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Heat pumps are appliances that can contribute to the heating and cooling systems of Canadian households. These pumps are usually installed outside the home and are used to transfer thermal energy. They can be useful to cool the home during the summers, and to heat it during the long winters. There are many versatile heat pump options, but it can be hard to narrow down the best choice.

To help you with this challenge, we researched numerous products to ensure we can offer you an exhaustive list of the best heat pumps in Canada. We kept in mind the features they offer, the technology they use, and the many other advantages they can offer your home. Let’s uncover together the best heat pumps available to you.

Please note that it’s highly recommended to have the heat pump professionally installed. If you’re looking for optimal performance and safety from your unit, professional installation is a necessity before operation.

Best Heat Pumps for Canadians in 2024

  • Best Overall: Senville SENL Heat Pump
  • Best Cold Weather Mini: Senville AURA Series Heat Pump
  • Best Mini-Split: Senville SENA 18HF/D Dual Zone Mini Heat Pump
  • Best Energy Efficiency: COSTWAY Mini Split Heat Pump
  • Best Performance: Senville SENA Ductless Heat Pump
  • Best Mounted: Senville SENA Mounted Heat Pump
  • Best Defrost: Goodman Seer Heat Pump

Why Did We Choose These Heat Pumps in Canada?

We chose each of the heat pumps in our list through hours of research and professional opinions. You deserve only the best when it comes to your comfort, especially in the cold Canadian winters. That’s why we’ve worked hard to provide you with a list of options that work for most Canadian households. Here are our choices for the best heat pumps for Canadians of 2024.

The Senville SENL Heat Pump is our best choice overall. Senville is known for being one of the best heat pump brands in Canada, and this option shows why. The heat pump features an efficient 4-in-1 mini-split system that also includes a dehumidifier, air conditioning, and a fan. For remote access, you can pair this heat pump with Alexa. This option comes with an installation kit, an outdoor condenser, an indoor air handler, and remote control.

The best mini split heat pump for cold weather in Canada is the Senville AURA Series Heat Pump. This Alexa-enabled option offers efficient performance in any season, but it is designed for powerful cold-climate heating. It includes various cooling and heating modes and has Wi-Fi functionality. The ductless design adds extra practicality to the design.

The best mini split heat pump in Canada is the Senville SENA 18HF/D Dual Zone Mini Heat Pump. This option comes with various indoor air handlers, making it a great choice for various rooms. The heat pump is Alexa-enabled, allowing you to adjust it and control it while on the go. This durable mini heat pump has a stylish design and features powerful versatile performance in different settings.

The COSTWAY Mini Split Heat Pump has great energy efficiency. It includes a split system with 5 working modes that provide practical heating or cooling depending on the season. This easy-to-use option features a self-cleaning function, as well as auto defrost. The inverter compressor technology can reduce the power consumption of the system while increasing its durability.

The Senville SENA Ductless Heat Pump offers impressive performance to Canadians. It uses innovative DC inverter technology for power and efficiency, and the premium quality design is also highly durable.

The Senville SENA Mounted Heat Pump can be a great choice for Canadians preferring a mounted option. It can be mounted on the floor or on the ceiling, and features powerful performance in a stylish design.

The Goodman Seer Heat Pump features powerful defrost technology. This makes it a reliable candidate for the best heat pump for cold weather in Canada. The system uses an inverter compressor with an indoor air handler, with the heat pump itself designed for outdoor locations. This unit offers reduced noise levels, along with an eco-conscious refrigerant.

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Best Overall

Senville SENL Heat Pump

Senville SENL-12CD 12000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump, White

It's Great For:

The Senville LETO Series Heat Pump is a powerful mini heat pump featuring a 4-in-1 split system. This gives Canadians access to a built-in heat pump, air conditioning, a fan, and a dehumidifier. The split system allows you to get efficient year-round cooling or heating that is convenient to use.

The heat pump comes pre-charged with eco-conscious R410A refrigerant, along with a remote control and comprehensive installation kit packed with a communication wire and a 4.8m line set. This system usually requires professional installation but is straightforward to use once you have it. The fan includes a turbo function for more efficient cooling or heating.

This heat pump from Senville features an appealing design that can fit well with any type of room, from bedrooms to living rooms and even garages. If you’d rather use it at your place of business, it is suitable for larger commercial spaces too. This split system can be used in temperatures as low as -15º Celsius. You can use the Eco Mode at night, which will keep the heat pump running at ultra-low energy consumption. There is also a silence feature that keeps noise levels low while you are resting.

The golden coating on the condenser adds durability to the system. There is a self-cleaning functionality that uses a dry indoor evaporator once the heat pump is turned off. You can use the remote control included with the system as a tracking point, which will allow you to customize settings according to your precise needs.

The anti-dust filter equipped with the system is a practical way to clear allergens like dust and pollen. This heat pump has Wi-Fi functionality, and it is also ready to use with Alexa. You can also connect it to the smartphone app to get even more control over the heat pump, no matter where you are.

This convenient option can be a great choice for your household or your business, and it is one of the quietest systems available.

Key Features

  • 4-in-1 split system. This system includes the benefits of a heat pump, accompanied by a fan with a turbo feature, a dehumidifier, and air conditioning. It creates a versatile cooling or heating experience year-round.
  • Golden coating. The condenser of the heat pump has a golden coating that makes it more durable. It will stay reliable for years to come.
  • Alexa functionality. You can connect this heat pump to Alexa and create routines or custom adjustments, so your heat pump fits your schedule.
  • Wi-Fi enabled. The Wi-Fi functionality on the heat pump allows you to have more control. It also features ‘follow me’ technology when used in combination with the provided remote.

Our Expert’s Take

“The Senville LETO Series Heat Pump offers powerful performance. Smart functionality and Wi-Fi enabled functions make it easy to control the way this heat pump works for you.”

Best Cold Weather Mini

Senville AURA Series Heat Pump

Senville AURA Series Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump, 12000 BTU, Works with Alexa, Energy Star, White

It's Great For:

The Senville AURA Series Heat Pump is an ideal option for cold weather in Canada. This heat pump features a wall-mounted ductless design that makes installation more straightforward than other choices. Professional installation is recommended, as the heat pump must be connected to an electric panel.

This heat pump offers heating in conditions of up to -30º Celsius, along with low ambient cooling of up to -15º Celsius. The system has an Energy Star certification, ensuring that it offers an eco-conscious optimized approach to cooling and heating. Other than the cooling and heating functions, this Senville option also includes a turbo mode and a dry mode for humid conditions.

This Senville option comes pre-charged with R410A refrigerant and includes an installation kit complete with a drain hose and a communication wire. The stylish design is reinforced with anti-corrosive technology to ensure longer durability. Inverter technology keeps the high performance of the system optimized regardless of the features you are using.

This heat pump includes Senville’s innovative Intelligent Eye movement sensor. The sensor takes into account motion in the space to adjust settings for maximum efficiency. This is why the Senville heat pump is a great choice for any type of room and setting, from garages to living rooms and other commercial options.

Using the heat pump can help you maximize your energy saving by up to 40%. Depending on your use, you may notice a difference in your utility bills very soon after installing the unit. The stylish and practical design of the appliance, combined with the complete range of features, make it an appealing choice for Canadian homes and businesses.

The heat pump has low noise levels that can go down to 24 dB. If you prefer quieter options, this can be the right choice for you, even if you want to use it in a space where you need to rest.

Key Features

  • Ductless design. This type of design can be more convenient and easier to install than other options. If you are looking for a more practical solution, this can be the one.
  • Energy efficient. The optimization of the heat pump system makes it an eco-conscious choice that can also help you keep your utility bills in check.
  • Anti-corrosive technology. The use of this technology can help extend the durability of the heat pump by keeping it in ideal condition for longer. This can also reduce maintenance costs over time.
  • Various functions. The heat pump offers various operation modes, including cooling, heating, turbo, and drying. This range covers everything you need from a heat pump. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The Senville AURA Series Heat Pump provides optimized cooling and heating. We enjoyed the convenience of the ductless design.”

Best Mini-Split

Senville SENA 18HF/D Dual Zone Mini Heat Pump

Senville SENA-18HF/D Dual Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump, 18000 BTU, Works with Alexa, White

It's Great For:

The Senville SENA 18HF/D Dual Zone Mini Heat Pump is a great choice for Canadians looking to use the system in various rooms at once. There is a single outdoor unit, but the multiple indoor air handlers extend the functionality of the heat pump. There are individual temperature controls available that allow you to customize the settings taking into account the criteria in each room.

Professional installation is recommended. The heat pump comes with an outdoor condenser, the aforementioned multiple indoor air handlers, and an installation kit that includes a 4.8m line set along with a communication wire. The sleek design of the heat pump system makes it a good choice for various types of settings, from additions to living rooms, bedrooms, and commercial spaces like restaurants or shops.

This is a highly-efficient offering from Senville, with Alexa functionality and the addition of the Senville Intelligent Eye, an innovative motion sensor. With the smartphone app and with Alexa, you can access the settings of the heat pump from anywhere you are. It can work effectively in temperatures as low as -30º Celsius.

The DC inverter compressor is another essential component in the efficient functioning of the heat pump. There are various functions included with the systems, from cooling to heating and even dehumidifying. By using this Senville heat pump, you can save up to 40% on energy, depending on your specific circumstances.

By setting up routines with Alexa, you can create an optimized cooling or heating system year-round. This will help you keep your home or place of business within the most comfortable parameters regardless of season. The system is quiet, making it a good choice for the bedroom, even at night. The noise level can increase when the unit starts and when it is defrosting.

You can use the smart technology available with this heat pump to automatically turn it on or off and to optimize the temperature levels even when you’re not at home, or in preparation for your arrival. The heat pump has AHRI certification.

Key Features

  • Senville Intelligent Eye. This movement sensor allows you to maximize the efficiency of the heat pump. The innovative technology takes into account motion in the room where the unit is operating.
  • Multiple indoor air handlers. The various air handlers available make it possible to use individual controls in each room. With only one outdoor unit, the ability to set up various temperatures in various rooms is extra convenient.
  • Optimized system. You can use the smartphone app and the Alexa functionality to create optimum routines that will help you keep your environment comfortable while saving on energy consumption.
  • Low noise levels. This Senville option has a low noise output that is particularly practical if you want to use it in a bedroom at night.

Our Expert’s Take

“The Senville SENA 18HF/D Dual Zone Mini Heat Pump features innovative technology that optimizes how you use it. Low noise levels and multiple indoor air handlers elevate this option to the next level.”

Best Energy Efficiency

COSTWAY Mini Split Heat Pump

COSTWAY 23000BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner& Heater, 18.5 SEER2 208-230V Wall-Mounted Ductless AC Unit Cools Rooms up to 1500 Sq. Ft., Energy Efficient Inverter AC w/Heat Pump & Installation Kit (23000BTU, 208-230V, 18.5 SEER2)

It's Great For:

The COSTWAY Mini Split Heat Pump features innovative inverter technology. This system changes the power supply frequency automatically when the unit is turned on, which reduces the need to keep turning the compressor on or off. This design can keep the unit in good working condition for longer.

This option from COSTWAY has 4 functions: heating which can go as high as 32º Celsius, cooling which can go as low as 16º Celsius, a 4-speed fan, and a dehumidifier. There are 5 operating modes to go with these functions: cool, dry, heat, fan, and auto. To enhance the functionality of this option even further, you can use Eco mode, sleep mode, and the turbo feature.

These comprehensive functions allow you to enjoy the powerful performance of this heat pump year-round, as it adapts easily to various seasons. It can be used in any space, whether personal or commercial, to enjoy good climatization throughout the seasons. The remote control and timer can help you set up the heat pump according to your specific preferences.

To enable restful sleep, the display on the remote control will turn off after 10 seconds without being used, and the low noise output levels will also keep you comfortable at night. For extra ease of use, this option comes with a high-temperature self-cleaning feature. There is a removable washable filter included with the indoor part of the system, while the outdoor unit has an auto defrost feature to preserve it in extreme conditions.

This option comes with 2 large units, one for the interior and one for the exterior. You should expect these to be shipped separately for practicality, which may cause them to arrive on different dates. It is recommended that installation be done by an HVAC professional to ensure the correct performance of the system.

Key Features

  • Innovative inverter. The COSTWAY includes inverter technology designed to enhance functionality and add to the durability of the heat pump.
  • Less compressor use. The system used by the heat pump involves less turning the compressor on or off. This helps preserve it while providing optimum service.
  • Comprehensive features. There are numerous ways to customize the heating or cooling experience with features like Eco mode, sleep mode, turbo fan, and dehumidifier mode.
  • Easy maintenance. The outdoor unit has a self-cleaning feature and auto defrost, while the indoor unit has a removable washable filter.

Our Expert’s Take

“The COSTWAY Mini Split Heat Pump has innovative inverter technology that can preserve the compressor. The features and easy maintenance make it stand out.”

Best Performance

Senville SENA Ductless Heat Pump

Senville SENA-12IC-Z 12000 BTU Ductless Ceiling Air Conditioner and Heat Pump

It's Great For:

The Senville SENA Ductless Heat Pump is part of the innovative Ceiling Cassette Series. Featuring an exciting design, this heat pump has a style that can enhance any space, from bedrooms to commercial buildings. This offering from Senville uses DC inverter technology to provide efficiency and high performance.

This is a heat pump Canadians can depend on, thanks to its durable build made with premium materials. It has certifications from Energy Star and AHRI that confirm how efficient it is with power use. Installation is easy for those with technical know-how, and the included kit comes with a 4.8 m copper line set for extra convenience. Professional installation is recommended to ensure the correct functioning of the unit.

The Whisper technology used by Senville in this heat pump creates ultra-quiet operation. You can place this heat pump in the bedroom without worrying about noise output interrupting your sleep while you are using the services of the appliance. The Ultra-Inverter technology at work in this system creates powerful cooling and heating experiences no matter the season.

This heat pump has built-in refrigerant leak detection, along with a dehumidifier function and a vertical swing option. The self-cleaning functionality and bucket-free outdoor design add to the convenience that this option can bring you.

Key Features

  • Inverter technology. The technology used in this heat pump provides efficient performance for cooling and heating. You can use it year-round with the same good results.
  • Whisper technology. The low noise output of this heat pump makes it a great choice for the bedroom.
  • Dependable build. The efficient design and premium materials used when building this heat pump create a durable appliance.
  • Energy efficiency. The heat pump features various accreditations that certify how efficient it is with power use.

Our Expert’s Take

“The Senville SENA Ductless Heat Pump is a durable option filled with exciting features, including energy efficiency and high-tech inverter technology.”

Best Mounted

Senville SENA Mounted Heat Pump

Senville SENA-24HF/IF Floor Mounted Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump 24000 BTU

It's Great For:

The Senville SENA Mounted Heat Pump is a concealed duct heat pump that offers mounting options. Canadians can have this heat pump mounted on the floor or the ceiling for extra convenience. This advanced performance high-end option features stylish design and includes powerful heating and cooling.

The heating and cooling processes can run in optimal conditions in temperatures of up to -30º Celsius. In those extreme temperatures, the heat pump can operate with up to 75% efficiency. This high-performing concealed duct system includes various safety features, such as leak detection and self-cleaning to minimize the risk of build-up. The diagnostic display on the heat pump will show you how these features are running.

The innovative inverter compressor technology used by this heat pump is great for energy efficiency and for potentially being able to see reduced energy use in your utility bills. Professional installation is recommended, and the heat pump comes with an installation kit and all necessary accessories for the process. Each unit is also pre-charged with eco-conscious R410A refrigerant so it ready to go once installation is finished.

This mini-split system includes industry-leading features that make it stand out among many other options on the market. It comes with a remote control and an ionizing air filter that contributes to the high quality of air where the heat pump operates. The remote has a ‘follow me’ function that uses the area around the remote to establish temperature levels. There is also a turbo mode, a dehumidifying function, and a timer.

Key Features

  • Innovative technology. The invertor compressor features cutting-edge technology that creates a more efficient cooling and heating experience.
  • Safety features. The heat pump has a diagnostic display and can run a series of operation such as leak detection and self-cleaning.
  • Stylish design. The appealing build of the heat pump makes it a good choice for any type of space.
  • Floor or ceiling mount. The practical mounting system can be used to place the heat pump on the floor or the ceiling, which can be a practical solution.

Our Expert’s Take

“The Senville SENA Mounted Heat Pump is a stylish option with powerful performance and great energy efficiency. Safety features really make this option stand out.”

Best Defrost

Goodman Seer Heat Pump

Goodman 1.5 Ton 15 Seer Heat Pump System (AC and Heat) GSZ140191 - ASPT29B14

It's Great For:

The Goodman Seer Heat Pump is a highly efficient option available to Canadians. It features an inverter scroll compressor that keeps the system operating at optimum levels. People in Canada looking for a convenient option for cold weather should consider this Goodman offering. The compressor offers the potential to become energy efficient and perhaps even reduce your utility bills.

This option from Goodman uses SmartShift technology to provide optimized defrosting with low noise levels. The ASPT air handler included with the heat pump adds the convenience of an ECM motor that can be operated at various speeds. This heat pump is pre-charged with R410A refrigerant, an eco-conscious option that is available whenever needed, even in adverse weather conditions.

The heat pump system includes an outdoor unit, with an indoor air handler that includes a fan coil and a blower. Noise is reduced during the operation of the heat pump, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits without extra distraction. The unit has a high-pressure switch that turns off the compressor if the specified pressure is exceeded. This is great for cold weather, as it prevents frost from reaching the compressor.

The durable design of the heat pump can keep it running in good condition for a longer time. The technology used for this compressor prevents condensation from reaching it, which can also help preserve it. There is a time-delay option that can be used to transition into full defrost mode. This can help take the heat unit from one mode to another without wasting energy.

You can have remote access to the appliance through the smartphone app and the provided remote control. The fan motor is designed to keep the ideal airflow going whenever the heat pump is in use, whether for cooling or heating. This motor is made using a permanent split capacitor.

Key Features

  • SmartShift technology. This innovative technology is used to provide a comfortable defrosting experience. It also offers reduced noise levels.
  • Inverter scroll compressor. The highly-efficient compressor can offer plenty of convenience to those opting for this Goodman option. It provides optimum running levels that could potentially help reduce energy consumption.
  • Remote access. The heat pump can be operated from the smartphone app or via the remote control provided in the package. This can help you adjust running options and temperatures with more ease.
  • Durable design. This heat pump is designed to be durable, with materials and technology that can keep it in your household or your business for longer.

Our Expert’s Take

“The Goodman Seer Heat Pump is a durable option with optimum performance and innovative technology. Remote access features and a durable design are bonuses to this heat pump’s efficient operation.”

Comparing the Best Heat Pumps for Canadians

CategoryHeat PumpDimensionsPowerSpecial FeatureEfficiency Ratio
Best OverallSenville SENL Heat Pump48D x 48W x 40H cm12,000 BTU4-in-1 system19
Best Cold Weather MiniSenville AURA Series Heat Pump9D x 37W x 12H cm12,000 BTUDuctless design25.5
Best Mini-SplitSenville SENA 18HF/D Dual Zone Mini Heat Pump31.8D x 84.3W x 68.6H cm18,000 BTUMultiple indoor air handlers23
Best Energy EfficiencyCOSTWAY Mini Split Heat Pump19.1D x 87.6W x 29.2H cm12,000 BTU5 modes17
Best PerformanceSenville SENA Ductless Heat Pump22.44D x 22.44W x 10.24H cm12,000 BTUWhisper Technology20
Best MountedSenville SENA Mounted Heat Pump42.05D x 9.25W x 26.57H cm24,000 BTUMounting option20
Best DefrostGoodman Seer Heat Pump94H x 74W x 74D cm17,400 BTUSmartShift technology15

How We Selected the Best Heat Pumps in Canada

Throughout the years, we have sought to perform extensive research to ensure we recommend the best products to Canadians looking to enhance their lifestyles. Each product that ultimately remains in our final selection has gone through various stages of research and evaluation. We have spent years making sure that what we present to you is a list of the most relevant and high-quality products available.

To bring you the best recommendations, we use various methods to discover the best products on offer. These include in-depth analysis and expert evaluation of each product.

During our evaluation of the best heat pumps in Canada, we used specific criteria:

  • Dimensions. Product dimensions are an essential aspect of determining which heat pump is right for you. No matter the type of installation, heat pump systems such as a mini-split tend to come in 2 units, and you’ll have to know how much space they’ll take up. This will help you visualize whether the heat pump in question will fit in your home or place of business.
  • Cooling power. Measured in British Thermal Units, the cooling power of the best heat pumps in Canada will let you know how well they can remove heat. While this is more relevant for the warmer weather months, it can help you see how the overall system performs.
  • Special features. The special features can make some heat pumps stand out from others. These are the specifications that show how the heat pump in question can be relevant to you.
  • Efficiency ratio. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, also known as SEER, indicates how efficient the heat pump is. This can be very useful information, especially if you want to reduce energy consumption and be more eco-conscious.

Why Should You Use a Heat Pump in Canada?

Why Should You Use a Heat Pump in Canada?

Heat pumps can provide great energy efficiency to Canadian households and businesses. They act as two separate air conditioners that provide cooling in the summer along with heating in the winter. If you are interested in preserving the environment while still enjoying comfortable indoor conditions regardless of the season, switching to a heat pump can be a convenient option.

Heat pumps can be an excellent choice for Canadians because they cover such varied weather conditions. Instead of investing in two separate heating and cooling systems, you can get what you need from just one product. These products tend to use hydroelectricity, which can be cleaner and more efficient than alternatives. On average, they can be less expensive to operate than more traditional heating and cooling solutions.

For cooling, heat pumps can be up to 50% more efficient than air conditioning window units, depending on the type, when compared to a natural gas furnace. For heating, they can provide up to 300% more efficiency than other types of electric heaters. The practicality of having one system that efficiently fulfills two functions is the main benefit of using a heat pump. Professional installation tends to be recommended when dealing with heat pumps, but once they are in place, they are usually straightforward to use.

In many cases, heat pumps offer extensive smart and remote features, such as Alexa or Wi-Fi connection. Remote controls are usually provided with heat pumps, with some including tracking technology that uses reading from the remote control to automatically adapt the temperature settings for the space.

How to Choose a Heat Pump for Canadians

How to Choose a Heat Pump for Canadians

When you are ready to find the right heat pump for you, there are various things you should take into consideration. We are here to help you narrow down the available selection with features that are relevant to you.

Here is a detailed look at the specifications you will usually encounter when searching for the best heat pumps in Canada. This exploration will show you how these attributes can help you decide while analyzing how they can be suitable to your preferences.

Product Dimensions

Space is usually one of the biggest considerations when thinking about heat pumps. Canadians might have more or less space for a heat pump to occupy, but it is always a good idea to know exactly how much a heat pump will cover. With heat pumps frequently made from two separate units, indoor and exterior space availability needs to be known and planned out.

With heat pumps, the usual dimensions highlight the height, width, and depth of the system in question. Larger heat pumps can be more powerful and therefore more efficient with performance, but also more expensive. They will take up more space and may require specific arrangements to fit in the intended home or place of business. Smaller heat pumps can provide a specific amount of energy efficiency that can suit smaller spaces better, while also being friendlier for the budget.

Before purchasing a heat pump in Canada, you should be aware of the space you have available and of the size you would like to choose. This will help ensure that when it arrives, it will be the right fit.

Cooling Power

Knowing the cooling power of a heat pump can shed further light on its efficiency. The way to establish this cooling power in Canada is by measuring it with the British thermal unit. This is how we measure the amount of heat necessary to raise water’s temperature. The important thing to keep in mind when looking at a heat pump’s BTU is the size of the room where you will use the product. You should also take into account the height of the room with how tall the ceilings are.

This is a generalized scale as each room will have different specifications, but when it comes to BTU, you should seek a heat pump with around 5,000 BTU for small rooms, 8,000 BTU for medium rooms, and 12,000 to 14,000 for large rooms. Higher BTU does not imply better efficiency if the space is not suitable to support it. Getting the maximum efficiency out of a heat pump in Canada will involve getting the right one for your specific space.

Special Features

Special features can provide an appealing bonus to Canadians interested in heat pumps. While the other specifications can be very important, special features are what can make a heat pump stand out from others to the point of attracting attention for all its other characteristics.

There are many types of special features you might encounter when looking at heat pumps. Some are related to the exclusive technology used for the system, while others refer to the operating modes offered by the heat pump. You can also find special features related to the design of the product, as well as to what it can offer that is special, such as multiple handlers.

The type of system used by the heat pump can also count as a special feature, depending on how it operates.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

The seasonal energy efficiency ratio usually appears as SEER. It is a good way to establish how much you can expect the heat pump to use when it comes to power consumption. The higher the SEER number, the more efficient the heat pump will be. With this information, you can plan how the heat pump may affect your utility bills and even your impact on the environment.

There is not a singular SEER number that is the one you should be aiming for. As long as it is above 13.4, which is the minimum expected for air conditioners, you can expect the efficient operation of the heat pump. You can decide to opt for a specific SEER number if you are interested in achieving a particular type of efficiency.

Heat Pump Types

There are various heat pump types that you may encounter while looking for one. Here are the most common heat pump types you might notice in Canada:

  • Ductless. This type of heat pump doesn’t require ductwork or a specific furnace blower to be able to circulate air. These may be more expensive than other options, but they require less infrastructure for installation.
  • Ducted. This type of heat pump uses ducts to circulate air through space. While this can be convenient in a location with ductwork already installed, it may require more costs when that isn’t provided.
  • Air-source. If you are looking for a heat pump in Canada, this is the most popular type in the country. This type will use heat from the inside to circulate outside while cooling, and it will take air from outside to heat the inside during winter thanks to the expansion valve.

Heat Pump Benefits

When choosing a heat pump, the benefits it can offer you may likely be at the top of your list. These benefits can vary, depending on what you are looking for. They can involve how energy efficient the heat pump is expected to be, or how suitable it is for a specific size of room.

They can also specify what kind of functions they have and if they offer various types of modes, from dehumidifying to turbo fan.

How to Safely Install a Heat Pump in Canada

How To Safely Install A Heat Pump in Canada

Installing a heat pump in Canada usually requires technical knowledge. It is recommended that when you purchase a heat pump you ask a professional to perform the installation. In many cases of heat pumps that include a warranty, you will be required to use the services of a professional HVAC installer to meet the conditions of the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are ready to buy a heat pump in Canada, you should check if it is the best one for you. To do so, you should make sure that the technical specifications suit your needs and the space where you will use the heat pump. Keep an eye on the features it offers, on the noise output, and on other characteristics that can help keep you comfortable.

Heat pumps require advanced skills to install and are typically not done by the homeowner. To ensure a proper installation, you should always contact an HVAC  installer to make sure that it is properly fitted and the electrical components are correct. Most heat pumps with warranties also require professional installation in order for the warranty to be valid.

Many new-generation heat pumps now feature designs created to withstand opposite weather extremes. Many heat pumps will work in temperatures as low as -30º Celsius., which will work for colder Canadian winters. You should always check the specific temperatures the system can withstand, but you are likely to have various options to consider for cold and hot weather in Canada.

Yes, many households find that using a heat pump will ultimately save money on heating and cooling their home. Those looking to lower costs even more may want to look at an energy-efficient model, like the COSTWAY Mini Split Heat Pump, which reduces energy usage while still being highly effective. Choosing an energy-efficient heat pump is both eco and budget-friendly.

Heat pumps can bring many benefits to Canadians. They are now more likely to withstand extremes in temperature to provide efficient cooling and heating throughout the year. This can help you make your energy use more efficient while allowing you to potentially save on your utility bill when compared to some of the alternative or traditional solutions. The usual ease of use with heat pumps, as well as the convenience they provide throughout the year, are great benefits that heat pumps can offer to Canadians.

Technology is advancing nearly every day, and more and more Canadians want seamless integration of their home devices, including their heat pumps. Many heat pumps on the market now include top-of-the-line features like Wi-Fi connection and connection to smart home assistants like Alexa on Google. Tech-savvy Canadians should look for a heat pump that can easily connect to their devices of choice, whether it is a phone, laptop or home product.