Sometimes, you just need better performance. Some Canadians aren’t looking for the most high-tech model; they only want an option that keeps their air clean effectively and without hassle. The IQAir Health Pro Plus is the air purifier to choose in this instance. This medical-grade air purifier works in large spaces quickly, reducing pollution in places with the worst air quality.

If your space has horrible air quality, the IQAir Health Pro Plus might be the best option for you. This purifier is a medical-grade machine that works best in areas with lots of air pollution, such as musty basements and older homes. It also clears a larger space extremely quickly, so it’s great for larger spaces. However, it operates loudly and the replacement filters are expensive when compared to other options on the Canadian market.


  • Cleans the air quickly and effectively
  • Medical-grade performance when ti comes to effectiveness and filtration
  • Captures much smaller particles than other options
  • Operates somewhat quietly for its size


  • The cost is much higher than most air purifiers on the Canadian market
  • The two filters you have to replace are around $150 each

The IQAir Health Pro Plus Air Purifier may be the perfect option for you if you:

  • Have a large space
  • Need to purify the air due to a medical issue
  • Require heavy-duty performance in areas with horrible air quality
  • Want to invest heavily in your air quality
Inside the IQAir Purifier
Inside the IQAir Purifier. Credit: IQAir.

The IQAir Health Pro Plus Air Purifier prioritizes performance over features. You won’t find app integrations or many of the smart features you’ve come to expect here. Instead, the machine focuses on giving you medical-grade performance without the bells and whistles.

Filter TypeHyperHEPA H13 Filter
Noise Level69 dB
Fan Speeds3
Room Size1,125 Sq Ft
Dimensions71 x 38 x 40.6 cm
Weight 15.8 kg
Smart FeaturesNone
Replacement Filter Cost$150
Filter Life16 Months to 3 Years


What can you expect from the IQAir Health Pro Plus? Here’s how it stacks up in the most important categories.

Filtration (5/5)

The IQAir Health Pro Plus has one of the most robust filters you’ll find on the market. It uses three different stages of filtration, including a prefilter, a V5 cell filter, and a HyperHEPA filter to trap extremely small impurities. It’s great at keeping down allergens, smoke, odours, and chemicals. The replacement filters are expensive, though.

IQAir HyperHEPA Difference
IQAir HyperHEPA Difference. Credit: IQAir.

Noise Level (2/5)

Since this air purifier is incredibly large, it operates louder than other options on the Canadian market. You will have trouble holding a conversation while this air purifier is on in the same room. However, this louder operation is entirely due to the effectiveness of the purifier. Make sure you can deal with up to 69 dB of operation noise before committing to a purchase.

Controls (3/5)

The controls are easy to operate. The button panel helps you choose the options that work best for your space. While you can easily change the settings on the machine itself (as well as via the remote control), it doesn’t include a touch panel. The controls might be difficult to operate for some Canadians.

Room Size (5/5)

This air purifier works quickly in rooms up to 1,125 square feet without breaking a sweat. This is one of the largest effective areas available in the Canadian market. This air purifier can be used in large basements, but may also be suitable for smaller homes without the need for an additional air purifier for different rooms.

Medical-Grade Performance for Your Home

This large, effective air purifier is one of the best options for larger spaces. It’s a medical-grade purifier that is available for residential properties, which makes it one of the most effective on the Canadian market. Though it is loud and expensive, it works best for areas with extremely poor air quality.

IQAir Health Pro Plus Purifier Ratings
IQAir Health Pro Plus Purifier Ratings