If you can afford the best, why would you settle? The Rabbit Air A3 Air Purifier is one of the best residential options available on the Canadian market. This purifier boasts a ton of features to help make your home better for your family, but that comes at a cost.

The Rabbit Air A3 Air Purifier is a commercial machine made for residential use. It’s a wall-mountable air purifier that offers stunning performance and a range of high-end features. However, the price tag and the cost of replacement filters may be too much for some Canadians.


  • Extremely quiet for the size of the machine
  • Remarkably efficient for larger spaces
  • Customized filter types available
  • Commercial power in a residential machine


  • Expensive
  • Touch control icons are not intuitive

The Rabbit Air A3 Air Purifier is perfect if you:

  • Want more functionality from your air purifier
  • Prefer the option of different filter types
  • Need commercial power in a residential unit
  • Would like to air mount your air purifier

The Rabbit Air A3 Air Purifier comes with a host of features, including app integration, ionization, and wall mounting. You can also select custom filters to help rid your air of germs, pet allergens, and more. You can set timers, automatic mode, and more through the app or on the touch panel.

Filter TypeHEPA, 6-Stage Filtration
Noise Level20 dB (sleep mode), 51 dB (highest speed)
Fan Speeds3
Room Size1,070 Sq Ft
Dimensions21.34 x 48.01 x 50.05 cm
Weight 9.21 kg
ControlsApp, Remote, Touch panel
Smart FeaturesApp integration, automatic mode, custom filters
Replacement Filter Cost$170
Filter Life2 Years


Here’s how the robust Rabbit Air A3 air purifier performs in our most popular air purifier categories.

Filtration (5/5)

The Rabbit Air A3 uses a six-stage filtration method, which removes all types of airborne allergens, smoke, odours, VOCs, and more. This advance filtration is unlike anything else on the Canadian market. There are different types of replacement filters (including pet allergy, germ defense, toxin absorber, and odour remover). Each of these filters will cost about $170, but only need to be replaced every 2 years.

Noise Level (4/5)

Based on the size of this machine, you’d expect it to run loudly to work effectively. This simply isn’t the case. On sleep mode, it only runs at about 20 dB. This is remarkably quiet across machines of all sizes. On the highest mode, you can expect it to be about 51 dB. This is about the volume of a conversation.

Controls (4/5)

There are multiple ways to control this purifier, including the touch panel, app controls, and the included remote control. However, the touch panel icons are a bit difficult to decipher unless you consult the user manual. Otherwise, the multiple control scheme makes this a great option.

Room Size (4/5)

This air purifier is made for larger rooms. It works effectivelely in larger spaces. It can filter up to 1,070 square feet per hour, making it a great choice for those with open floor plans and larger rooms. It’s also great for larger offices, basements, and more.

Commercial Quality for Residential Spaces

The Rabbit Air A3 stands out to us for a few reasons. It offers an ionizer, which isn’t common in air purifiers in the present market. Further, it can be mounted on the wall. This is a remarkable option for those that need all the floor space they can get. At the same time, it’s remarkably simple to use and offers stunning, quiet performance in nearly all areas.

Rabbit Air A3 Ratings
Rabbit Air A3 Ratings