The Levoit Core Mini is one of the best air purifiers for Canadians in 2024. The design is small but extremely portable, so you can move it around your spaces. It performs well when it comes to noise level, regularly running at a level that won’t disturb your regular activities. However, the lack of smart features and app integration might not make this the best air purifier for everyone.

At a glance, the Levoit Core Mini Air Purifier offers a portable option for those who travel often, even if you are just going to another room. You can expect efficient operation in smaller rooms, long filter life, and quiet operation on all modes. If you value performance over size, this is the air purifier for you.


  • Small footprint and portable design
  • Simple, one-button controls
  • Three fan speeds
  • Quiet operation at all fan speed levels
  • 3-Stage filtration traps odours, smoke, allergens, and more


  • No app integration or smart functionality
  • Doesn’t include a timer option
  • No automatic or eco mode for preserving energy

So who is it for? The Levoit Core Mini air purifier is a great option if you:

  • Have smaller rooms
  • Want an air purifier to take with you on vacation
  • Need simple, easy-to-use controls
  • Value performance over size
Levoit CoreMini Air Purifier in Living Room
Credit: Levoit

While the Levoit Core Mini lacks some features that Canadians might favour, it has a lot to offer. Notable are the three fan speeds, which are controlled with a single touch button on the top of the unit. It’s extremely portable but robust, allowing it to work quickly to clean all of your spaces. Affordability and an efficient three-stage filtration system put this air purifier on our radar.

Filter TypeHEPA, 3-Stage Filtration
Noise Level27 dB (low), 44 dB (high)
Fan Speeds3
Room Size356 Sq Ft
Dimensions13.2 x 16.5 x 26.4 cm
Weight1.06 kg
ControlsTouch panel
Smart FeaturesNone
Replacement Filter Cost$84
Filter Life4 to 6 months



Here’s how the Levoit Core Mini performs in some of the biggest categories for air purifiers.

Filtration (4/5)

Top of Levoit CoreMini Air Purifier
Credit: Levoit

A three-stage filtration system driven by a HEPA filter makes this machine surprisingly efficient. Though some might expect it to be lacking due to its size, this simply isn’t the case. This air purifier cleans your spaces quickly. It removes pollutants like smoke, cooking odours, VOCs, particles, and bacteria. Air quality is back to a healthy level in no time, even after pollutants enter your space. This is one of the areas where the Levoit Core Mini shines for us.

Noise Level (4/5)

Each of the three fan speeds will affect how loud the air purifier is. At the lowest speeds, you can expect it to run at around 27 dB. This is ideal for use in bedrooms and other rooms where you need it to work quietly. The highest speeds top out at about 44 dB, which is still lower than average when compared to other air purifiers in its price and performance range.

Controls (3/5)

The controls are simple to use. It doesn’t take more than a few moments to figure out how this air purifier works due to its simplicity. However, it lacks some basic control features such as an auto mode, eco mode, and timer. You also can’t use an app to control this air purifier, which is a drawback when some of your other options include app integration.

Room Size (3.5/5)

Levoit states that this air purifier can filter 356 square feet in an hour, which is mostly accurate. The larger the room, the longer it takes to clear the air. Smaller rooms benefit most from the use of this air purifier, which can be used to quickly clear pollution at its highest fan speed.

Cleaner Air in a Small, Powerful Package

Overall, the Levoit Core Mini is proven to work best in smaller spaces. On the lowest fan speed settings, it performs quietly and won’t interrupt your life or activities. Its only drawback when compared to other models is that it doesn’t offer app integration, a timer feature, or an automatic mode. Here’s how the Levoit Core Mini stands out in other ways:

Product Ratings for Levoit CoreMini Air Purifier
Product Ratings for Levoit Core Mini Air Purifier
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Ricardo Bezo
Ricardo Bezo
March 15, 2024 5:17 pm

Is this a good air purifier for a home office? Approximately 300 square feet.