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Hair dryers are extremely useful when you are looking to take better care of your hair. While the natural use of a hair dryer is to dry your hair quickly after a shower, they are also great for styling and other applications when it comes to haircare. There are a lot of options available on the Canadian market, which can make it difficult to pinpoint the right hair dryer for your needs. Thankfully, we’re here to help you choose the hair dryer that works best for you.

To help with this challenge, we have compiled the selection of the best hair dryers in Canada in 2024. Following the guidance of features that are relevant to Canadians looking for hair dryers, we submitted each product to ample research and evaluation. Here is what the best hair dryers have to offer.

Best Hair Dryers for Canadians: Top Style Choices in 2024

  • Best Overall: Revlon Lightweight Fast Dry Hair Dryer
  • Best for Thick Hair: Wavytalk Ionic Hair Dryer
  • Best for Volume: Revlon Volume Booster Hair Dryer
  • Best Easy Use: Conair Hair Dryer
  • Best Luxury: BaBylissPRO TT Hair Dryer
  • Best for Fast Drying: Revlon Compact and Lightweight Hair Dryer
  • Best for Travel: BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Travel Hair Dryer

Why Did We Choose These Hair Dryers in Canada?

Your hair dryer can make all the difference when it comes to your style, so chose only the best. Each of the hair dryers on our list were evaluated based on factors that Canadians like you need in a hair dryer. During our evaluations, we noticed that these products stood out in different ways. Ultimately, this is why we chose them! Here’s why we picked the best hair dryers in Canada.

The Revlon Lightweight Fast Dry Hair Dryer is the best hair dryer in Canada. The ceramic design is lightweight and easy to use, while the streamlined airflow sends concentrated blasts of air for the fastest drying time.

The Wavytalk Ionic Hair Dryer is a great choice for Canadians with thick hair. This option features a powerful motor that provides a quicker hair drying experience. It also provides steady airflow and consistent temperature to ensure you get the best results out of the experience.

The Revlon Volume Booster Hair Dryer is the best hair dryer for customers seeking more volume and lift in their hair. It is the perfect hair dryer for your next at-home blowout.

The Conair Hair Dryer is the best hair dryer for easy use. This hair dryer is simple to use and affordable, which is great for many Canadians who want basic, easy features without fuss.

The BaBylissPRO TT Hair Dryer is the best luxury hair dryer on the Canadian market. It is tourmaline and ceramic, delivering infrared heat to the hair without dehydrating it.

Our choice for the best fast-drying hair dryer in Canada overall is the Revlon Compact & Lightweight Hair Dryer because it offers the best combination of power, function, and portability for every situation.

The BaBylissPR Ceramix Xtreme Travel Hair Dryer is the best hair dryer to travel with. It is the smallest dryer on our list, with a foldable handle so you can easily pack it away in your luggage.

Best Hair Dryer in Canada: Quick Menu

Best Overall

Revlon Lightweight Fast Dry Hair Dryer

Revlon Lightweight 1875W Fast Dry Hair Dryer, Black

It's Great For:

Many Canadians use a hair dryer for the sole purpose of expediting their personal care routine. The faster they can dry their hair, the sooner they are able to get on with the rest of their day. If you are a Canadian shopper looking to cut down the amount of time spent drying your wet hair, then the Revlon Lightweight Fast Dry Hair Dryer is the best hair dryer for you.

The additional concentrator cap attachment that comes with the Revlon Lightweight Fast Dry Hair Dryer is the secret to getting a quick blow dry. The concentrator cap streamlines the airflow of the dryer. This concentrated airflow creates a powerful, fast-acting stream of air. The ceramic coating helps even out the heat distribution for an even flow. These two factors work together to seriously impact the drying time.

This dryer has a sleek, sophisticated silhouette. It is extremely lightweight, so there is no need for the user to take a break to rest their arms, making the whole hair-drying process as quick and painless as possible.

Key Features

  • Lightweight Build. This hair dryer has a premium plastic build that makes it easy to use without experiencing hand cramps. 
  • Anti-Slip. The anti-slip design makes it easier to avoid accidental drops and to provide a better grip during use. It won’t slip out of your hand, even when your hands are damp.
  • Easy to Use. This straightforward option is easy to use and can be used for both drying and styling. It’s simple to get it to work exactly how you need it to.
  • Easy Maintenance. For additional convenience, you can remove the end cap of the hair dryer for an easy cleaning experience.

Our Expert’s Take

“Revlon offers an easy-to-use option that gets the job done quickly. A host of options means you’ll get plenty of use out of this hair dryer.”

Best for Thick Hair

Wavytalk Ionic Hair Dryer

Wavytalk Ionic Hair Dryer with Diffuser and Concentrator, Lightweight Quiet Blow Dryer, Powerful 1875 Watt Motor for Smooth and Fast Drying Hair, Rose Pink

It's Great For:

The Wavytalk Ionic Hair Dryer is a powerful choice that is highly suitable for Canadians with thicker hair. This option provides quick drying to all hair types thanks to the strong motor that ensures steady airflow and constant temperature. The hair dryer makes use of ionic technology to provide more in-depth protection for hair, making you feel like you are at the salon.

The travel size dimensions of the hair dryer ensure easy portability. You can use this hair dryer at home or while travelling and enjoy the same great results no matter where you are. This is a great option for Canadians with sensitive scalps, as the hair dryer can help maintain a stable balance and deliver extra protection during the drying process.

While the hair dryer is recommended for thick hair thanks to the quick drying it offers, it can be used with all types of hair with great results. Thanks to the drying technology it uses, this hair dryer can be easily used for styling once the hair is no longer wet. There is a switch that you can use to navigate between 3 temperature options: low, medium, and high.

There are also 2 power speed settings, as well as toggle for the negative ion technology and one for the Cool Shot option that delivers a burst of cool air.

Key Features

  • Ionic Technology. You can easily turn the negative ion setting on to enjoy the ionic technology for extra protection. Your hair won’t suffer from severe damage when you use this setting.
  • Portability. The lightweight design of this hair dryer makes it easy to take with you as you travel. You won’t have to rely on hotel hair dryers.
  • Great for Thick Hair. The hair dryer can be used by Canadians with all hair types, but it is very useful for thick hair. It dries efficiently, even when it usually takes a lot to get your hair dry.
  • High Performance. The powerful performance of this hair dryer comes from its strong and durable motor, which will last for years to come.

Our Expert’s Take

“A great choice for thick hair with high performance and interesting technology. If a standard, run-of-the-mill hair dryer isn’t cutting it, you’ll love the way this option uses various technologies to deliver a more advanced experience.”

Best for Volume

Revlon Volume Booster Hair Dryer

Revlon Volume Booster Hair Dryer | 1875W for Voluminous Lift and Body, (Green)

It's Great For:

Canadians that are shopping for a dryer that will give them maximum volume will love the Revlon Volume Booster Hair Dryer. It is specifically made to boost the hair’s volume to the max, as well as provide long-lasting lift and body to the hair. It has a specially-designed nozzle that provides maximum airflow from a smaller vent, which allows you to target the roots of the hair to achieve the most voluminous styles.

This dryer comes with 2 speed settings and 3 heat options. It has an additional “cool shot” button that delivers a continuous blast of cold air. This cool shot feature is perfect for locking in your hairstyle for all-day wear. Not all hair dryers have this cooling shot feature

The Revlon Volume Booster Hair Dryer comes with a diffuser head attachment. This can be screwed onto the hair dryer like a bottle cap. The diffuser is particularly helpful for shoppers with curly or wavy hair. Curly or wavy hair requires different care than straight hair. A diffuser’s unique structure will help to shape and define natural waves and curls in the hair. It will also reduce frizz, which curly hair can be prone to.

Key Features

  • Volume Enhancing. The hair dryer maximises hair volume with ease. It provides long-lasting body for your hair, so you can feel beautiful long after your hair is dry.
  • All-Day Duration. If you frequently use hair dryers to add volume to your hair, you know that it can sometimes fall flat. This hair dryer delivers volume that can last all day long.
  • Curl-Defining. The hair dryer can be used to create well-defined curls. The heat locks the curls in, ensuring that your hair stays styled throughout the day.
  • Cool Shot Burst. You can use the quick burst of cool air offered with the Cool Shot Burst function to lock in styles and get the most out of your styling session.

Our Expert’s Take

“This hair dryer can be used to easily create long-lasting volume and curls. The various options and attachments are great for any style you want to create.”

Best Easy Use

Conair Hair Dryer

Conair 246RNC 1875 Watt Dryer

It's Great For:

Many Canadians want a hair dryer that doesn’t have a lot of “bells and whistles”. If you are in the market for an affordable, easy-to-use hair dryer, the Conair Hair Dryer is an excellent choice. It is simple to operate and use. A plastic hair dryer will be the most affordable option on the market. This dryer is made with high-quality, asbestos-free plastic.

It has 2 speeds and 2 heat functions, so it is intuitive and simple to figure out and use. It is compact and lightweight, so it is simple to store away. The hanging ring makes for easy storage wherever you keep your hair dryer. It is basic enough to be suitable for all hair types.

A cold setting helps you lock in your style for all-day wear, and it’s easy to access on the sliding control bar. You’ll also get a concentrator with your order, which helps regulate temperature and dry hair faster. The concentrator tip is easy to install and helps reduce the time spent drying your hair, which is essential for busy Canadians. The no-fuss design also helps you quickly and easily learn to use the hair dryer, so you can look great without worrying about multiple modes, settings, and complicated features.

If you have limited space in your bathroom cabinets and drawers, this might be the compact hair dryer for you. With a sleek, modern design and a quick learning cur, this Conair Hair Dryer is one of the best and most affordable options on our list.

Key Features

  • Easy to Use. A streamlined design and user-friendly controls makes this hair dryer easy to use. It’s streamlined to be simple for most users.
  • Good Value. This budget-friendly option delivers good value at an affordable price. You’ll get the most out of your money when you choose this high-performing model.
  • Concentrator. There is a concentrator included with the hair dryer that can be used as an accessory to dry your hair faster.
  • Suitable for All Hair Types. This hair dryer can be used for all hair types, making it a practical choice in households with multiple users.

Our Expert’s Take

“If the idea of a heavier, more advanced hair dryer is intimidating, this is a great alternative. It’s easy to use and gets the job done without any frills.”

Best Luxury

BaBylissPRO TT Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline and Ceramic Hair Dryer, 1 Count

It's Great For:

Many Canadian customers are on the lookout for a high-end, professional-quality hair dryer. While there are many great hair dryers on the Canadian market, a luxury hair dryer can make a big difference in your styling experience and hair health. The BaBylissPRO Hair Dryer is a fantastic option for shoppers looking to invest in a luxury hair dryer.

The BaBylissPRO Hair Dryer has a unique combination of a tourmaline and ceramic body. These materials are natural sources of negative ions and infrared heat. These work together to dry the hair shaft from the inside out, without drying out the hair follicles’ natural and integral moisture. This unique combination of materials is what sets it apart from other hair dryers, and it provides more luxurious and high-end styling too.

This hairdryer is lightweight and easy to maneuver. This ensures that the customer’s arms will not fatigue during the drying process. It has 2 speed options and 3 temperature options. This gives the user lots of control and more options for their hair. The ease of use and variety of settings means shoppers can achieve salon-worthy or complicated styles at home with ease.

Key Features

  • Multiple Settings. For enhanced customization, there are various settings available with this hair dryer, including 2 speed options and 3 temperature options. 
  • Lightweight. This hair dryer is extremely lightweight, making it easy to travel with. You can also use it for long periods without fatigue.
  • Infrared Technology. This BaByliss Hair Dryer uses infrared technology to dry hair quickly and with a smooth finish. This technology provides everything you need to get the job done quickly. 
  • Luxury Feel. Those treating themselves to this hair dryer can feel like they’re enjoying  a premium salon experience while using it. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This BaBylissPRO hair dryer uses state-of-the-art infrared technology to help you style your hair, delivering a more luxurious experience. Your hair will be smoother after using this dryer.”

Best for Fast Drying

Revlon Compact & Lightweight Hair Dryer

Revlon 1875W Compact & Lightweight Hair Dryer, Black

It's Great For:

For an overall great hair dryer in Canada for 2024, we recommend the Revlon Compact & Lightweight Hair Dryer. This model is the perfect combination of power, function, and flexibility. It’s a wonderful choice for Canadians who value appliances that are designed to get the job done right the first time.

This hair dryer is made from lightweight plastic material, so it is easy to use without experiencing muscle cramps or pain from holding a heavy appliance above your head. But despite its lightweight design, this hair dryer still has plenty of performance power to quickly dry your hair. It has two heat and speed settings, making it perfect for Canadians who use their hair dryer to both dry and style their locks. No more worrying about burning your hair trying to get the job done faster.

Another great feature of the Revlon Compact & Lightweight Hair Dryer is the “Cool Shot” option. Simply hit the button for a blast of cool air instead of hot. The Cool Shot feature is perfect for setting hairstyles for long-lasting looks without using any heat.

We also love that you can remove the end cap of this hair dryer for easy cleaning and maintenance. This prevents a loss of airflow caused by dust or debris and helps to extend the life of your appliance. It also comes equipped with a handy hanging ring, so you can store it on a hook in your bathroom for easy access, and to prevent damage that might occur when you cram it into a drawer or cabinet.

Key Features

  • Compact Design. The compact build of the hair dryer makes it very comfortable to use, and also convenient to transport. 
  • Strong Performance. Despite the lightweight design of the hair dryer, it delivers strong performance while drying and styling. 
  • Efficient Settings. The temperature and speed settings are efficient. It doesn’t take long for this hair dryer to reach the desired temperature and speed for your favourite styles. 
  • Cool Shot. There is a handy button on the hair dryer that delivers a cool burst of air whenever needed. This Cool Shot features opens up your styling options.

Our Expert’s Take

“This compact hair dryer is extremely lightweight, so it’s easy to use for long sessions. If your hair is thicker or takes longer to dry, this option can help reduce fatigue.”

Best for Travel

BaBylissPRO Micro Travel Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Ceramic Travel Hairdryer, Red, 1 Count

It's Great For:

If you find yourself dealing with the hassle of travelling with a bulky, heavy blow dryer, then the BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Travel Hair Dryer could be a real game changer for you. Canadian shoppers that want a lightweight dryer may love this hair dryer. It is specifically designed with travel in mind.

The BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Travel Hairdryer is made with a combination of tourmaline and titanium. Titanium is a metal that is extremely lightweight, which makes it perfect for a compact hair dryer. It can heat and dry hair quickly without any unnecessary bulk. This dryer also has a foldable handle. This makes its small size extremely travel-friendly, as it can fold up to fit in a carry-on bag. The red colour makes it easy to find in a packed bag. 

This hair dryer features 2 speed and 2 heat functions, ensuring that it is just as efficient and effective as any traditional or larger hair dryer. You don’t have to give up function with this dryer.

Key Features

  • Great for Travel. A lightweight build makes this hair dryer great for travel, or for users who need longer drying sessions for their hair. 
  • Quick Drying. The hair dryer provides fast-acting heat to achieve quick drying, so you can get your hair done quickly and without fuss.
  • Foldable Handle. This option is easy to pack as the handle folds whenever you need extra storage space. It will fit into your smaller bathrooms and your luggage. 
  • Efficient. Despite its small size, this hair dryer is efficient when used, delivering great performance on the go. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This hair dryer is designed to make travel and packing easier without losing access to styling your hair. You’ll never have to use a hotel hair dryer again!”

Comparing the Best Hair Dryers for Canadians

Best OverallRevlon Lightweight Fast Dry Hair DryerBlackCeramic1875 Watts771 g
Best for Thick HairWavytalk Ionic Hair DryerPinkMetal, Plastic1875 Watts820 g
Best for VolumeRevlon Volume Booster Hair DryerGreenCeramic1875 Watts762 g
Best Easy UseConair Hair DryerWhitePlastic1875 Watts544 g
Best LuxuryBaBylissPRO TT Hair DryerSilverTourmaline, Ceramic1875 Watts875 g
Best for Fast DryingRevlon Compact & Lightweight Hair DryerBlackPlastic1875 Watts435 g
Best for TravelBaBylissPRO Micro Travel Hair DryerRedTourmaline, Titanium1000 Watts299 g

How We Selected These Hair Dryers in Canada

We are constantly hunting for the best product options for Canadian consumers. We’ve researched hundred of products, from kitchen appliances to pet supplies, and everything in between. We are dedicated to finding the best of the best, so Canadian shoppers don’t have to spend their time researching their next purchase.

Our team of experts analyze and research each hair dryer, which allows us to compile a list based on features we believe Canadians value the most. When putting together this list of the best hair dryers in Canada, we considered the following features:

  • Ease of Use. Of course, Canadians want a hair dryer that comes with all the bells and whistles, so they can get the very best performance and style. However, nobody wants to crack open a 26-page user’s guide just to learn how to operate their hair dryer. When considering what types of hair dryers to put on this list, we looked for options that were easy to use and operate right out of the box.
  • Volume and Lift. Sometimes, heat can be damaging to your hair and may leave it looking flat and dull. That’s why we included options on our list that were designed to put volume and bounce back into your locks, so you can walk away looking fabulous every time.
  • Quick Drying Time. Our beauty regimens are time-consuming enough without having to stand in front of the mirror holding a blow dryer to our heads for long periods. Hair dryers should be powerful enough to dry your hair quickly without scorching or burning your hair. When compiling our list of the best hair dryers in Canada, we looked for models that are designed to dry your locks quickly without getting too hot
  • Weight and Portability. Holding a hair dryer above your head can be painful. Heavy models can even cause damage to your joints or create painful situations with your muscles. We looked for hair dryers that include a lightweight design, so your muscles won’t cramp up halfway through your styling session. We also looked for multiple hair dryers that were simple to put in your bag or suitcase for styling on the go.
Why Should I Use a Hair Dryer in Canada

Why Should I Use a Hair Dryer in Canada?

Anyone looking to care for their hair can benefit from using a hair dryer. A hair dryer is great for cutting down the drying time of hair in comparison to air drying. A hair dryer may be used as a styling tool. However, it does not have to be. Any Canadians who swim, spend time in wet climates, or expose their hair to water regularly can benefit from having and using a hair dryer.

Essentially, a hair dryer is an important tool for anyone who styles their hair.

How to Choose a Hair Dryer for Canadians

A hair dryer may seem like a simple choice, but there are many more factors at play than you might realize. Before you purchase any hair dryer, make sure to consider some of the following features and options. Choosing the right hair dryer can make a difference in your results, but it’s easy when you keep the following things in mind.

Consider Your Hair Type

Some hair types will benefit from different types of dryers. For example, curly or wavy hair may benefit from a hair dryer that has a diffuser attachment, specifically designed for their hair type. Customers with damaged hair may want a dryer with advanced, infrared technology that will minimize any further damage that may be caused by regular heat styling. 

Using the wrong hair dryer for your type of hair can lead to further damage or difficulty styling your hair. For the best results, make sure to use a hair dryer that is compatible with your hair type. 

Home Versus Travel

If you are always using your hair dryer in the same place, you may feel more comfortable buying a larger or more luxurious hair dryer. If you plan to travel with your hair dryer often, you may want to consider hair dryers that are more compact or inexpensive in case they could be lost.

Travel-friendly hair dryers are compact and lightweight. They are easy to fold away in your luggage and take with you, no matter where you’re going. If you travel often or don’t want to suffer through using hotel hair dryers, you should look for a model that is relatively inexpensive and may fold down to a more compact design. 

Frequency of Use

If you are looking to use your hair dryer very often, you will want to factor this into your purchase. You should consider where you will keep it and how easy it will be to store and access each day. You may also want to consider your hair’s health and choose a model that is specifically designed for healthy hair styling to prevent heat damage.

Some models are better-equipped for frequent use, particularly those with lower heat and cold-shot settings. These options can improve how you use the hair dryer, particularly if you use it often enough that it may damage your hair.


Like most hair styling products, a hair dryer can be very different depending on what materials are used to make it. Here are just a few of the popular materials for hair dryers and how they can benefit you. 

  • Tourmaline. Tourmaline hair dryers are more often used for their ionic properties, which can help tame frizz and deal with problems that come with thicker hair. They are best for hair that is difficult to dry and often frizzes after it dries. Tourmaline dryers are often more expensive than other hair dryers.
  • Titanium. Titanium hair dryers are made of lightweight material. This can be helpful when drying a lot of hair at once, or if you use your hair dryer often. The heat should be steady and even, with no temperature spikes or changes. Titanium hair dryers can get hot quickly, so you should avoid lingering over specific sections of hair while using a titanium hair dryer.
  • Plastic or Ceramic. Plastic and ceramic hair dryers are more universal than other models. The heat isn’t as intense, but it is consistent. This means it’s great for dry, damaged hair. Canadians with fine hair may also prefer a plastic or ceramic dryer. This type of dryer might use infrared or ionic technology to dry the hair from the inside out, preventing some damage.

Heat and Speed Features

Heat and speed features can add versatility and flexibility to your hair dryer. You should look for an option that has at least two heat settings. Speed settings are commonly featured to help speed the drying process, too. Two or three speed settings should work for any application you need to use your hair dryer for. 

While different levels of heat provide more flexibility, a hair dryer may also come with a cool setting. A cool setting can help set your style, so you look great all day long. Consider how many heat and speed functions you’ll use before making a purchase.


Sometimes, a hair dryer will come with a few different attachments. These attachments usually screw or snap onto the front of your hair dryer to provide different effects. The most common of these is a concentrator attachment, which helps direct more air toward a smaller space. This is great for faster drying. this is just one of the attachments that may come with your hair dryer. 

Consider whether you’ll use the attachments before purchasing a hair dryer with a lot of different options. These can be great styling tools, but they are not essential.


The wattage of a hair dryer refers to how hard and fast the motor works. The higher the wattage, the faster and harder it works. So a hair dryer with a higher wattage will be able to blow more air, harder and faster when compared to a dryer with a lower wattage. 

Essentially, keep a close eye on the wattage of the hair dryer to determine how powerful it is. If you need a more powerful hair dryer, choose a dryer with a lower wattage.

Ease of Use

Hair dryers can be extremely complicated, but there are simpler options on the market. Consider how much time you want to invest in learning your hair dryer. If you just want a machine that can dry your hair quickly, perhaps help you style it a little, and get you out of the door fast, consider a hair dryer that is simple to use. These hair dryers have fewer options and offer straightforward controls.

If you have the time and patience to learn how to use a more luxurious hair dryer, don’t be afraid to dig into the user manual and get a feel for how the hair dryer works. Of course, this isn’t the best idea for some Canadians. If you don’t have the time to use a complicated hair dryer, choose an affordable option with good power and a few settings to get you started. 

How to Use a Hair Dryer in Canada

Using a hair dryer correctly is not as simple as some think. It’s more than just a point-and-shoot process, and you must do it correctly. Otherwise, you risk serious damage to your hair or even potential injury to yourself. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you learn the right way to dry your locks with a hair dryer.

  • Safety First. You must operate your hair dryer safely. Don’t plug it into an outlet that is too close to running water or a wet surface if possible. Make sure the plug, power cord, and electrical outlet are in good repair. Never set the hair dryer down somewhere it might potentially fall into the water. 
  • Wash and Condition Your Hair. If you’re in a hurry, you can wet your hair with a water bottle instead of washing it. Otherwise, wash your hair in the shower and use a conditioner to protect your hair. If you use a hair dryer often, consider a conditioner that is made for hair dryers. This can provide additional protection against damage.
  • Towel-Dry. Remove excess water and moisture from your hair by towel-drying it before using your hair dryer. Be sure to be gentle with your hair during this process because wet hair is very easily damaged. Don’t rub, scrub, or massage your hair to dry it.
  • Apply Products. If you have extra-fragile hair, you might consider applying a heat protectant before blow drying. Multiple products on the market are designed for use with a hair dryer. Choose one that compliments your hair type and apply it according to the directions.
  • Dry in Sections. Rather than aiming your blow dryer willy-nilly all over your scalp, separate your hair into manageable sections before drying. Then, focus on drying one section at a time. 

When using your hair dryer, it’s important to use lower heat if you have time. More heat applied to your hair means a higher potential for damage. Start low and slow, and then move to a higher heat if necessary. Remember not to linger on the same section of hair for too long to prevent scorching. The length and texture of your hair might require different instructions, so keep in mind that these guidelines are only a rough guide. Your mileage may vary based on your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using a hair dryer can be incredibly beneficial to many Canadians. For those who take showers in the morning and need dry hair before heading to work or school, a hair dryer can ensure a professional look in just minutes. Other users may prefer to wash their hair at night but do not wish to go to sleep on wet hair, and a hair dryer can help with that. Others simply want to style their hair with a blow dryer in order to get a frizz-free look.

Many Canadians get ready for the day on the go. Whether you are hitting the gym and need a portable hair dryer, or you often travel and are looking for an easy-to-pack option, there are great travel hair dryers on the market. The BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Travel Hairdryer is our pick for the best portable model, with its easy-to-fold design and included carry-on bag.

Hair dryers in Canada will work for all hair types, including curly hair. Those with curly or frizzy hair will want to select a hair dryer that includes a diffuser, which reduces frizz and helps evenly dry hair while retaining curls and style. A diffuser is a common attachment that goes onto the nozzle of the hair dryer; it looks like a flat disc with soft spokes on the end.

Users with thick hair or who want to reduce the time it takes to blow dry their hair will want to look for a hair dryer that is extra powerful. Choosing a powerful hair dryer in Canada is easy and doesn’t require any extra research. The higher the wattage of your hair dryer, the faster and more powerful it operates. Most hair dryers operate at a wattage of around 1875, but smaller compact models may be lower.

All of the hair dryers in our list today are easy to operate, with varying settings and controls. Those wanting a simple hair dryer may appreciate the Conair Hair Dryer, which has an easy-to-use sliding power button and just two speeds and heat settings. Those looking for more options should consider a deluxe hair dryer like the BaBylissPRO Hair Dryer, which can do more for varying hair types. No matter what hair dryer you buy, it will come with easy-to-follow instructions.

Hair dryers, like other self-care products, have varying lifespans, and it will depend on the frequency of use and care. Canadians wanting a hair dryer that will last for multiple years should choose one made of more durable materials and avoid plastic bases. Always keep your hair dryer stored and cleaned properly, and check the cord frequently for damage. Some hair dryers may come with a limited warranty, so it’s important to register your product if applicable.

Storing a hair dryer in Canada is easy, and most are compact enough to be able to be placed in a drawer or bathroom cabinet. Some hair dryers come with a fabric bag, which will help protect it from dirt and dust. Those that do not have one included can easily purchase one online. Always store your hair dryer in a dry and cool area, avoiding damp areas.