Sometimes, you want an air purifier that does a great job without taking up a whole lot of space. The Blueair 311i Max Air Purifier is the option to choose in this instance. The small footprint makes it great for limited spaces, but the performance is ideal for larger rooms. A host of features and high-quality performance put this air purifier on our radar for all the right reasons.

Blueair’s 311i Max is a great choice for those who have larger spaces but few places to put an air purifier. The small footprint of this model makes it compact, but it clears larger rooms in as little as 30 minutes. Those with smart homes can appreciate it as well, as the app integration offers complete control over every aspect of the air purifier.

A Look at the Blueair 311i Max Air Purifier in Bedroom
A Look at the Blueair 311i Max Air Purifier in Bedroom. Credit: Blueair.


  • Operates almost silently, even in larger spaces
  • Cleans larger spaces quickly
  • Works to trap pet dander, pet hair, pollen, and smoke
  • App integration offers voice control, filter monitoring, and more
  • Auto mode and sleep mode
  • Long filter life


  • The air quality indicator light is small
  • Proprietary filters are expensive compared to other models

So who is the Blueair 311i Max Air Purifier for? You might want to pick up this air purifier if you:

  • Have limited floor space in your home
  • Need an air purifier that operates quietly
  • Prefer automatic operation to manually setting fan speeds
  • Need an app-enabled air purifier
Blueair 311i Max Air Purifier on iPhone
Blueair 311i Max Air Purifier on iPhone. Credit: Blueair.

This air purifier may be smaller than some of the other options on the Canadian market, but it offers a ton of great features. You can fully integrate this purifier with the Smart Air Purifier app, which offers full filter and air quality monitoring, as well as access to all of the controls. You can also use your voice to control the purifier via the app. It comes with an automatic mode, a sleep mode, and three fan speeds to increase performance.

Filter TypeHEPASilent
Noise Level23 dB (low), 43 dB (high)
Fan Speeds3
Room Size929 Sq Ft
Dimensions31.8 x 31.8 x 48.3 cm
ControlsTouch panel, app, voice
Smart FeaturesAuto mode, sleep mode, app integration, voice control
Replacement Filter Cost$57
Filter Life6 to 9 Months


So how can you expect the Blueair 311i Max to perform? Here are our conclusions.

Filtration (3/5)

The HEPASilent filter uses two layers of filtration, which include a main filter that removes viruses, smoke, and small airborne particles down to around 0.1 microns. A secondary carbon filter helps trap odours, including pet odours and cooking smells. This filter works well, but not as well as a triple HEPA filter might. The filter is also more expensive than some of the other options on the Canadian market.

Noise Level (4.5/5)

The Blueair 311i Max is one of the quietest air purifiers in Canada. While in sleep mode (and on low mode), it operates at 23 dB. This is quiet enough that you will barely hear it. On the highest fan setting, it only runs at about 50 dB. This is loud enough to hear and may drown out your TV, but you can easily converse with others in the same room. Those ratings are remarkably low for such an efficient purifier.

Controls (5/5)

There are a few different ways to control this unit. You can use the app integration to set timers and track your air quality over time. You can also use the touch panel directly on the top of the unit. Two buttons allow you to cycle through all of the fan speeds and modes on the unit, while a second button allows you to change brightness levels and enable or disable the child lock. You can also access each of these options in the app, which also integrates voice control.

Top of the Blueair 311i Max Air Purifier
Top of the Blueair 311i Max Air Purifier. Credit: Blueair.

Room Size (4.5/5)

Despite its small size, this air purifier works well in rooms about 929 square feet in size. This means that it does well in rooms of most sizes. It clears larger rooms in about 30 minutes, though it works significantly faster in smaller rooms. For its small footprint, it performs remarkably well in this category.

High-Quality Features and High-Quality Performance

The Blueair 311i Max has a small footprint but delivers consistently high performance. Though it is small, it provides a host of features that you usually find in larger air purifiers. It works quietly and clears larger rooms quickly, making it the ideal option for many Canadian homes.

Blueair 311i Max Ratings
Blueair 311i Max Ratings