If your home has large, open spaces, you know it can be difficult to find an air purifier that works for you. While most purifiers can’t effectively clean larger spaces, the Levoit Vital 100S Air Purifier is an exception to the rule. It works in spaces up to 1,100 square feet and is especially effective in homes with pets. Let’s look at how this air purifier performs and how its features stack up to other options on the Canadian air purifier market.

The Levoit Vital 100s Air Purifier offers everything the standard Canadian could want in an air purifier. Though it is an expensive model, it offers a range of smart features. It works well in larger spaces, and it works quietly while it cleans your air. It’s designed specifically for homes with pets. The only feature it lacks is an Eco mode.

Vital 100S Air Purifier On Table Next To Bed. Credit: Levoit
Vital 100S Air Purifier On Table Next To Bed. Credit: Levoit


  • Unique intake that traps pet air better than other models
  • Works well in larger rooms
  • Quiet operation
  • Sleep mode and automatic mode are avaialble
  • App integration for timer and other smart features


  • It may be too expensive for some Canadians
  • This model is getting a bit older

Who could benefit most from the Levoit Vital 100S Air Purifier? Check it out if you:

  • Have large, open spaces in your home
  • Need smaller spaces cleaned quickly
  • Prefer to time your purifier
  • Want to control the unit with an app
Vital 100S Air Purifier on the iPhone
Vital 100S Air Purifier on the iPhone. Credit: Levoit.

The Levoit Vital 100S Air Purifier is packed with features to make your life easier, including a timer, app integration, and app-driven voice controls. The automatic mode kicks on the moment it detects pollution, which saves your energy bill. It also uses a unique U-shaped intake to help suck in pet hair, further reducing allergens in your space.

Filter TypeH13 True HEPA, 3-Stage Filtration
Noise Level23 dB (sleep mode), 52 dB (highest speed)
Fan Speeds3
Room Size1,000 Sq Ft
Dimensions32.4 x 16.2 x 41 cm
Weight 4.2 kg
ControlsApp, Voice, Touch panel
Smart FeaturesAuto mode, sleep mode, app integration
Replacement Filter Cost$45
Filter Life6 to 8 Months


How does the Levoit Vital 100S air purifier perform? Here are some of our conclusions.

Filtration (4.5/5)

The three-stage filtration system used in this air purifier is effective. It uses a pre-filter to remove lint and pet hair. This pre-filter is washable, which is good – the unique U-shaped intake helps remove pet hair from the environment more effectively than other intake options. It works quickly and quietly in larger, open spaces for better air quality.

Vital 100S Air Purifier 3-Stage Filtration System
Vital 100S Air Purifier 3-Stage Filtration System. Credit: Levoit

Noise Level (4/5)

This air purifier includes a sleep mode, which naturally runs quieter than the three available fan speeds. In sleep mode, it runs at about 23 dB. At the highest speed, you can expect about 52 dB, which might be too loud for some users. However, this is to be expected when you consider the size of this machine.

Controls (5/5)

You can control this unit in multiple simple ways, from app integration with the VeSync app to voice controls. You can also use the touch panel at the top of the machine. It’s easy to see what each touch button does without looking it up. The app can help you set timers and control various aspects of your air purifier.

Vital 100S Air Purifier Controls
Vital 100S Air Purifier Controls. Credit: Levoit.

Room Size (4.5/5)

This air purifier can clean a maximum of 1,110 square feet without breaking a sweat, making it ideal for most room sizes in residential spaces. Of course, it’s going to be more efficient in smaller rooms. Still, you can use it in larger rooms to keep your air clean.

Feature-Rich Performance for Larger Spaces

Undoubtedly, the Levoit Vital 100s is one of the best air purifiers on the Canadian market. It offers a host of smart features, including app integration, automatic mode, and a timer. Even when clearing larger spaces, it works quietly. The special intake helps trap pet hair, which can be cleaned off the washable pre-filter to maintain your unit. It offers everything you could want in an air purifier.

Levoit Vital 100S Air Purifier Ratings
Levoit Vital 100S Air Purifier Ratings