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Whether you are hosting guests, camping, or moving, an air mattress is an invaluable part of the process. It’s never comfortable to be stuck without a space to sleep, so it’s wise to keep an air mattress on hand just in case. Even if you don’t plan to use it frequently, it’s essential to have an air mattress that is comfortable, reliable, and easy to set up. It might surprise you to know that there are many advanced options available on the Canadian market. 

Nowadays, air mattresses have handy features, such as built-in pumps and knobs for adjusting firmness. To help you navigate the market and make the right purchasing decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best air mattresses in Canada. Our hand-picked entries made this list based on any special features, inflation times, weight capacity, and more. 

Best Air Mattresses for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Air Mattresses in Canada?

Fortunately for our readers, there’s no shortage of excellent air mattresses in Canada. While you’d probably be content with any of our top picks, each air mattress on our list has a defining characteristic that sets it apart. Depending on your needs and priorities, these unique characteristics will help you make the final decision.

Although it was a close call, the Active Era Premium Double Air Bed tops our list of the best air mattresses in Canada. Durable and robust, this air bed offers ample support and versatility. It will stay inflated despite heavy use, regardless of where you place the mattress. As such, it’s the best overall option.

As most adventure-loving Canadians know, there’s no messing around when it comes to camping. With this in mind, the EZ Inflate Air Mattress with Built-In Pump has everything needed for a perfect camping air mattress. It’s easy to transport, set up, and enjoy when surrounded by the wonders of nature.

When it comes to Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort-Plush Air Mattress, it might not fare equally as well in the wilderness. Still, it has no competition for everyday use. Once blown up, this sturdy option will stay at the desired firmness level for days.

The same goes for the air mattress with the highest weight capacity on our list – the iDOO Air Mattress 650lb MAX. This model is ideal for heavy-set Canadians who have had trouble finding the perfect sleeping solution. Since it’s surprisingly compact when deflated, you can even pack it during your travels. This way, you never have to worry about an adequate sleeping arrangement again.

And if you purchase the Intex Dura-Beam Standard Prestige Air Mattress, the aforementioned goes for backpacking as well. This air mattress made our list thanks to its compact size, both inflated and deflated. As such, it will be the perfect travel buddy for your hiking and backpacking adventures.

Suppose that instead of hunting for a breathtaking view, you’re hunting for a bargain. In that case, you’ll love our final entry on our list of the best air mattresses in Canada. Unlike the other selected entries, this comfortable air mattress will set you back far less. Still, we wouldn’t recommend a low-quality product. Hence, there’s no need to worry about the comfort provided by the Intex Dura-Beam Standard Pillow Rest Air Mattress.

Best Overall

Active Era Premium Double Air Bed


It's Great For:

The Premium air bed from Active Era was made using high-quality, hard-wearing, and puncture-resistant PVC plastic. As such, it’s highly durable and more resistant to most objects to which other air mattresses available in Canada fall victim.

It comes with an integrated electric pump that is powerful and easy to use. The pump allows you to fully inflate this mattress in just three minutes. Plus, it features a setting that will speed up the otherwise tedious deflation process with a single flick of a switch. Suppose you wish to inflate this air mattress in another way or have no access to electricity. In that case, there’s a manual air valve. Thanks to this handy feature, you can bring this air bed into the wilderness. The soft-touch waterproof flock on top is another excellent addition for those looking for a good camping air mattress.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to sleep on it indoors or outdoors. You’ll have an equally comfortable experience resulting from the built-in raised pillow that provides optimal neck and head support. Besides offering perfect spinal alignment and sleeping posture, this Active Era mattress was designed using structured air coil technology that enables equal weight distribution. All these features guarantee the ultimate support for your entire body, allowing you to get a great night’s sleep.

This double bed is raised around 48 cm from the ground, in line with a standard bed’s height. Therefore, it can be used over a prolonged period with little to no differences in your sleep quality. You can fit regular bed sheets on top, and rest assured you won’t sweat, regardless of the temperature.

The Highlights

This Active Era air mattress has a lot going for it. But what really sets it apart from other air mattresses available in Canada is the small ridge that slopes up at the top of the mattress. Thanks to this nifty feature, your pillows won’t fall off. Also, the mattress stays inflated regardless of the surrounding conditions. This Active Era model guarantees quality sleep without bouncing around or gravitating toward the middle when sharing the mattress with another person. This makes it a perfect choice for couples.

  • Ultimate comfort
  • Durable construction
  • Waterproof coating
  • Flexibility during inflation

From the Test Lab

“This air bed has the features and comfort to be ideal in your guest room or on a camping trip.”

Best for Camping

EZ Inflate Air Mattress with Built-In Pump

EZ Inflate Air Mattress with Built in Pump Queen Size Double-High Inflatable Mattress with Flocked Top Easy Inflate, Waterproof, Portable Blow Up Bed for Camping & Travel


It's Great For:

Convenient and comfortable, this EZ Inflate model checks all the boxes for a perfect camping air mattress. The queen-sized air mattress is made from a durable PVC material that’s resistant to punctures and everything else that you may encounter when surrounded by nature. The mattress is waterproof, ensuring sudden downpours don’t ruin the fun. Finally, the top has extra cushioning, allowing you to rest well under the stars.

The built-in pump makes this air mattress highly portable and facilitates a simple setup wherever you go. There’s no need to lug an extra item around since the integrated pump allows you to blow up this mattress in only two minutes. This is the fastest inflation time among the contenders on our best air mattresses in Canada list. Once you’re done with the mattress, you can quickly deflate it, fold it up into the provided tote bag, and continue your adventure.

The mattress can comfortably fit a couple or a single parent with two children. It’s manufactured to remain stable while users get in or out of the air bed. For this reason, you don’t have to worry that the mattress will tip over if you place too much weight on one side. Once you’re comfortable, the interior coil beam construction and specially engineered bottom will ensure your mattress stays put, even on slippery surfaces. These qualities are crucial when setting up the bed outdoors.

This EZ Inflate model works with regular sheets. Therefore, no special purchase is necessary to make you feel at home, regardless of the location.

The Highlights

Thanks to EZ Inflate’s adaptive support system, you can choose how firm you want your air mattress to be. This model accommodates firmness levels, allowing you to experience comfort regardless of your sleeping preferences. All the inflation and deflation controls are located on the front of the air mattress, providing excellent access and contributing to the overall convenience of use.

  • Adjustable firmness level
  • Convenient and portable
  • Waterproof design
  • Stable sleeping arrangement

From the Test Lab

“If you’re headed on a camping trip, this option is a great choice. It’s non-slip, waterproof, and easy to set up.”

Best for Everyday Use

Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort-Plush Air Mattress


It's Great For:

Using an air mattress daily for a prolonged period isn’t recommended for the sake of your comfort and the durability of the mattress. Still, if your circumstances call for regular use of one of these handy mattresses, you’ll want to ensure you get the very best.

This model from Intex features Fiber-Tech construction that provides the ultimate comfort, exceptional durability, and superior stability. The ultra-soft dual layer on top creates a smooth sleeping surface, guaranteeing a restful night. The feeling continues regardless of how many nights you spend on this air mattress.

This air mattress features horizontal air chambers that contribute to its overall sturdiness. In addition, the integrated plug-in pump allows you to inflate this mattress to an impressive level of firmness. In fact, this Intex model is the firmest air mattress for Canadians we’ve evaluated. This makes up for the fact it takes almost five minutes to fully inflate, which is the longest inflation time among our picks for the best air mattresses in Canada.

To ensure you can use this mattress daily, the top layer and the sides are coated in a velvety treatment that makes them more puncture-resistant. The sides are also indented to prevent your bed sheets from slipping.

The Highlights

At around 56 cm high when fully inflated, the Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort is the tallest entry among the best air mattresses for Canadians we’ve listed. Taller beds are easier to get in and out of, especially for taller people. The same goes for tall air mattresses. Plus, the height might deter your pets from jumping on the mattress, which can save you a lot of potential trouble with scratches and punctures.

Although it’s rather tall, this Intex model is stable for sleeping purposes. It shouldn’t affect your sleeping companion either if you tend to move a lot during the night. As a bonus, there’s a protective barrier around the periphery of the mattress designed to keep you from rolling off.

  • Ultimate comfort for regular use
  • Sturdy and firm
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Tall yet stable

From the Test Lab

“We loved how tall this mattress was. It made getting in and out of bed easy without becoming less comfortable as a result.”

Best for Heavy-Side Canadians

iDOO Air Mattress 650lb MAX

iDOO Queen Size Air Mattress, Inflatable Bed with Integrated Pillow, Comfortable Blow Up Bed with Built-in Pump, 3 Mins Inflation/deflation, Easy to Store, Suit for Home Camping 80x60x18'', 650lb Max


It's Great For:

At 650 pounds, the iDOO air mattress snags the top spot among our best air mattresses in Canada in terms of weight capacity. This impressive feature allows Canadians on the heavy side to comfortably and safely rest on this air mattress. Alternatively, a smaller family can fit on this iDOO model without worrying about popping the mattress or elbowing each other. Two adults and a child can use this model without a second thought.

Regardless of who sleeps on the air mattress, they’ll have an excellent night’s rest. The integrated raised pillow provides great neck and head support and adds to the overall spinal support of the sleepers. Even if you prefer using your own pillow, the pillow’s height shouldn’t be a problem. Besides the snug pillow, the mattress is super soft, providing you with cloud-level comfort.

The iDOO air mattress is straightforward to use and set up. It comes with a built-in electric pump that allows you to inflate the mattress in less than three minutes. Luckily, the deflation time is equally as quick. Thanks to the multi-layer waterproof flock coating and puncture-resistant material, you can take out this mattress for camping.

Of course, if you take it outside, you’ll need an alternative inflation method since electricity is challenging to get by in the great outdoors. Fortunately, this air mattress comes with an external air valve, allowing you to use individual pumps to blow it up. We recommend purchasing a rechargeable pump to spare you from using labour-intensive manual pumps.

The Highlights

When you consider the size of this mattress when fully inflated, you might fear it will stay bulky even when deflated. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, this air mattress can fold into a pillow-sized item when not in use. This quality makes it highly portable and ideal for transporting. The air mattress ships with a travel bag, equipping you with everything you need to stay comfortable while on the go.

  • High weight capacity
  • Superb neck and head support
  • Easy to set up
  • Extremely compact when deflated

From the Test Lab

“The built-in pillow and easy deflate options mad this air mattress perfect for guests. It wasn’t a hassle to pull it out when our friends stayed over.”

Best for Backpacking

Intex Dura-Beam Standard Prestige Air Mattress

Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Prestige Downy Airbed with Battery Pump, Full


It's Great For:

Canadians who prefer setting off on an adventure with only a backpack will need an extremely lightweight and compact air mattress to keep them company. This is precisely what they’ll get if they choose the Intex Dura-Beam Standard Prestige air mattress.

At approximately 25 cm in height, this is the shortest entry on our list of the best air mattresses in Canada. It’s also the smallest in size, measuring around 137 cm in width and 190 cm in length. With these dimensions, this Intex model can fit almost anywhere. You can use it instead of a loft bed or fit it into an RV or a smaller tent.

It doesn’t matter where you place your air mattress. You’ll have an equally pleasant experience, thanks to the velvety sleeping surface and fibre-tech interior construction. Although this Intex model is among the smaller air mattresses, it boasts an impressive weight capacity. It can hold up to 600 pounds, rivalling much bigger air mattresses available in Canada.

When setting up this air mattress, you’ll have no trouble inflating or deflating it. This practicality stems from an extra-wide opening under the air valve that facilitates easy and fast inflation and deflation. Once you’re done using this air mattress, you can fold it neatly for easy storage and transport.

The Highlights

This Intex Dura-Beam model is the only listed air mattress in Canada that uses a battery-operated pump. This handy item allows you to inflate your air bed in a remote location without a source of electricity. Plus, purchasing a separate pump for your backpacking and camping adventures isn’t necessary. Just make sure to buy six C-cell batteries independently since they don’t ship with the mattress.

  • Backpacking-friendly battery-operated pump
  • Compact and portable
  • Low-profile
  • Comfortable

From the Test Lab

“This compact air mattress was perfect to have on hand for emergencies or other situations.”

Best for Canadian Bargain Hunters

Intex Dura-Beam Standard Pillow Rest Air Mattress

Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Pillow Rest Raised Airbed w/Built-in Pillow & Internal Electric Pump, Twin


It's Great For:

If you plan to use your air mattress for more than a few months, you should consider investing in a more durable and inevitably more expensive model. However, suppose you’re in an emergency and need a sleeping solution immediately. In that case, this Intex Dura-Beam air mattress is your best bet.

This model is by far the most affordable option among our selection of the best air mattresses in Canada. Most other air mattresses on our list cost at least twice as much. We, therefore, recommend purchasing this model when looking for a budget-friendly short-term air mattress.

Although it’s highly affordable, this Intex model shares some of the same characteristics as the brand’s more costly options. It was engineered using high-strength fibres that offer comfort and support. The bottom is fitted with a sturdy ring construction that adds to the mattress’ overall stability. There’s also a built-in pillow for your convenience and bed-like comfort.

Adding to the convenience, this air mattress uses a built-in electric pump that gets the job done in approximately 2.5 minutes. This Intex model also deflates like a charm. After that, you can pop it in the provided carry bag for easy transport and storage.

The Highlights

This Intex Dura-Beam air mattress is exceptionally lightweight, allowing you to get a great night’s sleep anywhere you go. Thanks to its incredible price, it’s ideal if you plan on visiting family or friends unexpectedly.

Besides last-minute family emergencies, this air mattress is an excellent sleeping solution for children. It can withstand 300 pounds of weight and offers a velvety smooth sleeping surface, guaranteeing a comfortable experience for the youngest members of your family.

  • Highly affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Quick inflation and deflation

From the Test Lab

“This was the best option on our list for extended use, and it was one of the most inexpensive options as well.”

Why Trust Us?

For years, we’ve made ourselves at home in the sleep industry. We’ve diligently documented and evaluated mattresses and air mattresses of all types, designs, and sizes. A sleeping solution, even temporarily, is crucial for your overall health and well-being. Accordingly, our goal has always been to find the best products in Canada and help you make the right purchasing decision.

When assessing the best air mattresses available for Canadians, we analyzed several factors:

  • Comfort. Granted, an air mattress may never be as comfortable as the real thing, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t come pretty close. For this reason, we evaluated how well it can hold air for a prolonged period. In addition, we checked whether the mattress has built-in air chambers, coils, or similar internal constructions that help them distribute air more evenly. These internal constructions also dictate the sturdiness of the air mattress.
  • Inflation Method. The inflation method affects the air mattress’ ease of use and firmness. We found that the best Canadian air mattresses have built-in pumps that inflate the object in minutes and allow you to adjust the firmness to your liking. Plus, a built-in pump means one less item to store and locate when needed.
  • Price. Costly air mattresses aren’t necessarily more comfortable or durable. Instead, they often have additional features that aren’t particularly important in terms of functionality, such as remote controls. With this in mind, we kept all our choices reasonably priced and ensured that this gets you a quality air mattress with all the essential features.
  • Weight Capacity. Weight capacity is important when it comes to air mattresses. Not all of the best air mattresses in Canada are created equal, so we tried to look for options with the highest weight limits possible.

Why Do You Need a Good Air Mattress in Canada?

The difference between high-quality and subpar air mattresses can become apparent after a single use. A cheap and poorly made air mattress can deflate quickly, disturbing your peace and quality of sleep. Even if these mattresses don’t give out immediately, they will gradually cause back pain, sore muscles, and neck stiffness in the morning.

In contrast, a top-of-the-line air mattress can transform any space into a cozy bedroom. This option works best when you need a temporary sleeping option. After all, it’s more affordable and comfortable than other common sleeping solutions like a futon, a folding cot, or a camping pad. Plus, an air mattress usually offers the surface area and height of a regular bed. As a bonus, it also works with standard bed sheets.

After you’re done using it, you can deflate it and pack it into a relatively small package, eliminating potential storage issues. Thanks to these benefits, a good air mattress in Canada can have multiple uses.


Traditional camping beds usually require a complex and time-consuming setup, with lots of metal rods, ropes, hammocks and even more confusion. On the contrary, setting up an air mattress is hassle-free. You just need to unroll it in the intended camping space and inflate it. If you’ve selected a model with a built-in pump, you won’t have to do any more work. Instead, you can take care of other camping needs while your comfortable bed is being prepared.

Remember to choose mattresses that are lightweight enough to be carried along yet hard-wearing to prevent them from getting damaged and deflating in the middle of the night. If you need an extremely durable or lightweight air mattress, consider choosing a model that is specifically made for camping. These state-of-the-art air mattresses make sleeping comfortably on the trials simple.

Guest Bedrooms

An air mattress offers an ideal solution for hosting overnight guests. The air bed is deflated when not in use, allowing you to save floor space inside a room. When choosing a decent air mattress for your guest bedroom, ensure it offers appropriate support, distributes weight equally, and, of course, feels comfortable.

How to Choose an Air Mattress for Canadians

With so many different air mattress options available, it can be difficult to find the perfect air mattress for you. There are a few features you need to consider before you start shopping. If you know what you need, you’re more likely to find an air mattress that works for you. The following options can help you choose the best air mattress in Canada for you.


Air mattresses available in Canada come with various price points, allowing everyone to find an option that fits their budget. Before browsing the air mattress offers, you should figure out how much you want to spend.

While all mattresses can deflate or puncture if not handled correctly, pricier models can typically withstand more pressure and last longer. Therefore, if you’re looking for a long-term sleeping solution, you might benefit from investing a little more money into your air mattress. Similarly, a more affordable model will do if you intend to use the mattress for only a few nights.

Intended Use

The intended use of the air mattress should dictate much more than its price point. Generally speaking, Canadians primarily use an air mattress as a temporary resource, for camping and as a permanent sleeping solution.

If you’re looking for an air mattress for overnight guests or a placeholder before the real thing arrives, make sure it’s:

  • Comfortable
  • Accessible
  • Easily set up

A good camping air mattress should be:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Waterproof

And finally, if you’re going to spend more than a few nights on an air mattress, ensure it’s:

  • Durable
  • Firm
  • Well-structured
  • Extremely comfortable


Generally speaking, comfort is the main quality Canadians look for in an air mattress. After all, if you aren’t able to sleep or rest comfortably, then what’s the point of purchasing this sleeping alternative? Therefore, the comfort level can undoubtedly make or break an air mattress. It mainly depends on the following factors:

  • The quality of materials used
  • The stability of the mattress
  • The firmness level
  • The bedding material
  • The height of the mattress

Of course, comfort is personal. Even a mattress that has great features and high-quality materials might not be comfortable for you. It’s important to look at the mattress as a whole to determine if it might sleep comfortably for your uses.


Size is one of the determining factors for choosing the best air mattresses in Canada. A twin model will typically suffice if you need an air mattress for children. But adults and couples will probably prefer a king or queen-size air mattress. The same goes for the mattress’ weight limitation.

Speaking of the air mattress’ dimensions, its height should be another essential consideration. Most air mattresses in Canada are double-height or low-profile. The former usually comes with an electric pump that makes inflation much easier. Also, they are sturdier, more slump-resistant, and resemble regular mattresses more closely. On the other hand, low-profile mattresses are handy and portable, making them ideal for camping trips.


Material directly affects how comfortable the air mattress will be. As such, it’s one of the most important considerations when looking for the best air mattresses in Canada. Although these mattresses can be made of various materials, the most common are PVC, vinyl, and TPU.

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is the most durable material. However, it’s also the most expensive and least accessible option. In contrast, PVC is the most common material used for inflatable products. It’s relatively affordable and durable, thanks to its fire and water-resistant properties.

Besides the interior material, look for air mattresses with soft fabric layers on top and construction components that help with weight distribution.

Inflation Method

Blowing up an air mattress manually can be a nightmare, so the best air mattresses in Canada will come with pumps to inflate them. Depending on the mattress’ intended use, it’s crucial to check whether the pump is electric or battery-powered. Naturally, the latter will be the better option if you plan on taking the air mattress out into the wilderness.

Besides being more flexible, battery-operated pumps are usually quieter than their electric counterparts. However, the noise that the plug-in pumps produce isn’t for nothing. It indicates a powerful machine that can fill up a mattress more efficiently than its competitors powered by batteries. Still, neither of these pumps can compare to manual pumps in terms of the firmness they can achieve. Unfortunately, this impressive firmness level will cost you significant physical labour.

How Canadians Can Get the Most Out of an Air Mattress

Air mattresses can come in handy when unexpected guests show up. They can also be a lifesaver when looking for a comfortable rest on an exciting camping trip to one of Canada’s beautiful national parks. However, if you don’t take proper care of these helpful objects, you might end up using them for a much shorter period than expected.

Here are a few practical usage and storage guidelines to help you get the most out of an air mattress and have it ready for any adventure.  

Keep the Mattress Inflated When in Use

Deflating and re-inflating an air mattress daily will apply unnecessary pressure on its seams, leading them to give out much sooner. For this reason, keep your air mattress inflated while it’s being used and only deflate it once the houseguest’s stay or the camping trip is over.

Deflate the Mattress Properly

Although it typically takes mere minutes to inflate an air mattress, the same can’t be said for deflating it. Since this process can take a significant period, you might be tempted to unplug the air valve and squeeze the air out. While this will speed up the process, it will also potentially damage the mattress in the process, causing the seams to burst.

To avoid this unfortunate scenario, leave the air mattress alone after unplugging the valve. Let it deflate entirely on its own, and then package it carefully for storing. Some air mattresses in Canada have a speedy deflation setting that will help you immensely.

Keep Pets Away From the Mattress

Family pets are often used to sleeping on beds or taking naps on furniture, making your air mattress an appealing prospect. But you should try to keep your pets away from an inflatable mattress at all costs. Even if they don’t bite the mattress, they have sharp claws that can puncture holes and cause irreparable damage. They also tend to exert pressure on the furniture when jumping off, which can put unnecessary stress on the seams.

Avoid Overfilling the Mattress

It would be pretty hard to fill the mattress to the point of bursting. Still, overfilling an air mattress will stress the seams, reducing the object’s life expectancy. We recommend inflating your air mattress to approximately 90 percent of its capacity, especially when using it for the first time.

Keep Sharp Objects Away From the Mattress

Sharp objects are an air mattress’ biggest enemy. Even the tiniest objects can cause damage that will be impossible to repair. Vinyl patch kits and duct tape can only delay replacing the mattress altogether for so long. Keep objects like pencils, needles, safety pins, and paper clips away from your mattress. It’s also advised to empty your pockets of any objects with a blade before lying down. Moreover, be mindful of your nails if they’re particularly sharp.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Not all air mattresses available in Canada are highly comfortable to sleep on. Generally, an air mattress can rarely be as comfortable as a regular mattress. If comfort is the deciding factor in your purchasing decision, look for mattresses made with memory foam. Also, look for high-quality mattresses with an adequate firmness level.

Air mattresses generally don’t provide much support for your back. If blown up to a firmer level, they will be perfectly supportive for occasional use, allowing you to maintain proper alignment and get restorative sleep. Unfortunately, regular use can lead to them slowly deflating and losing firmness, causing you to feel back pain and stiffness in the morning.

Regardless of how expensive and well-made, air mattresses aren’t meant to replace real mattresses. Air mattresses typically can’t withstand regular use over a prolonged period, causing them to lose their shape more quickly than expected. At the same time, prolonged use can cause discomfort for the user since air mattresses don’t offer as much support as regular mattresses. Hence, it’s not advisable to use an air mattress every day for your comfort and the mattress’s lifespan.

An air mattress can pop if you’re not careful. Not all air mattresses available in Canada are made from incredibly durable materials. As a result, they can be punctured, causing them to deflate. The most common culprits for popping an air mattress are pets, either with their teeth or claws.

On average, an air mattress lasts up to five years. That said, you can significantly prolong that period if you use the mattress infrequently and store it correctly. To maximize the life expectancy of an air mattress, deflate it entirely and store it in a bag when not used. Also, ensure the bed is placed in a dry place with no sharp objects around it.