Sometimes, you want more than just a standard air purifier. Special features, tracking options, and more can be appealing when most of the options on the Canadian market are basic. For those who need a little more from their air purifier, we recommend the Dyson Air Purifier Hot+Cool HP07. This air purifier offers heating, cooling, and a host of tracking features that aren’t available on other Canadian air purifier models.

The Dyson Air Purifier Hot+Cool HP07 is a luxury air purifier that also heats or cools your spaces depending on your preference. If you prefer a purifier that doubles as climate control, this is one of the best options for you. With a built-in heater, fan, and sealed HEPA to trap gasses, odours, and allergens, most Canadians can enjoy this high-tech air purifier.


  • Long-lasting sealed HEPA filters
  • Traps gasses, odours, and other ultrafine particles
  • Checks the quality of your air every few seconds
  • Information panel displays more than just air quality
  • Doubles as a small heater or fan


  • No on-unit controls available
  • Cannot control heating and cooling via the app
  • Expensive

The Dyson Air Purifier Hot+Cool HP07 could be the best option if you:

  • Want heating and cooling in addition to air purification
  • Don’t mind paying a lot for replacement filters
  • Live in an area with a lot of toxins, gasses, and odours
  • Prefer to track all of your indoor air statistics, not just quality
Dyson Hot+Cool HP07 in the Bedroom
Dyson Hot+Cool HP07 in the Bedroom. Credit: Dyson

Aside from the fan and heating features, this air purifier has a host of features. You’ll find extreme tracking of various metrics, including air quality, indoor temperature,  indoor humidity, and the presence of certain chemicals and particles. You can use the app integration or the remote control to turn on most features, including oscillation, airflow speed and direction, and different available operation modes.

Filter TypeH13 True HEPA, Dual Filtration
Noise LevelUnspecified
Fan SpeedsMultiple
Room Size700 Sq Ft
Dimensions13 x 76.4 x 22.1 cm
Weight 8.13 kg
ControlsApp and Remote
Smart FeaturesApp integration, timer, automatic adjustment
Replacement Filter Cost$100
Filter Life12 months


The Dyson Air Purifier Hot+Cool HP07 performs well in most categories. Here’s what you can expect from this unit.

Filtration (4/5)

Inside the Dyson Air Purifier Hot+Cool HP07
Inside the Dyson Air Purifier Hot+Cool HP07. Credit: Dyson

Dyson has engineered this air purifier to use a completely sealed HEPA chamber for the filter. Gasses and odours can’t get back out again once they are trapped. However, the replacement filters are a bit expensive when compared to other options on the Canadian market (around $100). Still, you only need to replace the filter every 12 months.

Noise Level (3.5/5)

This air purifier can operate fairly quietly in sleep mode or automatic mode. However, it also can be extremely loud when needed. The higher fan speeds mean your air is cleaned effectively, but they also mean you’ll have a louder experience with the purifier. For the most part, it operates at a standard noise level that won’t disturb you.

Controls (4/5)

The controls are located in the Dyson app and on the remote control. The remote control is fairly comprehensive, with all of the features you need (as well as the only way to activate the heating and cooling features). The app has a lot of functionality but cannot turn on heating and cooling.

Room Size (3.5/5)

This air purifier isn’t meant for extremely large rooms, but it works extremely effectively in smaller spaces. It works well in spaces up to 700 square feet, though it works quicker in smaller spaces. This is true for both the air purification and heating/cooling features.

Visualization of the Dyson Hot+Cool HP07
Visualization of the Dyson Hot+Cool HP07. Credit: Dyson

Climate Control and Purification

This Dyson Air Purifier is one of the most unique options on the Canadian market. Its heating and cooling capabilities make it ideal for most Canadians, though it is more expensive than some other options available. Top-notch filtration and high-tech monitoring keep you on top of your climate, even without the heating and cooling options.

Dyson Air Purifier Hot+Cool HP07 Ratings
Dyson Air Purifier Hot+Cool HP07 Ratings