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Oh no! You overslept and are running late for work, trying to get your ducks in a row and scramble through your morning tasks. But when you go to get dressed, you find painfully noticeable wrinkles in your work clothes. Unfortunately, you don’t have time to toss them in the dryer with a few ice cubes or whip out your ironing board setup.

So, what now? Here’s where a clothes steamer comes in. These handy little gadgets are designed to heat quickly and produce steam that effectively eliminates wrinkles in various garments, ensuring you look your best at work. While they might leave your clothes slightly damp in areas where wrinkles ravage the fabric, they help you maintain a professional appearance.

But how do you select the best clothes steamer in Canada that matches your needs? This is where we come in. We’re well-versed in all types of home gadgets and have devoted countless hours to researching various products. Today, we turned our focus to the best clothes steamers in Canada to supply you with a comprehensive list of the best picks.

6 Best Clothes Steamers for Canadians in 2024

  • Best Overall: BEAUTURAL Handheld Steamer
  • Best Large Capacity for Handheld: Hilife Steamer for Clothes
  • Best Handheld Model: Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam Handheld Steamer
  • Best Budget Model: Bear Steamer for Clothes
  • Best Upright Model: Conair Garment Upright Steamer
  • Best for Travel: BEAUTURAL Foldable Handheld Steamer

Why Did We Choose These Clothes Steamers in Canada?

After completing meticulous research and careful deliberation, we found that certain clothes steamers excelled while others left a lot to be desired. We eliminated those that didn’t offer what we sought, leaving a hand-picked array of models. We chose each clothes steamer on this list for a reason. Each model exceeded our performance, capacity, and design expectations, earning a place on our list. The superlative varies based on the model, as each performed best in unique categories.

Here’s a quick peek into why each model made the cut.

The BEAUTURAL Handheld Steamer is first on our list, earning its place as our best overall pick for clothes steamers in Canada. It offers a well-rounded array of features, from various included attachments to an impressive water reservoir capacity. This model is a worthwhile consideration if you want something that blends value and features.

If you want a handheld steamer with a larger capacity, the Hilife Steamer for Clothes is a strong contender. This little steamer provides an impressive water capacity in a small package, holding up to 0.24 litres at a time. This ensures you’ll have plenty of steam for up to 15 minutes of steaming, making it a great choice for handling multiple garments.

Coming in next, we have the Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam Handheld Steamer. This little steamer features a compact, streamlined design, making it our best handheld pick. It doesn’t feature a clunky design or heavy water reservoir. Instead, everything is neatly and thoughtfully placed for ease of use.

The Bear Steamer for Clothes is a perfect fit for Canadians on a budget. This model boasts an affordable price and an impressive array of features contradicting the approachable cost. It features a compact design that is ideal for travel and quick heating capabilities to ensure you don’t waste any time. This model is a great choice if you want something affordable that packs a punch.

The Conair Garment Upright Steamer is our top pick for upright steamers. This model features everything you might expect in an upright steamer, from a handy cloth-enrobed hose for mobile steaming to a hanger and clips to hold the fabric taut as you work. If you steam a lot of clothing, this model is a worthwhile consideration.

If you need a compact clothes steamer you can take on the go, the BEAUTURAL Foldable Handheld Steamer is an excellent option. This steamer is collapsible and compact, easily fitting into smaller carry-on bags or backpacks. The cord is long enough to move around, and the reservoir holds enough water to steam one or two garments. If you need something to take with you when you travel, this model is our top recommendation.

Best Clothes Steamer in Canada: Quick Menu

Best Overall

BEAUTURAL Handheld Steamer

BEAUTURAL 1200-Watt Handheld Steamer for Clothes, 30-Second Heat-up, 8.79-Ounce Water Tank, Aqua

It's Great For:

The BEAUTURAL Handheld Steamer earned its place as our best overall pick for its features and solid price. It comes with various attachments to make multiple tasks easier, including a lint brush to whisk away pesky lint as you work.

A fabric brush helps brush visible dust from the fabric, restoring its looks. A crease clip enables you to maintain crisp, clean edges on various parts of your garments, including pleats and folds. A leak-proof design allows you to steam your clothes at any angle without worrying about spillage, even if you steam your garments horizontally.

The system heats up in just 30 seconds and is ready to go for up to 15  minutes of continuous steaming. An automatic safety feature prevents the steamer from remaining on while you’re not using it. It shuts the system down if it starts to overheat or has sat for eight minutes without activity.

The water reservoir holds up to 0.26 litres of water, allowing you to blaze through multiple garments before refilling the tank. It’s safe to use on various materials, including cotton, wool, silk, linen, and nylon, making it perfect for multiple items, such as wrinkled sofas, plush toys, clothes, and bedding.

Key Features

  • Leak-proof design. Featuring a closed-off design that prevents leaks, you can use this steamer however you like without fearing spillage.
  • Fast preheat. You only need to wait 30 seconds before this little steamer is powered up and hot enough to start steaming.
  • Attachments. Three attachments are handy tools to complete other tasks simultaneously, including lint-rolling and dusting.
  • Auto shut-off. An automatic shut-off feature eliminates the dangers of leaving the system on too long or it overheating, as it automatically shuts down after eight minutes of inactivity or if it begins to overheat.

Our Expert’s Take

“This handy little steamer exceeded our expectations on various fronts. Our researchers enjoyed the leak-proof design and quick-start heating capabilities.”

Best Large Capacity for Handheld

Hilife Steamer for Clothes

Hilife Steamer for Clothes, Clothes Steamer Steam Iron, Handheld Travel Clothing Steamer, 240ml Big Capacity, Wrinkles Remover, Mini Portable Garment Steamer for Home, Office and Travel

It's Great For:

The Hilife Steamer for Clothes is perfect for Canadians who need a handheld steamer with a larger capacity. While handheld steamers usually don’t offer a very large water capacity, this model can hold plenty of water for up to 15 minutes of steaming.

This steamer has a solid reservoir capable of holding up to 240 millilitres or 0.24 litres, allowing you to power through steaming larger items or numerous garments without stopping to refill it.

A lengthy 9.2-foot cord allows you to steam larger items, such as a tablecloth or bedsheet, without constantly stopping and adjusting the item. However, you’ll need to hang the garments or items for steaming, as you cannot tilt the steamer more than 45 degrees. If you do, you may spill water on your clothes or items.

A separate handle keeps your hand further away from the water reservoir and ensures you don’t burn yourself as you work. The power button is easily accessible on the handle, so you never need to touch the warmer parts of the steamer as you work.

Key Features

  • Larger reservoir. Designed to hold up to 240 ml or 0.24 litres of water, this steamer is plenty large enough to tackle more garments at a time.
  • Separate handle. Burns and scalds can be a concern with some handheld steamers, but not this one. It features a separate handle that keeps your hands further away from the hot water.
  • Lengthy cord. A 9.2-foot cord allows you to move around as you steam items, ensuring you don’t have to adjust as you work constantly.
  • Numerous fabrics. This steamer is safe to use on various materials, including linen, chiffon, nylon, cotton, and silk. If you have multiple fabrics to steam, this is a great choice.

Our Expert’s Take

“If you regularly steam several garments at a time, this option is a great choice. You can use it multiple times without refilling the reservoir.”

Best Handheld

Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam Handheld Steamer

Conair GS38NXC Turbo ExtremeSteam Handheld Fabric Steamer

It's Great For:

The Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam Handheld Steamer is a compact model that is perfect for Canadians who want a small handheld steamer. It features a streamlined, compact design for convenient use and storage in small spaces.

Three attachments allow you to adjust to the item you’re steaming. A silicone band attachment pulls the fabric taut for smoother steaming, and a bristle brush loosens the fabric fibres for a more effective result. A delicate fabric spacer provides much-needed space between the end of the steamer and delicate fabrics like lace, silk, or satin.

A built-in creaser ensures you keep sharp, crisp edges on your garments, creating near pleats and folds as you steam those areas with the creaser. One-touch steam activation makes starting your project quick and easy,  and multiple steam positions adjust to the project you’re working on.

It’s safe for use on various fabrics, including cotton, wool, nylon, silk, and chiffon. It heats up in just 40 seconds, sending you on your way in no time. A 7.2-ounce or 0.21-litre water reservoir holds plenty of water for continuous steaming.

Key Features

  • Compact design. A streamlined design makes this steamer easy to use and comfortable to hold. You can move it wherever you need it without worrying about fatigue.
  • Multiple attachments. Three included attachments allow you to adjust based on the fabric you’re working with. These attachments are invaluable.
  • Creaser. A built-in creaser helps keep crisp folds and pleats by holding them flat as you steam the area. If you need pleats and other creases, this is the option for you.
  • Quick heating. This little steamer heats up in just 40 seconds, ensuring you don’t have to wait long before using it. You can make your clothes fresh and straight in no time.

Our Expert’s Take

“Some handheld steamers can be clunky and uncomfortable to hold, but this model features a user-friendly design.”

Best Budget Model

Bear Steamer for Clothes

Bear Steamer for Clothes, Handheld Clothes Steamer,1300W Strong Power Garment Steamer with 230ml Tank,Fast Heat-up, Auto-Off, Steam Iron Fabric Wrinkle Remover with Brush for Home and Travel (120ml)

It's Great For:

The Bear Steamer for Clothes comes in a compact package and at a nearly unbeatable price. Its minimalist design ensures it doesn’t waste excess space in your luggage or carry-on. It’s lightweight, making it easier to manage as you steam various garments.

In addition, it’s priced competitively, making it an excellent choice for Canadians on a budget. If you decide you don’t like it after using it for a few days, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchasing the product. The brand offers 3-year after-sale support and 24-hour customer service, ensuring you have the help you need when you need it.

Despite the affordable price, this handy steamer comes with an impressive array of features. Firstly, it has plenty of power to generate steam in just ten seconds, ensuring you don’t have to wait long before you start steaming. This is particularly useful on busy, chaotic days.

The handle has a 20-degree tilt, making it more ergonomic and easy to hold. The 360-degree anti-spill design allows you to use the device however you like, whether you want to steam clothes on a hanger or countertop.

A 6-foot power cord provides plenty of leeway to move around as you work, and an attached fabric brush helps dislodge dust stuck deep within the fabric.

Key Features

  • Budget-friendly. If you’re working with a limited budget, this model is a great choice due to its affordable price.
  • Compact. The lightweight, compact design of this steamer makes it perfect for travelling or Canadians who are constantly on the go.
  • Fabric brush. An attached fabric brush helps loosen and remove dust lodged deep within the fibres.
  • Warranty. A 30-day return policy allows you to return the item for a full refund if you decide it doesn’t match your needs.

Our Expert’s Take

“Budget restrictions can limit the options available to you, but this steamer is a great choice regardless of your budget. The ergonomic design and 360-degree spill-proof setup elevate this steamer.”

Best Upright Model

Conair Garment Upright Steamer

Conair GS28NXC Garment Upright Steamer with Microban

It's Great For:

The Conair Garment Upright Steamer is our top pick for upright models. This model mimics a more professional steamer, providing a convenient place to hang garments and items on hanger clips at the top of the setup. Clips at the bottom of the steamer help secure pant legs and the bottom of other items to keep the fabric taut while steaming.

It heats up in just 45 seconds, quickly providing the steam you need to eliminate wrinkles from all sorts of items. It’s safe for use on various fabrics, from cotton to silk.

A mobile cloth-covered hose and collapsible telescoping rod allow you to clean things like curtains, mattresses, and other large items. The nozzle mounts in place on the top of the steamer when you’re not using it.

The cool-touch nozzle and large steam head keep your hands safe while steaming and allow you to cover more fabric in a short manner. The water tank is large enough to hold plenty of water for up to 90 minutes of continuous steaming. It’s easy to fill and clean, as it’s conveniently located at the base of the setup.

1500 watts of power deliver impressive heating capabilities to tackle more than just wrinkle-fighting benefits. You can also use it to kill dust mites and bed bugs, making it an excellent all-around pick.

Key Features

  • Hanger. A hanger with clips at the top of the steamer provides a convenient place to secure items while you work, and clips at the bottom hold the fabric taut.
  • Adjustable height. A telescopic pole allows you to adjust the height of the steamer setup based on the item you’re working with.
  • 5-foot hose. A cloth-wrapped hose provides a convenient route to tackling larger items, like bedsheets, curtains, and more. While small steamers can get the job done, this option makes it so much easier.
  • Large capacity. The reservoir holds enough water to steam many garments in one sitting. You can get up to 90 minutes of continuous steaming with a full reservoir.

Our Expert’s Take

“If you frequently steam clothes or want a high-heat at-home alternative to dry cleaning, this model is a worthwhile consideration.”

Best for Travel

BEAUTURAL Foldable Handheld Steamer

BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes, Foldable Handheld Clothing Wrinkles Remover for Garments, 30-Second Fast Heat-up, Portable Fabric Steamer for 120V Countries, Not for Use in 220V Such as Europe

It's Great For:

The BEAUTURAL Foldable Handheld Clothing Steamer is ideal for Canadians on the go. This handy little device is small enough to carry with you in your backpack or luggage while travelling. It features a compact design that you can take apart when you travel. An included storage bag makes it perfect for busy people.

 The leak-proof design means you can steam your clothes however you want to, from hanging them up to laying them on a table or countertop. It’s safe to use on various fabric types, so you can use it to eliminate wrinkles in everything from furniture to curtains to clothing.

The handle is entirely separate from the water reservoir and heating element, as it detaches for storage. This translates to a safer experience, as your hands are further away from the water and have a lower chance of accidental burns.

The steamer heats up in just 30 seconds, so you won’t have to wait long to steam your clothes on busy days. The water reservoir holds up to 150 millilitres or 0.15 litres, which matches the compact nature of this steamer. While you won’t be able to get through your entire wardrobe, you can steam a couple of garments before needing to refill the tank.

When you need to refill the tank, you can easily detach it. There’s no need to pour water into a tiny fill valve carefully – instead, you can take the whole thing off for quick and easy refilling.

An 8-foot power cord provides plenty of leeway for tackling larger items, including bedsheets and curtains. The steam button provides continuous steaming as long as you hold it down. A thermostatic ceramic plate at the front of the steamer helps create an even better finish, mimicking the fresh-pressed appearance an iron provides.

Key Features

  • Compact. The detachable handle and compact design of this clothes steamer make it ideal for travelling. You can take it with you in your luggage without sacrificing important space.
  • Detachable water tank. The water tank easily detaches from the back of the steamer for quick and easy refills. You won’t have to take the whole unit with you to fill it up.
  • Long cord. An 8-foot cord provides ample length to steam larger items, including bedsheets and curtains. This is great for hotel rooms and other lodgings where electrical outlets are scarce.
  • Thermostatic ceramic plate. A unique plate at the front of the iron provides neater, freshly-pressed appearances that mimic an iron’s handiwork.

Our Expert’s Take

“This foldable clothes steamer is perfect for Canadians who travel frequently. Notable features include the collapsible, compact design and clean finish from the thermostatic ceramic plate.”

Comparing the Best Clothes Steamers for Canadians

CategorySteamerDimensionsHeat TimeCapacityWattage
Best OverallBEAUTURAL Handheld Steamer15.2 x 10.9 x 27.2 centimetres30 seconds0.26 litres1200
Best Large Capacity for HandheldHilife Steamer for Clothes17.3 x 14 x 17.8 centimetresN/A240 ml or 0.24 litres700
Best HandheldConair Turbo ExtremeSteam Handheld Steamer23.5 x 15.9 x 34.4 centimetres40 seconds0.21 litres1875
Best Budget ModelBear Steamer for Clothes21.1 x 15 x 7.6 centimetres10 seconds120 ml or 0.12 litres1000
Best Upright ModelConair Garment Upright Steamer77.8 x 79.7 x 107.7 centimetres45 secondsN/A1500
Best for TravelBEAUTURAL Foldable Handheld SteamerN/A30 seconds150 ml or 0.15 litres1000

How We Selected These Clothes Steamers in Canada

Shopping for home items, like clothes steamers, can be daunting. With hundreds of options to choose from, each with different features, prices, and brands, you might feel overwhelmed before you even start looking.

So, how should you choose the best steamer in Canada? Cue the dramatic entry. Enter us. We’re devoted to helping consumers like you find the best home products to ensure you don’t have to spend countless hours researching dozens of products to find the right one for your home.

To supply you with the best products in Canada, we kick off the initial search with a roundup that gathers information about the best, most highly-rated models in a particular category. Once we collect a group of products, we start weeding out the sub-par options through extensive research and careful deliberation.

Lastly, we compile a helpful list to review our top picks, why we chose them, and handy tips to help you select the best fit for your home. As we delve into the research for each product, we start with a few key factors in mind. For this comprehensive clothes steamers guide, we looked for the following factors:

  • Settings: The best clothes steamers have a couple of settings to accommodate various fabric types or can accommodate those materials with a single setting. We looked for models that accommodate numerous fabrics, from delicate to stiff materials.
  • Heat time: Wasting minutes waiting for a steamer to heat can be the difference between being on time and late, so we looked for a few models with rapid heat-up times to ensure you don’t need to dally waiting for the steamer to heat.
  • Portability: Some Canadians are constantly on the go, travelling from place to place for business and pleasure. We tossed in a few highly-rated travel-friendly models to ensure you can take your steamer with you.
  • Price: Like many products, steamers are available at various price points. We gathered models that span the price range to ensure there’s something for everyone.

What to Consider in a Clothes Steamer in Canada

Factors to Consider When Shopping For a Clothes Steamer in Canada

There are a few things you should keep in mind while shopping for a new clothes steamer in Canada. These factors can improve your experience, especially if you are new to clothes steaming. We looked at common factor like setting options, heat time, and reservoir capacity to create our list, but that isn’t all. These factors (and the options we are looking at below) help you select the best clothes steamer in Canada for your needs.


Like irons, many steamers have multiple settings. Each setting is tailored to different fabrics, ensuring you can safely steam various clothing items in your closet.

Some fabrics demand less amounts of steam and lower heat settings, as too much of either can damage them. On the flip side, other fabrics are tougher and require higher heat settings and more steam to get the job done.

While this might not be important with clothes made of the same fabric, such as cotton or wool, many Canadians have blended closets featuring various materials. So, to ensure you can safely steam every piece of clothing in your closet, look for a steamer with multiple settings.

Alternatively, look for a model designed to handle all sorts of fabrics. Some models are designed with a specific heat setting that can safely steam almost any fabric, so they work for nearly any application. However, we recommend confirming the garments you want to steam can be steamed and the material is compatible with the steamer you want to purchase.

Heating Time

Pay attention to the amount of time each steamer takes to heat. While a few extra minutes to heat won’t make or break you on a non-busy day, they can be the difference between arriving on time and late on chaotic days.

So, consider the time it takes for each steamer to heat. Some steamers take mere seconds to heat up and are ready to go within less than a minute. Others take a couple of minutes to wind up and start producing steam.

If you want something that’ll let you get going faster, consider a portable steamer, as these models tend to have the quickest heating times.


Consider the attachments that come with the steamer. Some models have various attachments and accessories designed to complete different tasks, whereas others only have the basics. If you have delicate clothing that requires a gentle approach, ensure the steamer has a setting or attachment to accommodate it.

While you don’t need an excessive collection of steamer attachments and accessories to get the job done, they’re a handy resource when dealing with certain garments and fabrics. 

Keep in mind that larger, more popular brands will have accessories available to purchase separately. To avoid spending too much money on accessories after the fact, you should make sure to evaluate which attachments you’ll use most. Choose a steamer that comes with these attachments out of the box to avoid spending more time and money waiting for additional attachments to arrive.


The capacity of your clothes steamer is another essential consideration. Each steamer has a water reservoir to hold water for steam production, and the sizes of these reservoirs vary based on your chosen option.

If you only steam one or two garments every now and again, a steamer with a smaller capacity, like a portable steamer, might be perfectly sufficient for your needs. However, if you frequently steam large numbers of garments, you may want to consider a model with a larger reservoir. This will save you time from not having to constantly refill the reservoir and wait for it to heat up again.

Since heating water from the reservoir may take an extended period of time (depending on how cold it is when you fill the reservoir), it’s less than ideal to purchase a smaller steamer when you need it for larger jobs. Capacity is just one of the factors to consider before buying a clothes steamer, but it can be one of the most important.


A portable clothes steamer is an excellent resource if you travel frequently for business. Not all hotels have clothes steamers, and after hours in your luggage, your garments may need a refresh. If you have a portable steamer, you can give them a quick once-over and make them look as good as new.

Portable models are usually smaller than other options, featuring collapsible designs and small water reservoirs to ensure they fit in your luggage. If you want a steamer for on-the-go, consider a portable model. 

Before placing your portable clothes steamer into your luggage, consider the guidelines of the airline where you’ll be traveling. The airline might have rules against appliances like clothes steamers in your luggage. If they are allowed, make sure that you empty the water reservoir beforehand. Allowing a few days for the reservoir to completely dry out can save you a major headache when you open your suitcase up at your hotel.


Your budget is a pivotal factor when shopping for a steamer. Clothes steamers come at varying price points and can accommodate nearly any budget. However, setting a budget before you start shopping is a good idea.

By outlining the amount you’re willing to spend, you can eliminate options out of your price range and focus on models that match your budget and needs. There are always a few options at every price point that offer condensed or scaled-back features for those who need a more basic option. Consider how you plan on using your clothes steamer before you make a purchase, as it might be worth it to purchase a higher-end model to use more extensively later on.

Additional Features

Not all clothes steamers are created equally. Some of them feature more advanced features that make using them that much easier. For example, some clothes steamers have just a few different options for different common fabric types. To get the most out of your steamer, you should choose an option that has as many heat settings as possible. You may decide to purchase a different fabric later on, and choosing a more restrictive steamer can impact your ability to care for different garments.

Safety and power controls are a huge feature to consider when it comes to a clothes steamer, too. While the most basic and inexpensive models turn on when plugged in and switch off when unplugged, this might not work if you plan on steaming multiple garments or spreading the garments out properly between steaming sessions. If you plan on larger steaming sessions, an on/off button, stability features, and automatic off features are great things to look for. 

How will you store your clothes steamer when you aren’t using it? While it may not seem like the first thing you should think about, storage does impact how well you can use your steamer. For best results, look for options that include heatproof storage bags. If you plan on traveling with a handheld steamer, a travel bag and collapsible handle will make packing so much easier.

This is far from an extensive list of additional features for each type of clothes steamer. Whichever model you choose, make sure to consider how it will be used and how you plan on storing it, transporting it, and how it will work during use. All of these features are extremely important when you are purchasing a clothes steamer.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have delicate or fancy clothes that are prone to wrinkles, a steamer is a handy tool to have in your arsenal. They can effectively remove wrinkles from almost any fabric, regardless of type. They’re particularly helpful for Canadians who regularly travel for business, as they’re easy to take with you and can create a professional, crisp finish without help from an iron.

Whether you have a fancy event to attend or need to steam business clothes while travelling, great portable steamers are available on the Canadian market. The BEAUTURAL Foldable Handheld Clothing Steamer is a great option for those wanting to take their steamer on the go and is budget-friendly as well. This folding steamer can easily be used in hotel rooms and will save you money compared to sending out clothes to dry cleaners.

Steamers and irons are commonly placed in a head-to-head battle, but the truth is that they each have unique merits. Irons are ideal for removing wrinkles from thicker fabrics like denim or wool and require the use of an ironing board during use. Steamers, however, work well on more delicate fabrics, like silk or satin and can be done in any room while travelling and don’t need a board to use.

Certain fabrics aren’t suitable for steaming, as using these gadgets on the material can damage it beyond repair. For example, waxed jackets, suede, and other materials featuring meltable parts shouldn’t be steamed. The heat can melt parts of the garment and ruin it. Always check the label if you are unsure whether you can steam a particular garment.

Taking good care of a steamer will help extend its life and ensure that you can use it for years to come. There are not many parts of a clothes steamer that need maintenance, but you should always make sure that the cord is in good condition, the outside is wiped down, and it is stored in a dry and cool area. The water reservoir should always be fully dried, without any moisture inside, when not in use.

The cost of a clothes steamer depends entirely on the model you choose. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $100 or more for a clothes steamer. The price hinges on various factors, including the type, size, and features. You can find excellent models at any price point, so don’t think you need to spend a ton of money to buy a great-quality steamer.