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Do you often find yourself boiling water on the stove? An electric kettle can speed up the process, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your favourite beverages. An electric kettle is essential for boiling water fast, whether you are making tea or preparing a life-saving cup of coffee in the morning. However, electric kettles can be used for much more. A host of additional uses make your electric kettle an invaluable asset.

Regardless of your intended use, there’s a suitable kettle waiting for you. Since the Canadian market flooded with various models, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you narrow down your choices. Our top picks for the best electric kettles in Canada can help you find a quality product that fits your needs. When we considered the following products, we looked at the size, capacity, and material of each option.

Best Electric Kettles for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Electric Kettles in Canada?

We hand-picked each entry on our best electric kettles in Canada list to ensure you’ll be delighted with whichever you choose. If you’re still having trouble picking between these entries, here are some features that make each electric kettle stand out.

The COSORI Electric Glass Kettle has all the necessary features to perfectly fit most Canadian kitchens. Thanks to a winning combination of speed, durability, and simple controls, it wasn’t hard for this kettle to snag the top spot on our list.

Speed is something our next entry particularly excels at. The Hamilton Beach 1.7-Litre Glass Kettle will deliver your hot water at impressive speed, regardless of your chosen temperature setting.

Although the AmazonBasics Portable Electric Kettle doesn’t offer temperature control, it does offer convenience and a no-frills beverage-making experience. Therefore, it’s perfect for individuals fond of simple electric kettles they use to brew a cup or two a day.

Canadians fond of affordable appliances that still deliver excellent performance will love the Elite Gourmet 1-Litre Electric Glass Kettle. While this kettle comes with the lowest price tag, it’s equally fast and efficient as some of its significantly more expensive competitors.

The BLACK+DECKER Electric Kettle beats out its competition in the size department. Despite sharing the same impressive capacity with a few models on our best electric kettles in Canada list, it doesn’t share their bulky size. For this reason, you’ll love this model if you lack the countertop space, live in a dorm, or have a smaller kitchen.

The Paris Rhône Gooseneck Electric Pour-Over Kettle is an item you’ll be eager to display proudly. Thanks to its many smart functions, speed, and efficiency, this model has all the makings of one of the best electric kettles available in Canada. However, this electric kettle’s steep price and gooseneck design might not suit the average user. So, this model occupies the best high-end electric kettle spot.

If you’re not ready to hit the road without your favourite coffee, consider purchasing the Salton Stainless Steel Travel Kettle. This Canadian electric kettle made our list for its compact and lightweight design, ideal for travelling.

The Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel 1.7-Litre Kettle will probably be your go-to choice if you appreciate stainless steel’s durability, versatility, and adaptability. This model has all the desirable features of a Hamilton Beach electric kettle but replaces glass walls with reliable stainless steel construction.

Best Overall

COSORI Electric Glass Kettle

COSORI Electric Kettle 1.7L, 1500W Wide Opening Glass Tea Kettle & Hot Water Boiler, Stainless Steel Filter And Inner Lid, LED Indicator Auto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry Protection, Cordless, BPA Free, Black


It's Great For:

Given the relatively affordable price of this COSORI model, the materials used for its construction are highly impressive. The walls of this kettle are made using borosilicate glass, which is known for its superior durability and heat resistance. Thanks to a stainless steel filter, this kettle produces clean water that never comes into contact with potentially harmful substances.

What’s also great is that you won’t have to wait for that hot water for very long. Thanks to rapid-boil functionality, your water can be ready in as little as three minutes. It will take this electric kettle seven minutes tops to deliver boiling water.

Once the water reaches the boiling point, the kettle will automatically shut off, thus preventing dry boiling. Simultaneously, a blue light indicator will let you know when you can pick up the kettle. The light glows while the item is used and turns off once your water is ready.

Besides the pleasing blue-light indicator, the COSORI electric kettle features a sleek design that will complement any kitchen countertop. Both sides of the kettle are clearly labelled, making measuring a breeze. This nifty feature adds ease of use to the extensive list of reasons why this model is our No. 1 pick among the best electric kettles in Canada.

The Highlights

This COSORI model boasts an impressive 1.7-litre capacity, allowing you to fill your French press or teapot entirely. The kettle features a wider spout, ideal for Canadians who don’t like waiting forever for the water to pour out. This wide opening also makes cleaning much more manageable.

  • Highly durable and heat resistant
  • Excellent safety features
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Modern design

From the Test Lab

“This electric kettle was quick and offered an impressive capacity for every use we put it to. It’s affordable, too!”

Best for Impatient Canadians

Hamilton Beach 1.7-Litre Glass Kettle

Hamiton Beach 40864C Glass Electric Kettle, 1.7 Liter Capacity, Automatic Shutoff, Cord-Free Design, Stainless Steel


It's Great For:

This Hamilton Beach electric kettle can hold up to 1.7 litres of liquid, making it ideal for boiling water for multiple beverages at once. The relatively large capacity doesn’t stop this kettle from delivering boiled water in record time. Thanks to its impressive speed, this model is perfect for impatient Canadians or individuals who are always running late.

If you have time to master your hot beverage, you’ll be able to set the kettle to one of six specific temperatures. Each temperature targets a tea variety, but coffee lovers can also benefit from temperature control. The ideal water temperature for coffee across multiple brewing methods is just below the boiling point of water, around 95 degrees Celsius.

Whatever beverage you choose, you can serve it directly at the table since you can easily lift the kettle off the base. The blue-light indicator is another factor contributing to this kettle’s ease of use. The light will shine while the kettle is running and turn off as soon as the water reaches the pre-set temperature. When it’s ready, the kettle will turn off automatically so you don’t have to worry about dry boiling.

Besides being easy to use, this model is easy to clean. It has a mesh filter built into the spout to prevent limescale from getting into your cup. You can remove this filter quickly for cleaning and reach every centimetre of the kettle’s interior due to its wide opening.

The Highlights

This glass kettle from Hamilton Beach will look great on your kitchen countertop. The glass walls offer a modern touch, while the stainless steel accents allow the kettle to blend in with other appliances in your kitchen. The cord wraps around the inside of the base, eliminating any clutter.

  • Fast and convenient
  • Six temperature settings
  • Cordless serving
  • Easy to clean

From the Test Lab

“The ability to lift this kettle off the base for serving made it that much easier to use.”

Best for Canadians Living Alone

AmazonBasics Portable Electric Kettle

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Portable Electric Hot Water Kettle - 1 Liter, Silver


It's Great For:

The AmazonBasics series is a tried and tested way to equip your home with reliable, everyday items. The portable electric kettle from this series fits right into this description. It will serve you well for everyday brewing, especially if you’re only making drinks for yourself.

Thanks to the 1.0-litre capacity and 1500 watts of power, your water will boil in no time. Afterward, you can easily pour it into your cup thanks to the kettle’s cordless design. The cord stays with the base, which can be placed almost anywhere in your kitchen. This flexible placement is made possible by the impressive length of the power cord.

Once your water is ready, the kettle will automatically turn off. After the item cools down, you can easily clean it by removing the filter. This model features a concealed heating element, allowing smooth and simple cleaning of its interior.

The Highlights

The AmazonBasics Portable Electric Kettle is exceptionally user-friendly. It features a water window that allows you to fill the kettle precisely and quickly check the water level when necessary. It’s easy to clean and works quickly to deliver hot water for your everyday brewing needs. The inexpensive price point made it ideal for those who prefer a no-nonsense option.

  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient water window

From the Test Lab

“This basic kettle ticked all the boxes for us. It was simple and quick, making it easy to brew coffee or tea first thing in the morning.”

Best Budget Kettle

Elite Gourmet 1-Litre Electric Glass Kettle

Elite Gourmet EKT1001 Electric BPA-Free Glass Kettle, Cordless 360° Base, Stylish Blue LED Interior, Handy Auto Shut-Off Function – Quickly Boil Water For Tea & More, Black, 1L


It's Great For:

Most entries on our best electric kettles in Canada are reasonably priced. The Elite Gourmet Electric Glass Kettle offers a particularly great bang for your buck. This model is as fast and efficient as many other electric kettles but with a much lower price tag.

You can choose to adjust the temperature dial to a specific water temperature or simply press the boil switch for almost instant results. After the desired temperature has been reached, this kettle will automatically shut off. This handy safety feature eliminates the need to hover over the countertop and worry about forgetting to turn off the kettle manually. Suppose you forget to fill it with water before turning on the appliance. In that case, the heater will automatically shut off, thus avoiding potential damage to the heating element.

The sturdy kettle features handy capacity markers on the side, allowing you to accurately determine how much water you need to add. While the kettle is in use its interior will shine, making it a sight to behold. Once the water is ready, you can pour it out easily thanks to a large spout.

The Highlights

Although this kettle contains some plastic elements, it’s 100% BPA-free, making the prepared water safe for any beverage.

  • Affordable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Safe to use
  • User-friendly

From the Test Lab

“The safety features on this budget kettle really sealed the deal for us. There’s no need to worry about whether you turned it off, as it will flip off automatically.”

Best for Limited Countertop Space

BLACK+DECKER Electric Kettle

BLACK+DECKER Electric Kettle, Brushed Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, KE1518SD, Silver


It's Great For:

Despite offering an impressive 1.7-litre capacity, this BLACK+DECKER model is significantly smaller than other entries on our best electric kettles in Canada with matching capacity. The compact size makes it ideal for individuals running out of space on their countertops. In addition to fitting in easily, this electric kettle will elevate your countertop’s appearance thanks to its sleek and modern look. The durable stainless steel exterior will perfectly complement most appliances in your kitchen.

Besides being easy to store, this electric kettle is simple to use. Thanks to the manufacturer’s Rapid Boil Technology, this kettle will boil water twice as fast as any stovetop. The detachable swivel base lets you handle the kettle from any angle, making this model equally friendly for right- or left-handed users.

Once the water reaches the boiling point, the kettle will turn off automatically for some added peace of mind. The appliance will also shut off if the water level is too low, preventing dry boiling.

The Highlights

It only takes a push of the button to pop open the kettle’s hinged lid. The lid will stay open until you manually close it, allowing easy pouring and cleaning. Other details contributing to the ease of use include a practical on and off switch, a water window with level markings, and a power indicator light.

  • Compact
  • Easy to navigate
  • Safety features
  • Incredibly easy to use

From the Test Lab

“The larger capacity and smaller size of this kettle translate to better value and better results.”

Best High-End

Paris Rhône Gooseneck Electric Pour-Over Kettle

Gooseneck Electric Pour-Over Kettle, Temperature Variable Kettle for Coffee Tea Brewing, 1L Stainless Steel Kettle, Temperature Holding, Built-in Stopwatch,Button Control,Quick Heating,Black


It's Great For:

If you consider brewing coffee much more than an everyday task, this Paris Rhône Gooseneck Electric Pour-Over Kettle might be the right choice for you. This aesthetically pleasing kettle was specifically designed for pour-over coffee. As such, it features a gooseneck spout that guarantees precise pouring. Since it provides a constant stream of hot water for optimum extraction, you’ll be able to brew coffee like a professional barista, bringing out its full flavour.

This gooseneck kettle comes with a thermostat that allows you to set the temperature in increments from 38 to 100 degrees Celsius. As a result, you can meet a wide range of coffee and tea extraction requirements. If you’re in a hurry, you can simply hit the boil button for standard brewing.

Regardless of your choice, your water will be ready in under five minutes. Thanks to a sleek LCD display, you can monitor the real-time temperature and time of your coffee or tea extraction. After the water reaches the desired temperature, it will stay hot for two hours. This convenient keep-warm mode allows you to use the boiled water later without losing the preferred temperature.

While the water is kept warm, the kettle will turn off automatically after completing its task. This way, the kettle ensures protection from overheating and dry-boiling. Speaking of safety, the entire kettle is covered in anti-slip and anti-scald material that allows you to hold it at all times throughout the brewing process. The same goes for the ergonomic handle and the lid, which stay cool even after boiling water.

The Highlights

This multi-purpose gooseneck kettle is constructed using food-grade stainless steel that is rust- and corrosion-resistant. The kettle has been electroplated, adding to its durability and longevity.

The kettle’s lid features steam holes for dissipating heat. These vents keep the lid in place while the water is boiling and prevent hot water from spilling. The lid is engineered to provide a precise and leak-free pour.

  • Accurate temperature control
  • Water stays warm for two hours
  • Modern and unique exterior design
  • Extremely easy and safe to use

From the Test Lab

“Cutting-edge features and beautiful aesthetic design elevated this high-end kettle among our group of testers.”

Best for Travelling

Salton Stainless Steel Travel Kettle

Salton Compact Travel Kettle, Cordless Electric Stainless Steel Water Boiler and Tea Heater, Retractable Handle and Handy Cord Wrap, 1000 Watts (JK2035), 600 mL


It's Great For:

Suppose you like the idea of having coffee on the go but aren’t fond of squeezing bulky appliances into your suitcase. In that case, this Salton model is calling your name. This compact Canadian electric kettle has a retractable power cord and a foldable handle, making it ideal for packing in luggage. Plus, it features a lower capacity and thus a more petite body, ideal for travelling.

Since this electric kettle has a 0.6-litre capacity, it will boil water in a matter of minutes. After you finish using it, you can clean it equally quickly thanks to the stainless steel interior, a removable lid, and a concealed heating element.

This Salton electric kettle offers two levels of security. It automatically shuts off once the water reaches its boiling point. The same goes if the kettle is plugged in dry.

The Highlights

The kettle’s interior features MIN and MAX markings that help determine the appropriate water level. This is especially helpful if you aren’t used to using smaller electric kettles.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Fast and convenient
  • Easy to use

From the Test Lab

“If you’re always on the go or need less hot water than larger kettles offer, this option works perfectly.”

Best Stainless Steel Kettle

Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel 1.7 Litre Kettle

Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle, Water Boiler & Heater, 1.7 L, Cordless, Auto-Shutoff and Boil-Dry Protection, Stainless Steel (40880)


It's Great For:

If you like the features of Hamilton Beach electric kettles and consider stainless steel the gold standard in the home appliance industry, this kettle might be the one. This no-frills kettle was designed to get the job done quickly and hassle-free. Anyone can operate this electric kettle thanks to a simple on-off switch at the base.

This Hamilton Beach model is quick to heat your water, after which it automatically turns off. There’s no beeping feature on the kettle, so you might have to keep an eye on the appliance to know your water is good to go. You’ll have no trouble holding the kettle to pour the hot water, thanks to a wide, stay-cool handle. The ease of use continues with the pouring process since the precise spout doesn’t dribble when pouring.

The upscale stainless steel exterior will enhance your kitchen’s look and complement your other appliances and décor, regardless of your style. The cordless design allows you to take the kettle off its base and pour the water anywhere in your home.

The Highlights

Unlike some electric kettles available in Canada, this Hamilton Beach model doesn’t require you to open the lid manually. Instead, you can push a button at the top of the handle and avoid burning your hands when attempting to empty a kettle that’s still hot. This electric kettle also boasts two windows that allow you to monitor the water level, regardless of the kettle’s placement on the base.

  • Straightforward design
  • Sleek stainless steel exterior
  • Safe to use
  • Two water-level windows

From the Test Lab

“This basic kettle’s upgraded appearance makes it an attractive part of your kitchen, even if it isn’t very expensive.”

Why Trust Us?

At Made in CA, we stay on top of the latest trends in kitchen appliances and other home and living products. Our mission is simple – to provide our fellow Canadians with valuable information to improve their quality of life. We carefully evaluate every product on our list before recommending it to our readers.

While creating our best electric kettles in Canada list, we relied on specific criteria.

  • Budget. Pricier electric kettles come with more smart features. However, most Canadians have no use for such fanciness. So, we kept our entries relatively affordable. We made sure to include a few electric kettles for Canadians who want the bells and whistles and are willing to pay for them.
  • Ease of Use. Boiling water shouldn’t be rocket science. For this reason, we picked only the kettles that have intuitive controls and allow you to prepare your beverage hassle-free.
  • Speed. The whole point of using an electric kettle for boiling water is reaching your goal as quickly as possible, especially during cold Canadian winters. We made sure to only include electric kettles that take mere minutes to boil one litre of water.
  • Material. The models featured on our best electric kettles in Canada list are primarily made of stainless steel and glass. Kettles manufactured using these materials have proven to be the most durable and stylish. While our entries might include some plastic parts, we’ve kept completely plastic electric kettles off our list. While these models are the most affordable and lightweight, they might impart a funny smell or taste to your water and deteriorate rather quickly.

Why Use Electric Kettles in Canada?

Using an electric kettle instead of a pan for boiling water has multiple advantages. Keep reading to learn why you should switch to this handy appliance.

Electric Kettles Make Beverages Taste Better

Purchasing a variable-temperature electric kettle is a game changer for coffee aficionados and tea connoisseurs. Thanks to these smart devices, you’ll be able to bring out the best taste in any beverage, elevating your hot drink game.

For instance, delicate tea leaves call for lower temperatures. Similarly, the key to brewing a perfectly balanced cup of coffee is using water that hasn’t quite reached its boiling point.

Electric Kettles Use Less Electricity

Electric kettles are significantly more energy-efficient than a microwave or a stovetop. The higher the wattage, the faster your water will heat up. So, you’ll use less electricity, reducing your electricity bills in the long run.

Electric Kettles Are Safer

The best electric kettles in Canada include an automatic shut-off feature, making these appliances much safer than traditional stovetops. Since the boiling process stops as soon as the liquid starts bubbling, you’ll avoid the dangers of spillage. In addition, with electric kettles, there’s no fear of an open flame that can result in nasty burns and severe home damage.

Electric Kettles Save Time

If you’re in a hurry to start your day right – with a hot cup of coffee or tea – the last thing you want is to wait around until the water starts boiling. Thanks to the electric kettle, your much-needed energy boost will be only a few minutes away.

Electric Kettles Are Portable

What makes electric kettles great is how easy you can transport them to wherever you’re headed. Even if you don’t choose a travel-sized kettle, you’ll probably find room in your luggage for this nifty appliance.

How to Choose the Best Electric Kettles for Canadians

Although an electric kettle is one of the most straightforward kitchen appliances you can purchase, you shouldn’t grab the first one you see. A few factors make a big difference when considering the various models of electric kettles available in Canada.

Here’s what to keep in mind to ensure you purchase one of the best electric kettles in Canada.


Electric kettles primarily differ in their pour spout. Most models available on the Canadian market feature the more traditional, beak-shaped pour spout. The main advantage of this opening is how quickly it dispenses water.

Other electric kettle models have an elongated, narrow spout that bears an uncanny resemblance to a goose’s neck. For this reason, this electric kettle type is known as the gooseneck kettle. This kettle pours water pretty slowly. Plus, the top opening is significantly narrower, which gives you more control over water pouring.

If you’re making a simple cup of tea, this might be more of a hassle than a handy addition. However, a gooseneck spout is imperative for Canadians who enjoy pour-over coffee. Even if precision isn’t crucial for your drink, you might benefit from reducing the chances of spills and splashes.


The ideal capacity for your electric kettle will depend on your drinking habits, the number of household members who want hot water, and the available space.

If you only make one cup of coffee or tea every morning, a large electric kettle will only take up space in your kitchen. One with a 0.5-litre capacity should do the trick. However, suppose you’re an avid coffee or tea drinker or brew beverages for more people. In that case, it’s worth purchasing a larger kettle. Generally speaking, a 1-litre kettle is sufficient for couples and smaller families, while bigger families should probably shoot for the 2-litre range.

A bigger kettle is typically heavier and will take up more counter space. If you have limited space available, consider buying a smaller model. Similarly, electric kettles with 0.5-litre capacity will be far better travel buddies.


Most electric kettles available in Canada are made using the following materials:

  • Stainless Steel is arguably the most popular material option, thanks to its durability, resistance to rust, and polished look.
  • Glass kettles add a whole new level of elegance to your kitchen. Plus, you can watch the water inside come to a boil.
  • Plastic kettles are ideal for Canadians who worry about the electric kettle being too heavy. Although the least durable, plastic is the most lightweight material option, making these kettles easy to transport and store.
  • Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor. As a result, an aluminum kettle will bring your water to a boil in no time. This material is also scratch-resistant but can be prone to denting.

The materials can affect the price, durability, and overall quality of the kettle. Choose the option that fits your budget, but make sure to consider how it might affect your kettle use.

Smart Features

For the most part, electric kettles in Canada are simple to use – you press a switch and wait for the water to boil. If you’re feeling fancy, you can look for models with smart features, such as pre-set drink options and temperature holding. Just remember that these additional features will probably raise the price of the electric kettle.

While these options are more of a bonus, an automatic shut-off feature can be extremely valuable for your safety as well as the longevity of the kettle. Luckily, most electric kettles in Canada offer this helpful feature.

Temperature Settings

Temperature settings will only matter to you if you plan on making more complex beverages that require specific boiling temperatures. If that’s the case, look for electric kettles in Canada with temperature control. Suppose you don’t care about how hot the water is precise. In that case, you’ll be perfectly satisfied with a kettle with no temperature settings.

How to Use Electric Kettles in Canada

An electric kettle doesn’t require the same amount of upkeep as some bigger appliances. Still, you should follow a few steps to ensure your kettle continues working smoothly.

Clean the Electric Kettle Regularly

Regular and proper cleaning is arguably the most important practice for keeping your kettle up to par. Since you’re working with an electric appliance, you should avoid washing your kettle using running water. Instead, it would be best if you did the following.

  1. Unplug the kettle.
  2. Let it cool down if it’s been working.
  3. Wipe the exterior using a clean cloth and a cleaning product of your choice.
  4. Fill the kettle halfway with equal parts warm water and vinegar.
  5. Bring the solution to a boil.
  6. Leave it to sit for approximately 20 minutes.
  7. Remove the solution and scrub the interior.
  8. Rinse the interior with water.

If you’re dealing with hard-to-remove calcium deposits, use a stronger solution of one part water and three parts vinegar and leave the solution in the kettle overnight.

How frequently you clean the interior depends on the hardness of your water. The harder the water, the more often you’ll have to clean. On average, you should thoroughly clean your electric kettle at least four times a year.

Only Boil the Necessary Amount of Water

Many Canadians tend to fill their electric kettle to the top when getting hot water for their coffee, tea, oatmeal, or ramen. But boiling more water than necessary can actually damage the appliance over time. Namely, the heating element will have to work harder and longer, which affects its lifespan in the long run. There’s a simple solution for this problem – only boil the necessary amount of water for your food or drink. This saves electricity too.

Avoid Leaving Water in the Electric Kettle

Another common mistake that many Canadians make is leaving water in the kettle after they finish using it. If there’s any water left, make sure to pour it out entirely. Storing water in the electric kettle can lead to limescale buildup and even mould, rendering even the best electric kettle in Canada useless. If limescale does build up in your electric kettle, you should descale it as quickly as possible. Most electric kettles should include instructions for descaling, but guides are readily available online for further information.

Avoid Heating an Empty Electric Kettle

Turning on an empty electric kettle can damage the heating element, subsequently decreasing the appliance’s lifespan. Also, this can be a safety hazard. More advanced electric kettles available in Canada will automatically cut off power if there’s no water inside. If your chosen kettle doesn’t have this feature, make sure to always pour in the water before turning on the appliance.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Usage Guidelines

Before putting your electric kettle to good use, you should go through the provided manual. Pay close attention to the sections describing which liquids are off-limits for your model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric kettles aren’t designed for heating milk. Milk can leave residue inside the kettle that is challenging to clean. In addition, milk can damage the kettle’s heating elements and possibly void its warranty. If you insist on using the kettle for milk, pay close attention to it and avoid letting it boil.

Rules and regulations about what’s allowed in dorms vary from college to college. Still, most dorms allow small kitchen appliances that don’t use open heating elements, such as blenders, mini-fridges, and of course, electric kettles.

If you don’t clean your electric kettle regularly and properly, you create the perfect damp environment for mould to grow. The same goes if you frequently leave water in your kettle. Some Canadian electric kettles keep water warm for a few hours after it boils. After that, you should immediately empty the kettle.

Despite one too many film scenes that suggest otherwise, not all kettles whistle when the water boils. Whistling kettles feature a device that produces sound once steam tries to escape through the spout. Other kettles will beep or use an alternative signal to indicate that the water is ready for pouring. Some electric kettles will automatically shut off when they are dry.

The average lifespan of an electric kettle is up to five years. Whether this period will be shorter or longer depends on the quality of the kettle, how well you maintain it, and how frequently you use it.