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A garden hose is a standard investment when you have a yard or garden to take care of. For the summer months, you’ll need a hose to keep your plants watered. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect the perfect hose for your outdoor space. There are a ton of options on the market, making it even harder to find the perfect option. 

To help narrow down your choices, we’ve curated a list of the best garden hoses for Canadians in 2024. Our extensive research into these products and what most Canadians look for in a garden hose led us to these choices. If you want to keep your lawn and garden looking great through the summer, these hoses are a great place to start.

6 Best Garden Hoses for Canadians: Top 2024 Picks

  • Best Overall: TheFitLife Expandable Garden Hose
  • Best Expandable: Gpeng Garden Hose
  • Best Design: Relxitl Garden Hose
  • Best Compact: X-Hose Pro Expandable Garden Hose
  • Best Flexible: NGreen Expandable Garden Hose
  • Best Pressure: Bionic Steel Metal Garden Hose

Why Did We Choose These Garden Hoses in Canada?

Each of the products on this list has been chosen based on its performance and its features. Our dedicated team of experts has evaluated each of the garden hoses that appears on this list. Our final selection is a result of hours of research and in-depth analysis. Take a look at why we chose these garden hoses.

The best all-around garden hose on our list is TheFitLife Expandable Garden Hose. This hose features a blend of latex and fabric, which makes it tangle-free and durable. It also features a wealth of different spray patterns, allowing you to easily cover as much or as little as you need.

The best expandable option on our list is the Gpeng Garden Hose. This high-quality hose expands quickly when it has water pressure, and will automatically revert to its original space when the water pressure recedes. It is easy to store and includes a 10-function spray nozzle that can help create the watering flow you prefer at all times.

Those seeking a unique design in their garden hose should consider the Relxitl Garden Hose. This option has an inner tube made from thickened latex with an exclusive design that will make it stand out among your gardening accessories. The Relxitl hose has a 10-function spray nozzle for extra customization.

Those looking for a compact option should consider opting for the X-Hose Pro Expandable Garden Hose. This option can expand up to 3x more when water pressure rises. It can then easily return to its original compact size when that water pressure is removed. This makes it a great collapsible choice that is easy to store no matter the available space you have.

The NGreen Expandable Garden Hose is made of flexible latex and polyester fabric, which lends it extra strength through thousands of uses. It’s completely leak-proof and will carry on for years to come, as its materials are extremely durable.

The durable Bionic Steel Metal Garden Hose is one of the best options in Canada for a higher PSI rating. At 500 PSI due to its larger diameter, this hose can handle any job where you need a higher pressure than a standard hose would give you.

Best Garden Hose in Canada: Quick Menu

Best Overall

The FitLife Expandable Garden Hose

TheFitLife Best Expandable Garden Hose - 100 Feet Strongest 12-Layer Latex Inner and Solid Brass Fittings Free Spray Nozzle 3/4 USA Standard Easy Storage Kink Free Flexible Water Hose

It's Great For:

The FitLife Expandable Garden Hose is a great choice for Canadians looking to have interesting spray patterns on their hose. This option from FitLife features a new lightweight design, adding convenience to any garden. After expanding to full length when water pressure is applied, the hose will easily retract into its original shape, making storage a breeze.

There is a brass valve at the end of the hose allowing better control of water flow while minimizing leakage. The inner tube of the hose is made from high-quality 12-layer latex, while the exterior is made from heavy-duty 3750D polyester, enhancing its resistance to punctures. This durable option has solid brass fitting to add to its sturdiness. This build prevents cracks, corrosion, and bursts.

The FitLife comes with a reinvented spray nozzle featuring 8 exclusive spray patterns, assisted by the fingers-free function. The spray patterns include soaker, cone, jet, angled, shower, mist, full, and flat options. They can allow you to fully customize your water flow at any time, depending on what you have on your watering list.

This option from FitLife is practical and drains the water in seconds while it contracts, which means you can store it away soon after finishing your tasks. We recommend storing this hose in a bucket when you are done with it. Use with a reel is not encouraged because in some cases it might damage the interior of the hose. This option is designed to easily be used on its own.

The flexible build can expand up to 3 times its size while weighing almost ⅓ less than most other available garden hoses. When you want to switch between spray patterns, all you have to do is rotate the bezel. The grip on the spray nozzle has a rubber band for more comfortable use, along with easy thumb control.

Key Features

  • Exclusive Spray Patterns. The new spray nozzle design allows Canadians to switch between 8 patterns. This allows a customized water flow that adapts to what you need to do.
  • Flexible Design. This high-performance option is also designed to be flexible. It’s easy to operate the hose, even if you are watering things far away from your water connector. 
  • Premium Materials. The brass fittings, high-quality multilayered latex, and high-grade polyester ensure the sturdiness and quality of the hose. 
  • Lightweight. The FitLife is easy to carry thanks to its lightweight design. This portability makes it very convenient to use, especially when you have a lot of yard work to do.

Our Expert’s Take

“This option from FitLife offers exclusive spray patterns and a refreshed design. You’ll appreciate the heavy-duty design.”

Best Expandable

Gpeng Garden Hose

Gpeng Garden Hose , Expandable Water Hose 50 ft with 10 Function Nozzle ,Triple Core Latex and 3/4

It's Great For:

The Gpeng Garden Hose is an expandable option that can reach up to 3 times its length within seconds when water pressure is turned on. After the water pressure is turned off, it will automatically fall back to its original size so it can be easily stored in Canadian households. A minimum of 60 PSI is recommended for this hose, with a maximum of 180 PSI.

If you are worried about your hose cracking or leaking, this Gpeng option can be the right choice for you. It features a very sturdy yet lightweight construction, thanks to the premium materials used to make it. The hose includes brass connectors to prevent leakage, and it has a robust valve that can be turned on or off as needed. There is a rubber washer, as well as an inner core made of a 3-layer latex pipe.

The cover of the garden hose is made from high-grade 3750D polyester fabric, with a flexible design that adapts to movement and prevents friction or cracks. This option has a spray nozzle with a non-slip rubber grip for additional comfort. The nozzle offers 10 different functions. By rotating the bezel, you will be able to access these functions with ease. They include shower, stream, vertical, jet, mist, cone, and centre options. These can all come in handy depending on what you want to use the water flow for and how you want to use it.

The easy retraction of the hose means that you can store it immediately after use. Remember to make sure that there is no trapped water in the hose before putting it away, to preserve the integrity of the latex inner core. Take advantage of the quick expansion of this Gpeng hose to wash your car or water your garden with minimal effort.

The flexible design of the hose ensures that it will remain tangle-free and ready for your use whenever you need it. Its durability and lightweight build increase the convenience it can bring to your home.

Key Features

  • Quick Expansion. This Gpeng option only takes seconds to expand up to 3 times its length, allowing you to make quick work of your watering or cleaning tasks. 
  • Convenient Spray Nozzle. The 10-function spray nozzle offers a lot of the customizable options you might need when operating this hose. From jet to angled, use the water flow according to your preferences. 
  • Robust Design. The high-quality materials used to build this hose were chosen for their durability and for allowing a lightweight portable option that is also durable.
  • Longevity. The flexibility and sturdiness of the design contribute to the long life of the hose. By maintaining and storing it properly, you could enjoy this hose for a long time. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This expandable hose from Gpeng doesn’t take long to get going. Quick expansion and a convenient nozzle with 10 different functions help you get the job done quickly.”

Best Design

Relxitl Garden Hose

Relxitl Garden Hose 100ft, Upgraded Expandable Water Hose with 10 Function Sprayer Nozzle Flexible Outdoor Yard Leak-Proof Water Pipe (100ft, Black)

It's Great For:

The Relxitl Garden Hose features a durable high-performance design. It uses a brass connector with an on/off valve. The high-quality brass keeps it resistant to corrosion and rust. On the inside of the tube, the core is made from 4 layers of high-duty latex. The outside is covered with 5000D polyester fabric. These materials create a flexible, lightweight, and durable product.

The brass valve allows you to shut off the tap even without needing to turn off the water from the source. This will automatically cease water flow. The sturdy soft casing assists with protecting the core of the hose, along with a sealing seal. This hose from Relxitl is flexible and lightweight, and able to stretch from its original shape.

There is a spray nozzle protected with ABS and metal casing. The nozzle has 10 functions, which can adjust to your watering needs. You can access each function by rotating the nozzle to your desired setting. The ergonomic design on the nozzle includes a convenient thumb switch that makes it easy to control. This premium quality spray nozzle is also made more resistant by being reinforced with metal thread.

Canadians who prefer a garden hose that can fill various functions will find this a worthy choice. The Relxitl hose can help you water your garden efficiently, but it can also help with cleaning cars or patios, and even pets. It can even be used as an entertainment tool on hot summer days with the family.

Enjoy the great portability of the Relxitl garden hose by carrying it from space to space and then using the convenient included storage bag and hanger to make quick work of storing it. To increase the longevity of the hose, we recommend keeping it away from direct sunlight when in storage. Before putting it away, it’s also best to make sure there is no water still in the hose. This option is built for durability, and following the easy maintenance instructions will keep it in your repertoire for a longer time.

Key Features

  • High-Performance Design. The design of this Relxitl hose uses ergonomic comfort and premium materials to ensure a high level of performance.
  • 10-Function Nozzle. The spray nozzle offers a variety of functions that can easily be accessed by rotating it. This will let you get the best flow depending on what you’re doing. 
  • Kink-Resistant. It is easy to keep the hose untangled thanks to the tangle-free materials and the flexibility of the design. This will save you time and effort. 
  • Easy Storage. The hose comes with its own storage bag and plastic hanger that can serve as a wall mount. It also collapses into a compact size that can be easily put away. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The Relxitl Garden Hose has a comfortable, high-performance design that is ergonomic and comfortable. The rotating 10-function nozzle also makes it extremely versatile.”

Best Compact

X-Hose Pro Expandable Garden Hose

X-Hose Pro Expandable Garden Hose 100 Ft, Heavy Duty Lightweight Retractable Water Hose, Flexible Hose, Weatherproof, Crush Resistant Solid Brass Fittings, Kink Free Expandable Hose AS SEEN ON TV

It's Great For:

The X-Hose Pro Expandable Garden Hose is a kink-free option that automatically grows three times its size when the hose is turned on. When the water pressure is removed, the garden hose collapses into its original size, making it compact and easy to store wherever you have space for it.

This garden hose from X-Pro is made from heavy-duty grade DAC-5 fibre, reinforced with micro-weave fibres that add flexibility and durability. The garden hose is also very lightweight due to its high-performance design, making it up to 50% more lightweight than many other options. The X-Pro is highly resistant to punctures, leaks, and friction. It is also completely weatherproof, which means you can use it no matter the conditions in the gardening seasons.

The hose comes with solid brass fittings, making it crush-resistant. This is enhanced by the stabilizer, adding to the overall resistance of the design. On the interior, the mixed latex design delivers consistent high-pressure water flow. At the end of the hose, you’ll find ABS plastic collars. They are what ensure universal compatibility between the X-Pro garden hose and all types of spray nozzles in Canada.

This garden hose has a steady maximum pressure of 200 PSI, but it has a burst function that allows it to go up to 500 PSI. It is very easy to use and to reel in when you are finished watering your garden. The sturdy build of the hose resists wear, while the lightweight design makes it a very portable option.

This X-Hose option offers a great range so that you can spray the garden without worry. The durability of the hose and the way it can resist even extreme weather makes this option a great candidate on this list. The hose will immediately start collapsing once water pressure is removed, and its compact original size can be a treat to gardeners and landscapers who don’t have much storage space available.

Key Features

  • Compact Size. Once it is not in use and water pressure stops, this garden hose will immediately start reversing to its original compact size. This simplifies storage.
  • Lightweight Build. While this garden hose has great reach, it is very light to carry, making gardening and landscaping a much more fun and straightforward activity.
  • Universal Spray Nozzles. Thanks to the highly resistant ABS collars on the hose, you can pair it with any type of spray nozzle. You’ll have so many options to choose from as a result.
  • Crush-Resistant. The heavy-duty build of this garden hose makes it durable and increases its resistance. The brass fitting and stabilizer make it even more able to withstand crushing without losing its shape.

Our Expert’s Take

“Though this compact garden hose is compact and lightweight, it’s still extremely heavy-duty. It expands to three times its size when in use and features multiple nozzles for all of your needs.”

Best Flexible

NGreen Expandable Garden Hose

NGreen Expandable and Flexible Garden Hose - Strength Durable Fabric and 12-Layer Latex Inner Tube, Lightweight Easy Storage Kink Free Water Hose, Leakproof Solid Brass Fittings with Nozzle (25 FT, Black)

It's Great For:

The NGreen Expandable Garden Hose is a great option for gardeners seeking an all-around hose in 2024. This NGreen hose features an upgraded design with leakproof connectors that include a brass shut-off valve. The lightweight design makes it easy to store and it automatically removes any tangles or kinks when it expands.

The inner tube of the hose is reinforced with multiple layers of strengthened fabric. This design creates a durable hose that has been tested to last up to 2000 uses, which makes it stand out among many others. This hose from NGreen expands up to 3 times its length with water pressure. It will then return to its usual size for easy storage and portability.

This garden hose has a non-slip spray nozzle with 8 functions. You can switch between them by rotating the bezel. This will allow you to customize the water flow according to your particular gardening needs. It includes a connector with thread fitting that can minimize leaks and the risk of damage to the inner tube.

The reduced leakage also helps with minimizing water waste, which is becoming more and more important to gardeners around Canada. This garden hose is resistant to heat and cold, so you can use it in any weather when you feel like gardening. The 8 spray patterns include cone, mist, flat, shower, jet, and angled options.

This is a convenient choice for gardeners, no matter the level of experience. It is easy to handle and can provide straightforward gardening sessions no matter the weather. The high quality of the materials and the design make it good value for money, and a preferred choice for gardeners around Canada.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Materials. The premium materials used to construct this garden hose add to its durability and performance. It can last up to 2000 uses, so you can enjoy it without worry.
  • 8-Function Spray Nozzle. This non-slip spray nozzle has 8 functions that allow you to customize the flow of water. You can easily switch between them at any time. 
  • Reducing Water Waste. The special connectors prevent leaks, which minimizes water waste while you are gardening. You can rest easy knowing that your hose isn’t causing your water bill to spike, too.
  • Brass Valve. The innovative brass shut-off valve will last for multiple years without corroding or rusting after long periods of use.

Our Expert’s Take

“The NGreen Expandable Garden Hose is a high-quality and high-performing option. The multi-function spray nozzle and leak prevention features are great options for most Canadians.”

Best Pressure

Bionic Steel Metal Garden Hose

Bionic Steel Metal Garden Hose 100ft, Rust Proof 304 Stainless Steel Water Hose with Brass Fittings, Flexible & Heavy Duty Hose, Lightweight, Kink Free & Easy Coil Outdoor Hose- 2021 Model

It's Great For:

Do you often wish that your garden hose had more pressure? Worried about leaving it out in the weather? The Bionic Steel Metal Garden Hose can solve both of these problems. This hose has a larger diameter throughout the 100’ in length, allowing it to create up to 500 PSI. If you have jobs where you need just a bit more pressure to get something clean, this hose can help you get it done. 

This hose is also completely weatherproof. You can leave it out during the winter or the longer summers without any issues. It won’t be damaged from constant sunlight exposure, and it won’t burst or fray due to exposure to ice. Instead, you’ll find the same durable construction after hundreds and thousands of uses, making it a great option for those who need a workhorse hose. 

The stainless steel design of this hose also prevents kinks and rust, so you always get the maximum pressure available from your faucet. The rust-free properties give you even more peace of mind when using this hose, and it won’t need to be replaced after just a few uses. This hose also won’t expand with swells of water, allowing you to maintain pressure and stay durable throughout the seasons. 

All of the fittings used on the Bionic Steel Metal Garden Hose are made with high-quality aluminum. They are completely crush-resistant. If you usually leave your hose in your driveway while you work, you won’t have to worry about running it over. The stabilizer collar helps it withstand crushing force, while the on/off valve gives you all the tools you need to control the flow of water without constantly going back to your hookup point.

Key Features

  • Weatherproof. Whether you’re dealing with heat, ice, or other extreme temperatures, this garden hose won’t split or become damaged. You can leave it out in the sun and leave it out to freeze, and it will still offer consistent performance.
  • Durable Design. The commercial-grade stainless steel makes this garden hose completely resistant to puncture, leaks, and other wear caused by dragging it to where you need it. 
  • Large Diameter. This hose features a diameter of about ⅝ of an inch, which makes it larger than some of the other standard garden hoses you may find. 
  • High PSI. The larger hose diameter helps it produce a higher PSI. You can get up to 500 PSI of pressure when you need it, so you can get more performance out of your garden hose. 

Our Expert’s Take

“If you need a durable hose that can withstand everything you can throw at it, you won’t find better than the Bionic Steel Metal Garden Hose. This 100’ hose is extremely durable and features one of the highest pressure settings on our list.”

Comparing the Best Garden Hoses for Canadians

CategoryGarden HoseMaterialWeightDimensionsMax Pressure
Best OverallThe FitLife Expandable Garden HoseBrass, High-Quality Latex, 3750D Polyester0.9 kg24.9 x 22 x 9.1 cm145 PSI
Best ExpandableGpeng Garden HoseBrass, Rubber, Latex, 3750D Polyester1.18 kg31 x 23.8 x 11.1 cm180 PSI
Best DesignRelxitl Garden Hose4-Layer Latex, 5000D Polyester1.67 kg32 x 27.5 x 13 cm145 PSI
Best CompactX-Hose Pro Expandable Garden HoseHigh-Performance Fibre, Brass, Latex0.9 kg43.2 x 27.9 x 22.9 cm200 PSI
Best FlexibleNGreen Expandable Garden HoseBrass, Premium Latex, 3750D Polyester2 kg21.79 x 21.49 x 9.6 cm145 PSI

How We Selected These Garden Hoses in Canada

This list of best garden hoses in Canada is the result of carefully choosing from hundreds of available products. Any products that don’t pass our stringent standards are eliminated because we don’t want to recommend anything but the best. These hoses will offer the most bang for their buck, making them worthy investments until you eventually need to replace them.

Below are some of the categories we consider when selecting these hoses for Canadian buyers. This way, you’ll know we don’t choose just any product out there.

  • Material Quality. The best garden hoses for Canadians are made of the best materials available. The hose must withstand all manner of stress and damage – to a reasonable degree. Otherwise, the hose isn’t considered one of the best garden hoses in Canada.
  • Total Uses. Garden hoses usually have a rating for how many times they can be used. These hoses should have a limit of at least 1,000 uses, especially with higher pressures.
  • Kink-Free. Hoses shouldn’t bend or kink when you drag them around, as this can lead to inconsistent streams. Canadians should have access to hoses that release a constant stream of water.
  • Ease of Storage. Many Canadians want a hose that can be coiled and stowed away without too much effort. These hoses all pass the test, and anyone can store them in a designated spot.

While there are other minor categories, these four are the primary ways we determine the final choices.

Why Use a High-Quality Garden Hose in Canada

Why Use a High-Quality Garden Hose in Canada in 2024?

Avid gardeners and homeowners don’t need to rely on low-quality garden hoses for cleaning and watering plants. Instead, they can switch to a high-quality hose. Here are some reasons why.


A typical garden hose may not be rated for more than 1,000 uses under high pressure. You’ll find yourself buying replacements after extended use. A worthy garden hose will let you do just about anything in the yard or garden, even after years.

Most garden hoses are made of latex, a natural material that doesn’t tear or break easily. While some hoses are also covered in a layer of synthetic material, it’s best not to leave them under the sun for long.


All the best garden hoses in Canada boast flexibility because they wouldn’t be selected otherwise. A high-quality hose must not be rigid and difficult to manipulate. If too hard, you won’t be able to reach corners or clean certain parts of the car.

Some of your houseplants may be located in a hard-to-reach spot, but flexible hoses can reach them without issue. As a result, you can keep using the hose for any watering or cleaning jobs with total peace of mind.

Number of Functions

Though not every Canadian wants a multifunction nozzle on their garden hose, most of the choices on our list have them. These components let users wash cars without damaging them or even give their beloved animal companions a well-deserved bath. The hoses with nozzles have at least eight different spray patterns or functions.

Ease of Storage

Garden hoses are long and need to be coiled when not in use. A flexible or expandable hose will quickly collapse into a manageable mass that you can fit in a corner or bag. Many Canadians value how these hoses don’t take up too much space.

In contrast, a rigid hose may not coil properly and takes extra effort to store. There’s a reason serious gardeners or homeowners avoid them.

High-Pressure Support

Sometimes, standard water pressure isn’t enough to remove dirt or debris from something, such as a vehicle. For example, you may enjoy off-road driving. It’s a fun activity, but mud can accumulate on your truck.

That’s where a high-pressure hose comes in. Besides striking the mud off trucks, you can use the hose to get rid of stubborn stains and more.

Weather Resistance

Though you’re likely not using a water hose often in the winter, buying one that withstands the hot summer sun is crucial. UV rays can easily damage hoses unless they’re treated to be weather-resistant. Some even withstand direct fire for short periods without sustaining permanent damage.

Long-Term Investment

A high-quality hose can last for a long time, and you’ll likely save hundreds of dollars if it lasts for thousands of uses.

How to Choose a Garden Hose for Canadians

A garden hose might seem like a fairly easy purchase, but there are several factors you should consider if you want a hose that will last. Once you know what type of hose you want, the rest of the process is fairly simple. Here’s a short list of features and factors that you should keep in mind as you shop for the best garden hose in Canada.

Material Type

Hoses come in several materials, including the following:

  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Hybrid Polymer
  • Steel
  • A combination of various materials

Some users want the characteristics of rubber, while those who desire actual durability may gravitate toward steel.

There’s something for everyone on our list of best garden hoses in Canada. Feel free to choose a hose based on preferred materials, as this is considered a significant trait. Consider whether you prefer a flexible hose, one that expands, or one that stays the same regardless of the flow of your water.

Hose Type

Not every garden hose is expandable. Some are made of polymer, which doesn’t expand up to three times its size when you turn the water on. Even so, almost every noteworthy garden hose is flexible.

Expandable hoses are made of several layers of latex, sometimes up to 12. When water flows, the pressure forces the hose to expand, and increased pressure slowly lets the hose reach its full length. When they retract, you’ll find it easier to carry them around the house.

While there’s no inherent disadvantage to these hoses, some Canadians prefer a different type of hose. There’s nothing wrong with a flexible rubber hose either way.


A garden hose comes in several standard sizes. Manufacturers make different lengths available to cater to everyone’s needs. Here are some common measurements:

  • 25 feet
  • 50 feet
  • 75 feet
  • 100 feet

Larger homes may require a longer hose, while a 100-foot hose is an overkill for small locations. Don’t be pressured to get a longer one, because it may be too large for your house. It’s better to get something that fits just fine and can be stowed away in a corner. You can always purchase multiple hoses, especially if you need them for multiple uses. For example, if you plan to use your garden hose to wash the car, consider how far the driveway is from the connection point. You might need a longer hose for that purpose, while a shorter hose is more appropriate for watering the flowers in your backyard.


Manufacturers test their garden hoses and find out how long they last. Some hoses endure for 1,000 uses, and others double that number. Durability often takes high water pressure into account.

Owners should consider how often they will need water around the house. Go with a less durable hose if you don’t need to use it often. Others need the most long-lasting product they can find.


Your environment can affect your garden hose of choice. We have one made of steel, and you likely don’t need it if you only use the hose infrequently. Those in a commercial working environment may find it necessary.

Accounting for your environment is another consideration. Your garden hose should suit your location best. That way, you can eliminate unnecessary risks or inconveniences.


Nozzles and other attachments aren’t compulsory, though some Canadians want to have extra options. While these accessories are helpful, they can sometimes be junk if you don’t have a reason to use them.

If you don’t mind having hose attachments feel free to get them. Others may not feel the same and prefer a hose without bells and whistles.

How Do You Use a Garden Hose in Canada?

Besides watering plants, garden hoses have other uses. Here are some you may not have considered.

  • Pet showers. If you have a dog or other animal at home that enjoys showers or baths, a garden hose is more than adequate for the job. Make sure not to spray too hard, and avoid hitting their vulnerable parts.
  • Power-washing roofs. Roofs can accumulate algae and dirt, but a powerful garden hose and detergent can easily eliminate unwanted flora. Make sure you’re using the correct pressure settings and cleaning agents for this job.
  • Washing vehicles. Many people already wash their cars and trucks with a garden hose because of how convenient it is. As with a roof, don’t increase the pressure too much, as it can damage the paint.
  • Watering plants. The primary purpose of a garden hose is to provide plants with the moisture they need to grow and survive.
  • Clean equipment. Hoses are used in working environments and other locations to clean heavy equipment from debris and other substances. Of course, you can easily clean smaller objects with a garden hose too.
  • Fun. Kids may enjoy getting soaked with a garden hose when playing outside on a warmer day. Consider doing this if they want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using a garden hose can be incredibly beneficial to many Canadians. Those with large yards will find it can easily help them reach plants that need watering, clean your driveway and wash your car. Users who have small patios can choose a compact hose that will be able to reach potted plants and flowers without the bulk of some larger models. Pet owners will especially find a garden hose to be useful, as it is great for giving your dog a bath or spray when they get muddy and dirty.

Garden hoses are incredibly useful, often on a daily basis during warmer weather, but when winter arrives, you will want to store them carefully to ensure they will be ready to use when spring comes again. When extreme weather hits or temperatures drop below freezing, you should remove the hose from the water spigot, making sure to place an insulated cover over it. The hose should not be stored outside to prevent freezing of any interior water left within and cracking of the material. Make sure to keep the hose in a dry location, preferably away from where critters or rodents won’t be able to chew on it.

Canadians with large yards and many plants around the perimeter of their homes will want to look for a garden hose that can extend longer distances in order to reach all of their landscaping. The Gpeng Garden Hose is a great choice for those with large spaces, as it can extend three times its normal length. Featuring a multi-setting sprayer and a unique compact design, this hose isn’t bulky while being stored.

Choosing the best garden hose is really down to personal preference and where you may happen to live. Those who live on larger properties will need an extra large and easy-to-maneuver garden hose, while Canadians living in smaller homes will want a compact hose that doesn’t take up much room. Whether you plan on using it for landscaping, pet bathing or car washing, you will want to choose a garden hose with a sprayer that has the settings you desire.

Whether you use your garden hose on a daily basis for watering plants or for the occasional car wash, you need to ensure that you care for your garden hose after each use. Caring for a garden hose properly will make sure it lasts longer, and you won’t be replacing it as often. After use, make sure all water has been emptied out of the hose, and ensure the sprayer and the spigot are turned all the way off. Store your hose completely off the ground to make sure that any yard critters won’t nibble and break the hose, and never keep it outside in freezing temperatures

Canadians living in smaller homes without a lot of room for bulkier outdoor gardening or cleaning equipment will benefit the best from a compact garden hose. These smaller hoses are great for those with potted plants on a patio or close to their house. The X-Hose Pro Expandable Garden Hose is our favourite compact garden hose and great for anyone with limited space. This kink-free, microfibre hose has great pressure and will work with any compatible sprayers, ensuring a perfect nozzle for whatever your needs are.