable viewing experience, unlikely to hurt your eyes.

Furthermore, smaller TVs are becoming less attractive and clear, especially when opting for a lower resolution.

The best 65-inch TVs in Canada can let homeowners watch movies, and YouTube content, stream music, and play games, all at the highest quality. Likewise, the more advanced the TV, the easier it is to control it, even without a remote control.

There’s no shortage of content and activities to enjoy on a 65-inch TV in Canada. All of your favourite content, including games, movies, and TV shows will look better on a 65-inch TV. You can sit further back and experience a cinematic view of all of your favourite mediums.

How to Choose 65 Inch TVs for Canadians

If you want better living room entertainment options, a 65-inch TV is one of the best starting points. Many of these TVs are great from an audio standpoint too, so you won’t have to buy external speakers right away. There are a host of technical specifications to keep in mind, but it can be difficult to choose the right options without knowing what some of these specs mean. The following guide should help you understand the terms so you can choose the TV you really want.


Even if you don’t understand the concept of resolution, you probably know it’s one of the most important factors in choosing a quality TV. It’s even more essential to get it right when buying a big 65-inch TV in Canada.

Full HD or a 1920 x 1080p resolution is still the industry standard for live TV. But opting for a Full HD TV can do you a disservice if you want a big screen. The best 65-inch TVs in Canada come with a 4K resolution or Ultra HD.

At a 4K resolution, 65-inch TVs for Canadians can display four times the pixels of a traditional 65-inch TV. The resolution is 3840 x 2160p and is a staple for video games, movies, TV shows, and sports.

The main reason to pick a 4K resolution is to get the most out of your 65-inch TV in Canada. Higher resolutions produce more detail, richer images, sharper text, and generally feel lifelike. Surprisingly, Ultra HD benefits even smaller homes as it makes viewing from closer distances less tiring.

Having one of the best 65-inch TV in Canada means that you can get the most bang for your buck from the most popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, etc. You can stream 4K content and enjoy the highest image quality. In addition, you may be able to watch certain sporting events and live TV stations in 4K.

Furthermore, there’s no better way to experience console gaming than on a 4K 65-inch TV in Canada.

For picture quality, 8K resolutions are the next step up after 4K. But paying for 8K capabilities, especially in an average-sized home, isn’t ideal.

Most 8K or Full Ultra HD TVs in Canada are very expensive. Granted, some of them are the best 65-inch TVs in Canada.

But generally, 8K TVs need to be even bigger. In addition, you don’t have as much 8K content available as you may think. And with technology constantly evolving and getting cheaper, there’s no reason to future-proof your main TV with an 8K resolution just yet.

Refresh Rates

What refresh rate should the best 65-inch TV in Canada have? Canadians can use TVs at a 60 Hz refresh rate and enjoy any type of content, from movies to video games. A 60 Hz refresh rate enables TVs to display movements in 60 FPS (frames per second.)

Despite what some people might say, 60 Hz won’t give you a jittery or blurry picture on most TV content. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, very few movies even get released at 60 FPS. Movies released in 2K come at frame rates of 24 or 48. But 4K movies have 24 to 30 FPS, which is more than enough for a 60 Hz 65-inch TV in Canada to handle.

Secondly, only some games and gaming consoles can take advantage of higher frame rates. And outside of gaming, there’s no reason to opt for a higher refresh rate currently.

Naturally, Canadians can use 65-inch TVs with 120 Hz refresh rates if they are avid gamers. But even then, you must know how much your console can handle. Only the Xbox Series S and X and PS5 consoles support games at higher than 60 frames per second. That said, very few console titles go up to 120 FPS.

If you want to be prepared for anything, you could opt for a High-Frame Rate TV. HFR TVs are some of the best 65-inch TVs in Canada. They can boost the standard 60 Hz refresh rate slightly higher. This feature might please sports fans the most, as some live sports broadcasts will start prioritizing HFR streaming.

Paying top dollar on 120 Hz or 240 Hz 65-inch TVs in Canada makes little sense, even for gaming. Buying a gaming monitor with the same refresh rate and 4K resolution is a lot cheaper.

Gaming Compatible Technology

Some Canadians buy 65-inch TVs for the ultimate gaming experience. And there’s nothing wrong with that, especially when you can put together a console gaming party. If that’s the reason you want to buy the best 65-inch TV in Canada, consider the following.

Is the TV compatible with Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync? For a long time, these technologies were only available in gaming monitors. But today’s top TVs in Canada can be compatible with either type of graphics processor – Nvidia or AMD.

As such, it’s best to get a 65-inch TV in Canada that matches your gaming console or gaming computer. It will minimize screen tearing and maximize the FPS output, thus getting the most out of a higher refresh rate.


Figuring out the best display technology can confuse many Canadian 65-inch TV buyers. You often see four types offered – LCD, OLED, and LED LCD. Here’s what they mean.

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode and is the best, albeit the most expensive technology. OLED display panels can create pixels and produce light so each pixel can adjust accordingly. Apart from the higher picture quality, OLED TVs are also thinner, making them more attractive.

But OLED is a lot like 4K. As stated, OLED is expensive and not accessible to everyone. Meanwhile, 4K is also expensive and there is limited content available to push the resolution and picture quality to its limits.

Then you have LED LCD TVs. They comprise the bulk of the HD and Ultra HD 65-inch TVs in Canada and all over the world. These TVs use LEDs to illuminate LCD screens. But unlike their OLED counterparts, LED LCD TVs illuminate entire portions of the screen.

It can achieve a similar effect of combining light and dark areas in moving and still scenes to produce the highest quality. But it doesn’t come close to OLED quality. QLED, a combination of LCD LED and OLED is somewhat of a middle-ground solution, like 2K when compared to 1080p FULL HD and 4K Ultra HD.

The differences between OLED, LED LCD, and LED screens are obvious to most people. But that doesn’t make LED LCD and LED 65-inch TVs for Canadians less capable or impressive. Choosing between different display technologies comes down to personal expectations and budget constraints.

HDMI Connectivity and Auxiliary Ports

Some people may look at HDMI and USB ports as extras that shouldn’t influence the buying decision when shopping for 65-inch TVs in Canada. But that’s not exactly the case.

Think about all the auxiliary devices available for TVs. A 65-inch TV can connect to Chromecasts, Amazon Fire Sticks, gaming consoles, TV boxes, soundbars, external SSDs, and a host of other devices. In addition, there are usually a lot more devices you can plug into a TV to give it more functionality than the average TV has on its own.

Paying extra for more ports is a good idea if the budget allows it. Furthermore, the port standards matter as well.

For example, you may want at least one HDMI 2.1 port if you want faster transfer speeds and higher quality. If not, HDMI 2.0 will do just fine in most cases.

But, 8K content without a proper HDMI 2.1 connection is almost impossible to stream on a compatible 65-inch TV in Canada. In addition, next-generation gaming consoles have started demanding HDMI 2.1 support.

App Integrations

Almost any 65-inch TV in Canada is bound to be a smart TV. However, not all smart TVs are equal. Technologies and software matter when it comes to getting the best experience.

An Android operating system can arguably give you one of the smoothest experiences. But some people may prefer something more niche. Perhaps you want a TV with specific apps installed, certain streaming platforms, etc.

For example, you might prefer the Fire OS. Amazon’s operating system is derived from Android, but it’s in a league of its own and functions differently. In the past, it was a restrictive OS, but these days it offers more functionality than some people think.

The apps you eventually use will come down to a matter of personal preference. Even an average, midrange, or entry-level 65-inch TV for Canadians can become a beast if it has good specs and the right TV box.

Additional Factors

Naturally, we also recommend looking at some extra factors when comparing 65-inch TVs in Canada.

  • Brand. Not all brands have access to the same technologies or can afford to use them. Some manufacturers produce better displays, have superior software, or pack more features than others. Recognizable brands include Samsung and LG, among others. These brands usually have the newest up-to-date software for your viewing experience.
  • Durability. Some 65-inch TVs for Canadians are more budget-friendly but can lack durability. It’s important to look at the build quality when shopping for a new TV. Wall-mounted TVs can get away with using cheaper plastic. But TVs with regular stands are more at risk of impact damage.
  • Part availability. Many 65-inch TVs are manufactured overseas. However, not all manufacturers use unique and niche parts. Considering the brand and part availability is essential at times. Limited part availability makes repairs nearly impossible in remote areas and can lengthen the servicing time to weeks or months.
  • User reviews. Not everyone has the patience to read user reviews or get information from both positive and negative reviews. But we recommend investing some time. You never know when you might find customers with similar tastes and expectations. Getting their opinion can help you make a more informed decision.
  • Mounting options. It’s easy to assume that all 65-inch TVs can be mounted on a wall. But that’s not the case. Look carefully at the mounting stands that come with the TV and at the TV’s thickness and overall design. Not every screen is fit or designed to install on your living room wall. Some are better when used with a traditional stand.

These options are more than just secondary considerations. These are some of the most important things to think about before you choose to purchase a TV in Canada. Make sure to do an in-depth comparison for each TV you are considering purchasing to ensure that you are getting the one that works best for your needs.

How to Safely Use a 65-inch TV in Canada

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure you use your TV safely and extend its service life to get the most out of it.

  • Don’t forget to turn off your TV from time to time and even unplug it. Idling while powered still contributes to a TV’s wear and shortens its lifecycle.
  • Use appropriate equipment with your TV. Voltage spikes are the silent killers of many consumer electronics. Modern smart TVs aren’t invulnerable to voltage fluctuations. For that reason, you might want to consider using a good voltage regulator or a surge protector to safeguard your TV from trouble during thunderstorms, blackouts, and similar events.
  • Let your 65-inch TV have plenty of room to “breathe.” Buying a thin TV might be exciting from a space-saving perspective. However, modern TVs generate a lot of heat and need room to safely expel that heat to avoid damaging internal circuits. Likewise, maintaining optimum humidity levels around the TV can help extend its lifecycle.
  • Dust gets everywhere, and electronics attract it more than any other item in your home. So take advantage of the fact that you can easily spot dust on your TV and clean it more often. Preventing dust buildup inside the TV case is crucial to keeping it in good health and eliminating the need for expensive professional cleanups.
  • Anchor your TV properly. Regular and wall-mounted 65-inch TVs are big and heavy. Without proper mounting and good stability, there’s a decent chance of it tipping over or falling off the wall with minimal effort. And TV screens aren’t cheap to fix, especially since some warranties don’t cover these types of accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

A 65 inch TV screen is slightly too big to stick to the classic 1080p Full HD resolution. Those with 4K resolution enable better picture quality, more detail, and offers more value for the money. It’s also the best choice as 8K resolution is still overkill and not particularly great or widely available on 65 inch TVs in Canada.

Many users recommend sitting anywhere between 8 and 13.5 feet from a 65 inch TV screen. Canadians with 65 inch TVs can find different sweet spots based on the display technology, overall image quality, and even the mounting setup.

Many companies battle it out each year for the top spot in the TV manufacturing industry. LG, Panasonic, and Sony make some of the best 65 inch TVs for Canadians in terms of performance. Hisense, TCL, and other similar brands are more approachable to budget shoppers and don’t compromise regarding image and audio quality.

When it comes to display technologies, OLED displays have the lowest blue light emission rates. Many have found that OLED 65 inch TVs in Canada have an emission rate of up to 50% less than other TVs. Therefore, they are considered among the safest and best 65 inch TVs Canada has available to buyers.