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Looking for a luxurious pillow? A down pillow can provide plush comfort and great support. There are so many options available, including adjustable pillows, down alternative materials, and natural down blends. If you’ve ever struggled to figure out which option is best for you, we can help!

We constructed our list of the best down pillows in Canada using a thorough testing and review process at our test lab. We sent these pillows home with our team of dedicated testers for a trial period of at least 30 days to get a good feel for the pillows. Along the way, we looked at features like the type of down, materials used, and loft or density.

Best Down Pillows for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Down Pillows in Canada?

How did these pillows stack up? It turns out that each of the pillows that made our list stands out because of their unique features. Here’s how each of these options stood out to us.

The Silk & Snow Pillow is the best down pillow overall. It’s completely adjustable and hypoallergenic, so it works for most Canadians. You can find your perfect comfort level without any trouble at all. The down alternative fill is so soft and airy, you won’t know the difference.

If you are constantly searching for the cool side of the pillow, consider the Hush Hybrid Pillow. This option uses a perforated bamboo cover to promote airflow, cooling you down considerably no matter how warm you sleep.

The QE Home Firma Down Pillow is the best option on our list for side sleepers. The higher loft helps support side sleepers in a way that some pillows lack. Perfect neck and spine alignment is the key to great sleep, and this pillow can help.

Looking for the best down alternative pillow in Canada? Look no further than the Noa Home Down Alternative Pillow. The soft microfibre fill gives this pillow a cloudlike feel. There are three firmness or density options, so everyone will find something to enjoy.

On the other hand, the best natural down and feather pillow on our list is the Casper Down Pillow. This unique five-chamber construction is adaptable and supportive. Meanwhile, each chamber contains a different soft core made of down and feathers. The results are extremely comfortable.

Finally, the Endy Customizable Pillow earns the title of the best adjustable pillow in Canada. The shredded memory foam core can be adjusted to any sleeping position or loft preference. Every Canadian can find the comfort level they prefer with this pillow.

Best Overall

The Silk & Snow Pillow

The Silk & Snow Pillow


It's Great For:

The Silk & Snow Pillow is the best down pillow in Canada overall. Though it uses a down alternative, the fluffy microfibre fill feels very much like natural down. It lends the pillow a plush feel on the surface, which can help sleepers in any position fall asleep more comfortably. The core of the pillow is made with adjustable shredded memory foam. You can add or remove shredded foam to increase or decrease loft, making this option great for all sleeping positions.

Some adjustable pillows use scrap foam recycled from defective products to create their pillows. While there might not be anything wrong with this type of foam, you’ll rest easier knowing that the Silk & Snow mattress uses new CertiPUR-US certified memory foam. It’s one of the highest-quality fills you can find for an adjustable down pillow.

The down-like fibres won’t trigger your allergies because they don’t come from animals. They are air-blown to make them as fluffy as possible, lending a plush feel to the pillow overall. The cover is made with 100% cotton, and you can easily take it off to wash it with the rest of your bedding. If you use a pillowcase as well, you’ll never have to worry about your pillow being dirty.

All the materials used in this pillow are certified by OEKO-TEX or CertiPUR-US, so you know you’re getting the best. The foam filling is easy to add and remove, making it simple to keep your pillow fluffed up and perfectly comfortable for you. If you’re not sure whether this pillow will work for you, take advantage of the 100-night risk-free trial. For the first 100 nights, after you purchase the pillow, you can test it with a money-back guarantee if it isn’t right for you.

The Highlights

The Silk & Snow Pillow features a down-like microfibre, which is a great alternative to natural down. It won’t trigger allergies, and there are no issues with ethics. The adjustable shredded memory foam core allows you to change the loft of your pillow at will. This pillow holds the potential to be perfect for all sleeping positions. The cover is machine washable and easy to care for, so it’s easy to keep your bedding fresh.

  • Down-like microfibre is an ethical alternative that won’t trigger allergies
  • Adjustable shredded memory foam core
  • Perfect loft settings for each sleeper and sleeping positions
  • Machine washable cover so you can keep your bed fresh

From the Test Lab

“We loved the plush feel and adjustable nature of the Silk & Snow Pillow. This alternative down feels very close to the real thing.”

Best Cooling Pillow

Hush Hybrid Pillow

The Hush Hybrid Pillow


It's Great For:

The Hush Hybrid Pillow is extremely cooling, with breathable shredded memory foam, airy microfibre, and a perforated bamboo cover. This cover reduces heat build-up, so the coolest side of the pillow is always the one you’re using. This pillow is also fully adjustable, meaning it’s perfect for sleepers in any position. You can add or remove shredded memory foam to create the best feel for you.

The extra shredded foam fill that you take out of the pillow can be stored in the travel pillow, which is included with your purchase. This keeps the foam clean, but it also provides you with a smaller pillow to take with you on a plane or a long car ride.

The down alternative used in this pillow is a hypoallergenic shredded microfibre. It’s a plush, vegan alternative that won’t bother your allergies or your ethics. The fibres used here are OEKO-TEX certified and made with ethically sourced materials. They are also organic and don’t feature any harmful chemicals that might irritate your skin.

This pillow uses anti-wrinkle technology. You’ll never wake up with wrinkles pressed into your face from your pillow, which can be beneficial in the long run. Every part of the pillow is supportive but soft. It feels great to put your head on this pillow, no matter how you sleep.

The cover’s antibacterial bamboo composition keeps harmful chemicals away from your skin. It’s perforated to allow airflow up through the pillow, reducing heat and keeping you cool throughout the night. Finding the perfect loft is easy, too – simply unzip the cover and add or remove foam to find the option that is most comfortable for you.

The Highlights

The Hush Hybrid Pillow features a cool, perforated bamboo cover that reduces heat build-up, meaning you’ll always have the cool side of the pillow. This pillow features both microfibre down alternative and shredded memory foam, so you get the best of both types of pillow. The down alternative is plush and hypoallergenic, while the memory foam allows you to fully adjust the loft. You can find the perfect loft for you, no matter how you sleep.

  • Cool, perforated bamboo cover reduces heat
  • The hybrid pillow features shredded memory foam and microfibre
  • Down alternative is soft and hypoallergenic
  • A fully adjustable loft allows you to find your most comfortable option

From the Test Lab

“This pillow was extremely cool. I sleep hot, but this pillow always kept me cool, and I never had to turn it over.”

Best for Side Sleepers

QE Home Firma Down Pillow

QE Home Firma Down Pillow


It's Great For:

The QE Home Firma Down Pillow offers a high enough loft and density for side sleepers. Side sleepers need a much higher loft due to the space between the mattress and their necks. The way this pillow is filled and constructed allows for superior support for those who need that type of alignment.

This pillow uses a white down fill, which usually consists of duck or goose down as well as feathers. All the down used inside this pillow is certified by the Responsible Down Standard and Downmark, two third-party companies that investigate ethical down practices and down quality. Finding a down pillow with these certifications means that you can expect the best.

The cover is made with 100% cotton, which is soft and breathable. The smooth weave helps eliminate down poking through the cover, but it remains breathable for those who sleep hot. This pillow is extremely comfortable, and that includes a moderate amount of temperature control as well as support.

You can purchase the QE Home Firma Down Pillow in three sizes, including Standard, Queen, and King. Make sure that your favourite pillowcases come in the same sizes to allow for a snug fit. You can wash your pillows at home a few times a year. You must wash on a cold, gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat.

The Highlights

The QE Home Firma Down Pillow uses white down fill, which is certified by both Downmark and the RDS (Responsible Down Standard). It features medium-firm support, which is ideal for side sleepers. The medium-high loft helps support your neck and keep it in a neutral position, so you aren’t sacrificing comfort to sleep on your side. The cover is tightly woven, which helps prevent down from leaking or escaping from between the fibres.

  • The white down fill is certified by both Downmark and the Responsible Down Standard
  • Medium-firm support is great for side sleepers
  • Medium-to-high loft helps align your spine without sacrificing comfort
  • A tightly woven shell helps contain down and prevent it from leaking or escaping

From the Test Lab

“This pillow was one of the most comfortable options I’ve tried while sleeping on my side. The loft was perfect, and my neck was relaxed when I woke up.”

Best Down Alternative Pillow

Noa Home Down Alternative Pillow

Noa Down Alternative Pillow


It's Great For:

The Noa Home Down Alternative Pillow is the best down pillow in Canada that uses an alternative down instead of a natural animal down. In this case, the alternative is hypoallergenic microfibre fill. This fill is soft and plush, just like real down. However, it’s eco-conscious, ethical, and doesn’t trigger allergies. This plush pillow also comes in three different densities, which can affect loft and comfort depending on how you sleep.

The Soft density has a GSM of 675, which offers plushness, comfort, and a neutral loft. This option is great for stomach sleepers, as it works to keep you aligned without stretching your neck or bunching your shoulders. The medium option (750 GSM) is great for most sleepers. It’s fluffy and plush, but it doesn’t lack support.

The firmer density is around 810 GSM, making it ideal for those who sleep on their sides. This higher loft is extremely supportive and offers ideal alignment, especially for those who want to sleep in a more natural position. Each pillow uses a 100% cotton shell, which is smooth and silky. The sateen weave gives it a soft touch that is still breathable and comfortable.

Every material used in the Noa Home Down Alternative Pillow is certified by OEKO-TEX, so it’s free of harmful chemicals and made at the highest level of quality. You can rest easy knowing that this pillow is one of the best options on the Canadian market.

The Highlights

Noa Home’s Down Alternative Pillow offers three density options, which gives you plenty of options to choose from. You can choose the option that works best for your sleeping position, and most sleepers will be able to find their ideal pillow. The fill is a hypoallergenic down alternative microfibre. It’s plush, comfortable, and sustainable for those who are more eco-conscious. All the materials are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they are of the highest quality and free from any harmful chemicals.

  • Three density options to choose from
  • Offers an option for every sleeping position
  • Hypoallergenic microfibre fill is plush, comfortable, and eco-conscious
  • OEKO-TEX-certified materials are free from harmful chemicals

From the Test Lab

“The density options available with this pillow made it easy to choose the right options for us.”

Best Down and Feather Pillow

Casper Down Pillow

Casper Down Pillow


It's Great For:

The Casper Down Pillow uses a blend of down and feathers to create a soft, cloud-like pillow. The pillow is divided into five distinct chambers, which allows the pillow to adapt to your sleeping position. If you move around a lot during the night, these chambers can help shift the fill to meet your needs. This unique system means that the pillow works well for most sleeping positions. Because the pillow moves to accommodate your neck, you’ll find comfort no matter how you sleep.

Each of the chambers inside features a different down and feather composition. The outer chambers use 80% white duck down and 20% feathers. The inner chambers are made with 60% white duck down and 40% feathers. As a result, the outer chambers are plush and well-insulated, while the inner layers tend more toward structure and support.

The cotton cover is soft and smooth. Though you should put this pillow in a pillowcase, you’ll love the way it feels against your face. The construction and feel of the pillow allow you to be supported with luxurious comfort. These pillows are fluffy and responsive. You’ll fall asleep easier with the help of this ethically sourced down.

Though you shouldn’t wash your down pillows often, you can put these pillows in the washing machine at home. A few times a year, you should follow the care instructions for the pillow to ensure that you aren’t causing any damage to the pillow or its contents. The ability to wash the pillow at home is convenient and helps keep your bed fresh and comfortable throughout the seasons.

The Highlights

The Casper Down Pillow offers the best support for a pillow made with down and feathers. Casper employs a unique five-chamber design that offers support for most sleeping positions. The down used within the pillow is ethically sourced, so you can sleep with a clear conscious. This pillow is available in Standard and King sizes, and both options feel equally fluffy and luxurious.

  • The unique five-chamber design provides support for most sleeping positions
  • Ethically sourced down helps you sleep a little easier
  • Available in Standard and King sizes
  • The pillow feels luxurious and fluffy overall

From the Test Lab

“This was one of the fluffiest pillows we tried. It felt more adaptive than some of the pillows we’ve looked at in the past.”

Best Adjustable Pillow

Endy Customizable Pillow

Endy Customizable Pillow


It's Great For:

The Endy Customizable Pillow is the best adjustable pillow in Canada. The down-alternative fill cushions your head and your neck, while shredded memory foam helps you adjust the core for your perfect loft and firmness. You can easily unzip the cover to add or remove fill, changing how comfortable your pillow is based on your preferences. You’ll get exactly the support and loft that you need to sleep easier without ordering a dozen pillows to find the right one.

The down used in the first layer of comfort is a hypoallergenic microfibre. This fill is hypoallergenic, meaning it’s safe for those with allergies and those who often suffer from skin irritation. This layer creates a plush, breathable surface that is extremely comfortable to relax into.

When you take the shredded foam out of the pillow, where do you put it? Thankfully, the Endy Customizable Pillow comes with a smaller pillow to fill with the foam you remove. This doubles as a travel pillow. You won’t have to keep your neck at an odd angle on your next flight, as this small pillow easily fits into your carry-on luggage.

Because of the adjustable nature of this pillow, it’s recommended for all sleeping positions. Even if you don’t usually like the pillow loft or density that is recommended for your sleeping position, this pillow can be a game-changer. You can adjust to your preferences, taking the guesswork out of purchasing other pillows with multiple options.

The Highlights

The Endy Customizable Pillow has a fully adjustable core made with shredded memory foam. This helps it remain comfortable for all sleeping positions, as you can adjust it at will. The down alternative microfibre used inside the pillow is plush and hypoallergenic, so it’s safe for those with allergies. The breathable cover and down composition make for a breathable pillow that won’t overheat. The cotton cover can be removed and washed at home, separate from the interior.

  • Fully adjustable core for all sleeping positions
  • Hypoallergenic down alternative is comfortable and safe
  • Breathable cover and down composition
  • The cover is removable and easy to wash at home

From the Test Lab

“This pillow was easy to care for and simple to adjust. For us, this pillow was extremely convenient.”

Why Trust Us?

Years in the sleep industry have taught us all about getting a good night’s sleep, including the products that can help. We’ve looked at the way sleepers react to different products, paying special attention to how they sleep and which problems they face. This research allows us to recommend the best sleep products possible, especially when it comes to bedding, mattresses, and of course, the best down pillows in Canada.

Our selection process helps us reduce the number of down pillows we consider. Rigorous testing and feedback trials help us rule out the pillows that don’t quite cut it. Meanwhile, our team of at-home testers tell us which pillows they loved sleeping on. A combination of this data helps us determine which pillows to recommend. Along the way, we looked at factors such as these.

  • Type of Down. There are multiple types of down and alternatives on the Canadian market. Finding the right type of down for you isn’t always easy, but we’re here to help.
  • Cover. Since you’ll be interacting with the cover of the pillow, you should know how it feels and what it’s made of. We’ve included the cover materials separately to help you decide.
  • Other Materials. What other materials are used in the pillow? Some down pillows have separate adjustable or support cores, so it’s important to know what’s going on inside your pillow.
  • Loft. Loft and density can describe how comfortable a pillow will be depending on how you sleep. We’ve included the loft of each pillow to help you choose the option that will be most comfortable for you.

Why Should You Choose a Canadian Down Pillow?

Are down pillows better than the less expensive options you can find at most retailers? In short, yes. Down pillows offer some unique benefits that make them worth the extra investment.

First, down pillows last longer. Because they aren’t made with synthetic materials, they may last for up to 10 years if properly cared for if you purchase a high-quality down pillow. Synthetic options might not last as long, and you may need to replace them more often.

Down is also breathable. However, it is also naturally insulating. If you sleep very hot, you may want to purchase a down pillow with a lower density. Lower densities have more room for air to flow, allowing for great breathability. High-density pillows tend to sleep warmer.

Finally, down often contours to your body. This means that a down pillow can adapt to how you sleep. If you purchase a pillow with the right loft and density for you, it can easily lead to better sleep with a more customized support system.

Though down pillows can be more expensive, they are worth it. The benefits can change the way you sleep and help you wake up ready to take on the day.

How to Choose a Down Pillow in Canada

Are you ready to buy a down pillow? Before you start shopping, consider the following things.

Type of Down

There are two main types of down, as well as a few alternative materials that you might find used in place of down.

  • Duck down is the less expensive type of natural down. There is more duck down available, so most mid-range and less expensive pillows use duck down. This type of down has smaller, fluffier clusters, so it’s more breathable than goose down.
  • Goose down, on the other hand, is extremely insulating. Goose down uses larger clusters, making it warmer and fluffier. It’s also more expensive than duck down.
  • Down alternatives like microfibre and other types of fill mimic the properties of natural down. However, you don’t have to question ethics or sourcing for this type of down. They are often air-blown and made to feel exactly like the real thing but at a fraction of the cost.

Keep in mind that down pillows and other products usually do not contain 100% down. Most use a combination of down and feathers. Some companies will disclose how much of each they use, while some will not. Some companies also advertise 100% down products, which are expected to be more expensive than blended options.


The cover (or shell) of your pillow is the part you’ll be interacting with. Because of this, it’s important that the cover is soft, comfortable, and feels great on your skin. You should use a pillowcase or pillow protector with every down pillow, but the cover can help contribute to the overall feel of the pillow. Plus, the cover can sometimes be removed for cleaning.

Most down pillow covers (or shells) are made of soft 100% cotton, which is breathable and smooth.

Other Materials

Though you may think the fill and the cover are all that make a pillow, there are some exceptions. Hybrid pillows and adjustable pillows, for example, use down and cotton in combination with a shredded memory foam core. This core allows you to remove and replace fill at will, completely changing the feel of the pillow.

It’s important to keep an eye on the other materials included in your down pillow. This can tell you about the pillow’s quality, but it can also give you a heads-up about other features or allergens that you might encounter.

Loft and Density

Each pillow has a defined loft, or height. This loft can tell you if it will be comfortable for your sleeping position. This is determined based on the support each loft offers, though you can, of course, choose a different loft than your sleeping position dictates.

As it stands, most low-loft pillows are meant for stomach sleepers. Medium-loft pillows are perfect for back sleepers, while high-loft pillows are ideal for side sleepers.

Density is also a factor. These two figures are often mentioned together to help you visualize how the pillow will feel and perform. Density is sometimes measured in firmness (soft, medium, or firm), but companies will occasionally use a number to describe how dense the pillow is.

That number is the GSM, or grams per square meter. This tells you the weight of the pillow by determining how much fill sits inside one square meter of the pillow. The higher the GSM, the higher and firmer the pillow is. High GSM is around 900 or more, while low GSM starts at around 300.


Since down is gathered from animals, it’s important to maintain ethical standards across all parts of the down industry. Certifications can tell you that down is gathered sustainably, that it comes from high-quality farms, or that it’s safe for human use. Here are just a few of the certifications you’ll come across while shopping for a down pillow.

  • OEKO-TEX. OEKO-TEX is a third-party textile company that rates cotton, wool, and a host of other textile materials. An OEKO-TEX certification ensures quality as well as safety. These certifications tell you that no harmful chemicals were used in the product.
  • Downmark. Downmark helps ensure down and feather quality. This company tracks ethical practices and the quality of products each company produces. A certification from them means that the down is of the highest quality.
  • Responsible Down Standard (RDS). The Responsible Down Standard works alongside the down and feather industries to help promote ethical treatment and gathering practices. This third-party authority rewards companies for treating their ducks and geese well and following strict animal welfare protocols. A certification from the RDS tells you that a company is ethical and sustainable.

Sleep Trials

If you purchase a pillow at a retail store, you’ll be able to touch it before you make your purchase. You can test it out for a few moments to make sure that it feels okay for you. This opportunity can help guide you when purchasing the right pillow. However, purchasing online doesn’t allow you this same test period.

Thankfully, most sleep companies have developed a workaround for this problem. Instead of being able to feel the pillow before you buy it, you’ll be able to try it out for a few months after your purchase. During this time, you can return the pillow for a full refund with no questions asked. It’s risk-free and allows you to get a better idea of whether the pillow will work for you.

Pillow trials range from around 30 nights to 100 nights, and some companies have different terms. Make sure to check the terms offered by the sleep company to determine if you want to try the pillow for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pillows made with authentic down and feathers can last up to 10 years, though they usually last closer to 5 years. If the pillows are well cared-for and regularly washed using the included care instructions, they can last many years.

Some down pillows (particularly those made with natural down) can retain heat. Down alternative pillows can avoid this issue, but most will retain some amount of heat.