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Whether you are seeking a fancy dinnerware set for dinner parties or holidays or looking for a basic dish set the whole family can enjoy, Canada has a host of options available on the market. Between solid colours, patterns and fancier designs, no matter what you are looking for, there are sure to be endless choices. If you are overwhelmed by the options and need some guidance on the best of the best, this review is for you. 

Our team of researchers looked at all of the best dinnerware sets and compared features like size, cost, material and colours in order to make sure we are only recommending the best sets. After expert analysis and countless hours, we were able to narrow down the options. Let’s take a look at our picks for the best dinnerware sets in Canada for 2024.

Top 8 Best Dinnerware Sets for Canadians in 2024

  • Best Overall: Stone Lain Coupe Dinnerware Set
  • Best Budget-Friendly: Corelle 18-Piece Dinnerware Set for 6
  • Best Modern Design: Amazon Basics 18-Piece Square Dinnerware Set
  • Best Classic Set: Gibson Home Oslo Porcelain Dinnerware Set
  • Best Ornate: Corelle Portofino Round Dinnerware Set
  • Best for Gifting: Corelle Vitrelle 18-Piece Dinnerware Set
  • Best Elegant Set: Pfaltzgraff Chateau Cream 16-Piece Stoneware Dinner Set
  • Best Colour Options: Gibson Home Rockaway Round Dinnerware Set

Why Did We Choose These Dinnerware Sets in Canada?

We have chosen the above dinnerware sets because they are made with high-quality material, provide pleasing aesthetics, and are safe to use with electronic kitchen appliances, among other features. So if you want the best dinnerware set, you’ve come to the right place. Each product on this list passes all our quality metrics. So, be assured you’re getting the best value for your hard-earned money.

With tons of great features like durability, affordability and a range of colours, the Stone Lain Coupe Dinnerware Set is our favourite set in Canada. This dinnerware set is made of stoneware and has a great matte finish and unique dish design.

Corelle 18-piece Dinnerware Set for 6 is our best budget-friendly set in Canada due to its durable, lightweight and easy-to-clean nature. This set comes in a wide range of options to choose from in great neutral tones, ensuring that there’s a set to match your existing décor and theme.

Canadians seeking a unique and modern dinnerware set should consider the Amazon Basics 18-Piece Square Dinnerware Set. As our favourite modern design in Canada, this dinnerware set has an unusual shape and a stark black and white design that will impress dinner guests.

The Gibson Home Oslo Porcelain Dinnerware Set is our choice for the best classic dinnerware set in Canada. With a pure white finish and a simple round design, these classic dishes will look perfect on any dinner table. 

Those who love more decorative dishes will love the Corelle Portofino Round Dinnerware Set. This set is our favourite ornate dinnerware set in Canada, with its beautiful blue pattern that is featured throughout the plates and bowls and is incredibly durable and high quality. 

Canadians who are looking to buy a dinnerware set as a gift should consider the Corelle Vitrelle 18-Piece Dinnerware Set. It comes in multiple different classic patterns, and the low price point makes it great for gift-giving.

Those who love a regal dinnerware set will enjoy the Pfaltzgraff Chateau Cream 16-Piece Stoneware Dinner Set. This off-white dinnerware set has scalloped edges and a textured design that is ideally suited for hosting fancy events or everyday use where you want to feel elegant. 

For Canadians seeking a dinnerware set with multiple great colour options, consider the Gibson Home Rockaway Round Dinnerware Set. This set is perfect for those wanting a classic and simple dinnerware that is durable, all while bringing a pop of colour into the kitchen. 

Best Dinnerware Set in Canada: Quick Menu

Best Overall

Stone Lain Coupe Dinnerware Set

Stone Lain Coupe Dinnerware Set, Service for 4, Black Matte, Matte Black

It's Great For:

Our pick for the best dinnerware set in Canada is the Stone Lain Coupe Dinnerware Set. This set is perfect for anyone who loves the rustic but elegant look of stoneware. The set contains 16 pieces and can serve four people. The dinnerware set includes four 10” dinner plates, four 7.5” salad plates, four 5.75” bowls and four 12-ounce mugs.

These dishes are made of stoneware, which has an earthy, organic look. They have a matte finish and come in Matte Black, Grey Matte, Matte Brown, Pink, Blue/Black, and Red/Black. The expansive colour options are great for those wanting a pop of colour in their kitchen. The plates in this dinnerware set have a unique and trendy shape, with a raised lip on the plates and slightly squared-off handles on the mugs. 

The material is high-quality stoneware, which is naturally resistant to chips and scratches from utensils. They are incredibly durable and are safe to use in the dishwasher or microwave without any concern. 

The Stone Lain Coupe Dinner Set is a great option for those giving wedding or housewarming gifts and is meant to last throughout the years. Whether you are seeking to entrain guests or have a durable dish set that is family-friendly and low-cost, this dinnerware set will appeal to most Canadians.

Key Features

  • Trendy Design. This dinnerware set is hip and trendy looking and could easily be found in an upscale restaurant. With a lip to the plates and squared handles on the mugs, this set is modern and fresh-looking.
  • Multiple Colours. Available in six different colours, the Stone Lain Coupe Dinnerware set will easily match your kitchen decor. 
  • Budget-Friendly. Coming in at a lower price point than most other dinnerware sets you can find, this is a great choice for those on a budget. 
  • Durable for Daily Use. While this dinnerware set is great for entertaining guests, it is also durable enough to be used on a daily basis and can be put in the dishwasher and microwave.

Our Expert’s Take

“Both durable and fashionable, the unique design and multiple colours of this dinnerware set will give your kitchen a pop of colour. ”

Best Budget Friendly

Corelle 18-Piece Dinnerware Set for 6

Corelle 18 Piece Dinnerware Sets for 6 | Dinner Plate, Appetizer Plate, and Soup or Cereal Bowl Set | Triple Layer Plates and Bowls are Highly Chip and Crack Resistant | Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

It's Great For:

If you’re looking for a dinnerware set that will add value to your dining table without drilling a hole in your pocket, the Corelle 18-piece Dinnerware Set for 6 is the best choice. The set includes six dinner plates, six appetizer or snack plates, and six soup or cereal bowls. 

The set is made with strong, triple-layer glass. As a result, it is resistant to chips, cracks, and marks from other utensils. It is also lightweight and easy to handle. So forget about dropping it when transferring it to the dishwasher, cupboard, or dining table.

It is worth mentioning that the dinnerware set is also non-porous and ultra-hygienic, making it easy to clean while preventing odours from sticking to the plates. Are you worried about storage? Don’t fret. This set stacks up perfectly and takes less storage than other neighbouring dishes.

For easy maintenance, the plates are dishwasher-safe, saving you the time and energy you would use to clean them by hand. The set is made to withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You can conveniently place your leftovers in the oven or microwave without compromising the safety of your home. However, don’t add cold liquid to an already hot item. Sudden temperature changes may cause the product to break. And of course, don’t handle the plates with bare hands if they are hot. Instead, use a piece of cloth or oven mitt to avoid burns.

Want a set that matches perfectly with your home’s existing theme and decor? This dinnerware set comes in various colours and styles. They will perfectly blend in with the existing decor and provide better aesthetics. We recommend layering with colours and patterns from your favourite pieces to add elegance and style to your dining table.

Overall, the Corelle 18-Piece Dinnerware Set for 6 is reliable and perfect for both special occasions and everyday use. If you’re familiar with the Corelle brand, you know that their products are chip- and mark-resistant, and most importantly, durable. So we highly recommend this dinnerware set for large families looking for something durable, functional, and good-looking.

Key Features

  • High Durability. Made of high-quality, triple-layer glass, this dinnerware set is chip and crack-resistant. If you want a daily use set that will continue to hold up over time, this set is perfect for you.
  • Multiple Neutral Designs. This Corelle 18 Piece Dinnerware Set comes in multiple different white collections, with options for unique edging and designs on them. 
  • Large Family Friendly. While many other dinnerware sets only come for a place setting of four, this set includes six place settings, a great choice for larger families.
  • Durable for Daily Use. Both microwave and dishwasher safe, this dish set can be used on a regular basis without special care instructions.

Our Expert’s Take

“This large dinnerware set is incredibly budget-friendly while still retaining superior quality and multiple pattern options.”

Best Modern Design

Amazon Basics 18-Piece Square Dinnerware Set

Amazon Basics 18-Piece Square Dinnerware Set, Dishes, Bowls, Service for 6, Modern Beams

It's Great For:

Looking for a sleek and modern dinnerware set that will stand out when entertaining guests? This Amazon Basics 18-Piece Square Dinnerware Set is a unique option for those seeking an inexpensive set that will work great for all occasions. 

The Amazon Basics 18-Piece Square Dinnerware Set includes a total of 18 pieces and has place settings for 6. Each set includes six 10.5” dinner plates, six 7.5” salad plates and six 6.7” bowls. Unlike some other sets, this Amazon set does not include mugs, which may be a consideration for some. 

The Amazon Basics 18-Piece Square Dinnerware Set has a sleek design that will look great in any modern kitchen. The dishes are bright white, with black beams, or stripes that are nicely arranged on the dishes. The dinnerware set is slightly squared off with some rounded edges, making it look artsy and creative, sure to impress dinner guests.

The set is safe for the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave. Made of thick and durable porcelain, this set will not easily crack or chip. The plates can withstand temperatures up to 572 degrees without being damaged. 

Canadians who are looking for an inexpensive but high-quality dinnerware set that is perfect for entertaining and everyday family use will love this set. The Amazon Basics 18-Piece Squared Dinnerware Set will appeal to anyone with a modern aesthetic preference.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Materials. Made of durable and thick porcelain, this set can be placed in the freezer, dishwasher and microwave.
  • Modern Design. The white and black design with abstract lines is great for anyone who loves modern art. It’s a beautiful design that carries across every piece of the set.
  • Budget-Friendly. This 18-piece dinnerware set is low-cost and perfect for budget-conscious Canadians. It’s a great choice for families who need a cheaper set for daily use.
  • Multiple Uses. This dinnerware set works wonderfully for entertaining guests at dinner parties or holiday gatherings, as well as for everyday use.

Our Expert’s Take

“This modern black and white square dinnerware set is perfect for those looking for a sleek set that will impress dinner guests.”

Best Classic Set

Gibson Home Oslo Porcelain Dinnerware Set

Gibson Home Oslo Porcelain Dinnerware Set, Service for 4 (16pcs), White

It's Great For:

Our top choice for the best classic dinnerware set in Canada is the Gibson Home Oslo Porcelain Ogalla Dinnerware Set. This excellent dinnerware set includes 16 pieces and has pace settings for four. The set includes four 10.5” dinner plates, four 8” dessert plates, four 7.75” soup bowls and four 6” cereal bowls. This set does not include any drinkware.

This dinnerware set comes in white, which will complement most all Canadian kitchens and dining room areas. They are round in shape, which makes them look more elegant and classic compared to square dishes, and they look great when hosting gatherings. The Gibson Home Oslo Porcelain Dinnerware Set features a slight lip around the edge, keeping food nicely settled in the dishes and making plating nice dinners easy. 

These dishes are made from porcelain, which is long-lasting and incredibly durable. For those who hope to own their dinnerware sets for an extended period of time, this is a good option. Ensuing even longer life, the Gibson Home Oslo Porcelain Dinnerware Set  can be used in the freezer, microwave, and even dishwasher safely, without the risk of breakage or damage. 

This dinnerware set is perfect for those who want a touch of elegance to their dining table but don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune. With a classic and contemporary look, it will fit in with most existing kitchen decor.

Key Features

  • Classic Design. This all-white and contemporary-designed dinnerware set is perfect for all kitchens and will look great on any table setting.
  • Budget-Friendly. These dishes look more expensive than they are, and they are a wonderful value for your money. Canadians on any budget can appreciate the classy design.
  • Multi-Purpose Use. There’s no need to buy separate dinnerware sets for special occasions and every day use. This set works for the fanciest entertainment parties and use throughout your days.
  • Durable Quality. This Gibson Hone Oslo Porcelain Dinnerware Set is okay to use in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer.

Our Expert’s Take

“This dinnerware set is ideal for any Canadian who wants an elegant and classic all-white dinner set that is incredibly budget-friendly.”

Best Ornate

Corelle Portofino Round Dinnerware Set

Corelle Portofino Round Dinnerware Set for 6 | Service for 6, 18 Piece Set | Easy-to-Clean Plates and Bowls | Proudly Made in The USA | Triple Layer Strong Glass is Resistant to Chips and Cracks

It's Great For:

The Corelle Portofino Round Dinnerware Set is our choice for the best ornate dinnerware sets you can buy in Canada. For those who like bright and bold prints, these dishes have a bright personality that will match your own. This set comes in a beautiful blue pattern that will look great in many kitchens. For Canadians who aren’t sure about each piece having such a busy print, we recommend selecting a simple plain coloured dish set that you can mix and match, allowing countless combinations of colour and pattern. 

This dinnerware set includes 18 pieces and can accommodate a place setting of six, which is much larger than many others on the market. The set has six 10.245” dinner plates, six 6.75” appetizer plates and six 16-ounce soup bowls.

Looking at the Corelle Portofino Round Dinnerware Set and its ornate and lovely design, you might think that the dishes are too fragile to use on a regular basis, but they are durable and strong. Made from triple-layered tempered glass, this dinnerware set resists chips, breaks and cracks and can be used as your daily dishes if desired. 

Making this elegant dinnerware set even more appealing is the fact that you can place it in the freezer or even microwave without issue. Unlike some other dishes with patterns, you can also clean them in the dishwasher without worrying about the print fading over time.

Key Features

  • Ornate Pattern. This lovely blue pattern is ornate and decorative, perfect for anyone wanting to make a statement with their dishes.
  • Three-Layer Glass. Made of triple-layered tempered glass, this dinnerware set is highly resistant to chips, cracks and scratches.
  • Durable for Everyday Use. Safe for use in the freezer, dishwasher and microwave, this set isn’t just for entraining and is great for everyday use as well.
  • Large Dish Set. The Corelle Portofino Round Dinnerware Set comes with 18 pieces, more than the average dinnerware set in Canada.

Our Expert’s Take

“This dinnerware set is perfect for Canadians who want their table settings to make a bold statement. The ornate pattern is beautiful and looks great in most kitchens.”

Best for Gifting

Corelle Vitrelle 18-Piece Dinnerware Set

Corelle Vitrelle 18-Piece Service for 6 Dinnerware Set, Triple Layer Glass and Chip Resistant, Lightweight Square Plates and Bowls Set, Splendor

It's Great For:

The Corelle 18-Piece Service for 6 Dinnerware Set is one of the best dinnerware sets in Canada. This dinnerware set has earned itself a place on the list of best dinnerware sets in Canada for good reason. For one, it is perfect for those bored with the regular plain, white, circular plates and are looking for a bit of colour for their table. It is also ideal for those who have a small space and are looking for something that stacks up perfectly with each other. This set takes less space than other dishes on the market because they compactly stack on top of each other.

The dinnerware set contains six 10.75-inch dinner plates, six 6.75-inch salad or appetizer plates, and an additional six 18-ounce soup or cereal bowls. They are lightweight, making them very easy to handle and move around. They might look fragile from afar, but they are surprisingly solid. Plus, they won’t chip or get cracks easily, so you’re assured of long-lasting, flawless beauty.

The unique and beautiful patterns on this dinnerware set make it stand out from the crowd. Even better, these long-lasting patterns won’t fade or wear off when you clean the dinnerware. The collection will undoubtedly blend in with any theme and decor because of the white tone that dominates the entire plate. We suggest you layer them with some of your favourite dinnerware pieces or decor items for added interest.

Considering that this dinnerware set is unique with beautiful designs and patterns, it’s an excellent option for those who want to present it as a gift to their family and friends.

It turns out that this dinnerware set is low maintenance too. Firstly, the surface is non-porous and ultra-hygienic, making it super easy to clean. It is also dishwasher-safe, so you can load your dinnerware and wait for the sparkling results. The dinnerware set is safe for use with the microwave. Many buyers say this set is durable, lightweight, easy to clean, perfect for gifting to others, and provides excellent value. 

Key Features

  • Easy to Clean. This non-porous glass dinnerware is easy to clean and won’t stain, so it will continue to look great year after year.
  • Durable Materials. The Corelle Vitrelle Dinnerware Set can be used in the dishwasher, freezer and microwave and is resistant to chips and cracks. 
  • Multiple Patterns. With multiple beautiful patterns, you can choose the right colour and look to match your kitchen. The spread of options offers something for everyone.
  • Six Place Settings. With a total of 18 pieces, you won’t need to buy two separate sets to accommodate a large family. There are enough plates, bowls, and salad plates for everyone.

Our Expert’s Take

“This dinnerware set was perfect for giving as wedding and housewarming gifts, and the large sets and multiple designs made choosing it easy.”

Best Elegant Set

Pfaltzgraff Chateau Cream 16-Piece Stoneware Dinner Set

Pfaltzgraff 5143149 Chateau Cream 16-Piece Stoneware Dinnerware Set Service for 4 Off White

It's Great For:

The Pfaltzgraff Chateau Cream 16-Piece Stoneware Dinner Set is a lovely set that looks right at home on a table for tea parties or fancier dinners. This dinnerware set is our choice for the best elegant dinnerware set in Canada.

This 16-piece dinnerware set includes 16 pieces and has everything you need for four people. This includes four 11” dinner plates, four 8” salad plates, four 6” soup bowls and four 12-ounce mugs. For small families, this set has adequate place settings, but those wanting to have larger parties will need to buy more than one set.

This off-white dinnerware set has scalloped edges on the plates, and all pieces are textured throughout with hints of red speckled occasionally. This set is definitely more formal than most sets on the market, but it can absolutely be used as everyday dishes as well. 

The Pfaltzgraff Chateau Cream 16-Piece Stoneware Dinner Set has a moderately low price point, making it accessible to the majority of Canadians. Despite its elegant look, this dinnerware set is incredibly durable. Made from strong stoneware, this set is safe to use in the microwave, freezer, and even the dishwasher. 

Overall, this set is a great choice for anyone wanting an elegant dinnerware set for entertaining or just everyday use. They are easy to clean, come in a great neutral colour and are chip and crack-resistant.

Key Features

  • Elegant Design. This off-white dinnerware set has flecks of red for a slight pop of colour without detracting from its elegance.
  • Great for Entertaining. These dishes are formal enough that they are perfect for dinner or tea parties, formal birthdays or holidays.
  • Scalloped Edges. The plates have a unique scallop edge to them, making them stand out from other round dinnerware sets. This lends them a classic, timeless design that looks great in any kitchen.
  • Easy to Clean. Despite their delicate look, these sturdy dishes can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Our Expert’s Take

“This dinnerware set is perfect for any Canadian who wants to entertain at home, with its off-white and textured construction that is elegant and formal looking.”

Best Colour Options

Gibson Home Rockaway Round Dinnerware Set

Gibson Home Rockaway Round Stoneware Dinnerware Set, Service for 4 (16pcs), Black/Gold Rim

It's Great For:

The Gibson Home Rockaway Round Dinnerware Set is perfect for Canadians who want a pop of colour in the kitchen. This is our favourite dinnerware set for the best colour options in Canada. The set is durable and well-made, as well as fashionable. Those looking for a touch of elegance to their table setting while enjoying a pop of colour in the dining room will love this dinnerware set. 

This set contains 16 pieces and has a place setting for four. The set contains four 10.5” dinner plates, four 8” salad plates, four 6” bowls and four 12-ounce mugs. For everyday use, this dinnerware set will have everything you could need. 

While this dinnerware set looks simple from afar, the minimalist colouring and slight details make it stand out. The dominant matte colour is perfectly complemented with lovely gold edging that won’t chip, wash off, or wear out. For those wanting to ensure multi-use in the kitchen, have peace of mind that they can be used in the freezer and microwave. For easy cleanup, all the pieces are dishwasher safe, without the risk of the edge detailing coming off or fading.  

Canadians hoping to find a dinnerware set that will last for many years will be happy with this Gibson Home Rockaway Round Dinnerware Set, as it is made from durable stoneware. Crafted in high temperatures, this set is naturally resistant to breaks and chips and will hold up with repeated washings if used on a daily basis. 

Overall, this dinnerware set is great for anyone looking for solid dishes that can be used fo all occasions. The availability of multiple colours allows users to pick an option that will look great, no matter what their current kitchen decor may be.

Key Features

  • Multiple Colour Options. With six different colour choices available, you are sure to find one that will look perfect in your kitchen.
  • Easy to Clean. These dishes are easy to clean. They can be placed in the dishwasher without any fear of damaging them, and they won’t stain no matter how you use them.
  • Durable Stoneware. This Gibson Home Rockaway Round Dinnerware Set is made from clay that was fired at high temperatures, making it durable and chip-resistant, as well as microwave-safe.
  • Multiple Uses. This simple and modern-looking dinnerware set is perfect for entertaining as well as everyday use.

Our Expert’s Take

“This durable and simple dinnerware set is affordable and comes in a variety of great colours that will complement any kitchen and dining room decor.”

Comparing the Best Dinnerware Sets for Canadians

CategoryDinnerware SetColourMaterialDishwasher SafeMicrowave Safe
Best OverallStone Lain Coupe Dinnerware SetMatte Black, Grey Matte, Matte Brown, Pink, Blue & Black, Red & BlackStonewareYesYes
Best Budget FriendlyCorelle 18-Piece Dinnerware Set for 6Winter Frost WhiteGlassYesYes
Best Modern DesignAmazon Basics 18-Piece Square Dinnerware SetWhite, BlackAB-Grade PorcelainYesYes
Best Classic SetGibson Home Oslo Porcelain Dinnerware SetWhitePorcelainYesYes
Best OrnateCorelle Portofino Round Dinnerware SetPortofinoTriple-Layer GlassYesYes
Best for GiftingCorelle Vitrelle 18-Piece Dinnerware SetSplendorGlassYesYes
Best Elegant SetPfaltzgraff Chateau Cream 16-Piece Stoneware Dinner SetOff-WhiteStonewareYesYes
Best Colour OptionsGibson Home Rockaway Round Dinnerware SetBlack/Gold, Blue/Gold, White/Gold, Yellow, Cream, BlueStonewareYesYes

How We Selected These Dinnerware Sets in Canada

Years in the homewares industry have helped us determine which products are a good fit for most Canadians. We look at a variety of factors when making our selections. These factors are analyzed via unique evaluations by our experts. Hours of research go into our lists.

The list of factors we analyze to determine the best dinnerware set in Canada are:

  • Quality. We never compromise on quality. We closely examine the finishing of the sets to ensure there are no defects or apparent non-uniformity. We make sure the dinnerware set is from a reputable brand known for rolling out high-quality and long-lasting products. The big-name brands included in this review are Amazon Basics, Corelle, and Gibson Home.
  • Price. The dinnerware sets we have listed are meant for Canadians from all walks of life. The prices range from very affordable to relatively pricey for high-end pieces. But most importantly, we only list products that we’re confident provide the most value for the listed price for Canadians. 
  • Weight. If a dish is too heavy, it becomes a challenge to handle. It is likely to slide out of your hands and break when you’re moving it around. But again, you don’t want a dinnerware set that is too light and oozes cheapness. We wanted to find a balance between the two. Fortunately, all the sets on our list are not too heavy and are very easy to handle. Neither are they too light, so they won’t give that feeling that something is cheap.
  • Functionality. The practicality and functionality of a dinnerware set are perhaps two of the most critical factors we consider when choosing the best dinnerware sets in Canada. For instance, some dinner plates have a unique design but are too flat. While the design is very appealing, the dish is not practical, since it’s tough to scoop your food. Our list includes curved and coupe-shaped dinner plates to allow you to devour your meals elegantly.
How to Choose a Dinnerware Set for Canadians

How to Choose a Dinnerware Set for Canadians

There are so many dinnerware sets at your disposal in Canada. When it comes to housewares, dinnerware sets are one of the most numerous products available. Some will break after just a few months of service, while others are long-lasting, beautiful, and blend beautifully with your aesthetics. The following factors can help you choose a dinnerware set that works well for you.


You don’t exactly want to go for something cheap. Instead, go for a dinnerware set that offers good functionality, great value for the money, and better aesthetics. Expensive doesn’t translate to better quality, either. Some brands will boast higher prices because of their reputation, which doesn’t really help you determine quality. Instead, look for features and options that fit your needs and choose a set that is reasonably priced.


Quality is a consideration you should never overlook. The best way to know the material’s quality is by reading previous buyers’ reviews. If they complain that the pieces in the dinnerware set have deformities or chips and break easily, then it is best to stay away from that product. After all, many other brands offer high-quality products. Compromising quality for a lower price isn’t the best idea. You’re likely to end up paying more for replacements in the future because they won’t last long. So, cheap is expensive in the end.


Some might contend that the brand you purchase your dinnerware sets from shouldn’t be an issue, provided the dinnerware is of high quality, but this is not true. Some brands are arguably better than others, and their products are reliable. The best brands provide you with a warranty that covers the damage. They also refund you without issues if you’re unsatisfied with the product. It’s best to associate yourself with some of the reputable names in the industry not just because you get a high-quality product, but also because their service is stellar. Some big names in the industry include Corelle, Amazon Basics, and Gibson Home.

Resistance to Heat and Cold

Do you dread transferring your leftovers to another microwave-safe bowl so you can heat them? Don’t make the same mistake with your next dinnerware set purchase. Look for a set that can withstand heat from microwaves and even ovens. The collection should be freezer-safe for extra convenience when storing your leftovers. Dinnerware sets with irregular expansion and contraction characteristics tend to crack when placed in a microwave, freezer, oven, or dishwasher. Therefore, this is a critical factor to consider.


You don’t want a dinnerware set that will go to ruin in just a few months. Quality dinnerware sets can stand up well against wooden counters and shouldn’t easily break when dropped on them. These plates also don’t get marks from other utensils, and neither do they chip easily. However, be careful with tile and concrete floors or work surfaces because these are hard and will easily break your plates regardless of their quality. 

Resistance to Chips and Marks From Other Utensils

Nothing breaks the aesthetics of a dining table more than a plate with chips, marks, or scratches. For that reason, it’s best to go for a dinnerware set that’s made with strong enough material to withstand dents and chips. You should take the seller’s claims with a grain of salt. An excellent way to find out if a dinnerware set chips or gets marked with other utensils is by going to the reviews section and reading what previous customers have to say. Some customers have used the product for years and are blatantly honest with their opinions.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning the dishes is already hard for most. The last thing you want to deal with is a dinnerware set that has to be rewashed fresh out of the dishwasher. It’s best to go for a dinnerware set that’s easy to clean. For one, the surface should be ultra-hygienic and non-porous so odours and germs don’t stick to the plate. Secondly, the dinnerware set should be dishwasher safe so you don’t have to manually do them whenever they get dirty. Instead, you can place them in the dishwasher and save energy and time.

Household Size

The size of a household plays a significant role in determining how many sets you’ll want to purchase. You want a big enough dinnerware set so everyone has a plate at the dinner table. Larger households should go for multiple sets so everyone at the table has dinnerware that looks the same for better aesthetics and uniformity. 

If you’re living alone or just with a partner, there’s no need to get too many sets unless you entertain often, because that will unnecessarily fill up your cupboards – and kitchen sink. 

Weight of the Plates and Bowls

The size of individual plates and bowls is critical. You want something light and easy to handle. You don’t want to buy plates or bowls that are too heavy and will easily slide out of your hands when carrying them around.

You also don’t want a too-light plate that screams “cheap” whenever your guests hold them. You have to get the size and weight right.


It’s not all about the regular roundness of plates and bowls. Dinnerware sets come in different shapes and are a great way to bring a rare flair to your dining table. You can go for square, oval, rectangular, and anything in between. After you make sure that all of your dinnerware has the same shape, you can choose any option you feel is best for your dining room.

Flexibility to Purchase a Partial Set

Sometimes you might need the dinner plates, or the salad bowls, or perhaps just the cups, and not everything that comes in the set. Or maybe some of the pieces might break along the way and you might need to replace them instead of buying a whole new set. Consult with the seller on whether you can buy a partial set. If you can, that will contribute to uniformity in your dinnerware set for a very long time.

You might be able to check the seller’s storefront to determine if they sell the pieces of your set separately. If you need extra pieces, you can order them at the same time to ensure that you are able to find the plates that you need.

Existing Theme and Decor

The dinnerware set you go for can easily make or break the aesthetics of your dining table. Go for neutral and vibrant tones that perfectly blend in with the colour of the table. It’s not always about the colour, either. You must examine the set’s design and patterns and try to match them with your existing decor pieces. If you get stuck, it’s time to bring in your interior designer so they can give you insights on which set best enhances your space. 

When it comes to dinnerware, it’s not just about functionality and quality but also aesthetics. The sets we’ve included in this list come in different designs and colours, so you won’t lack something that complements the theme of your kitchen and dining area. You can also layer these pieces with your existing decor for added interest.

Ability to Blend With Existing Dinnerware Sets

Unless you’re moving straight out of your parent’s home, you probably have an existing dinnerware set. For that reason, you need to ensure the new dinnerware set you’re going for goes with your current set. Otherwise, the styles between the two might not complement each other. This consideration could leave you with limited choices, but you’ll be grateful if you find the option that perfectly complements your existing sets.

Alternatively, you may want to completely replace your existing dinnerware set. If this is the case, make sure to purchase enough pieces to feed your family with extras left over.


It does not matter how colossal your kitchen drawers are or how over-the-top your organizational skills are. If the dinner plates and bowls in your dinnerware set don’t perfectly stack up on each other, you will struggle with storage. And this is how you end up with a messy drawer. So go for quality products that are uniform in design and perfectly stack up on each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of the dinnerware sets that we recommend can be cleaned in the dishwasher, making it extremely easy to care for. Whether the dishes are made from porcelain, stoneware or glass, they are dishwasher safe. Those who prefer to hand wash their dishes will be able to as well, ensuring easy cleaning for all the dishes in our review today.

Porcelain is the most recommended type of dinnerware. The material does not scratch easily, making it a go-to option for those looking for long-lasting dinnerware. Additionally, unlike plastic and other toxic construction materials, porcelain does not contain any toxins and thus is considered safe in the kitchen and on the table.

No, stoneware is one of the most durable construction materials in the dinnerware industry and is considered resistant to chips, marks, and scratches. These make great sets for those with smaller, clumsy children who often drop things. For Canadians who may be a little more rough with their dishes, stoneware is an ideal option.

While some Canadians like to own separate dinnerware sets for entertaining and everyday use, it isn’t necessary. Many users do not have space for more than one set, and there are plenty of dinnerware sets on the market that look great for both formal parties and weeknight dinners. Choosing one dinnerware set that can work for all occasions is also a great money-saving technique that all Canadians will benefit from.

No, the glass dinnerware sets in our review will not break easily. These sets are made of triple-layered high-tempered glass and are chip, crack and break-resistant. While they may sound delicate based on the material, they are incredibly durable.

Canadians with small kitchens or cupboards filled with food and appliances may worry about limited storage when buying a new dinnerware set. For those needing to save space, choosing a dinnerware set that can easily stack is the best option. Many dishes have bowls that nest within each other and can rest nicely on top of plates in the cupboard. Reading reviews and looking at product photos is a great way to visualize how they will fit in your cabinets.

While many of the dinnerware sets that we recommend come in fun colours, those looking for interesting patterns will love the Corelle Portofino Round Dinnerware Set. These dishes are bright and bold and look great in any kitchen. Canadians wanting to expand on the set will find that adding a solid-coloured set to the mix brings more colour and interest to their dining room.